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iBond 2021 subscription ends tomorrow noon|Application, bank brokerage discount list! Same Day Sale vs. Chang Lu


[IBond 2021 Inflation-Linked Bond Subscription / Bank Brokerage Offer / Futu / Application Notes / Subscription Method / Deadline / Dividend] The government's new batch of inflation-linked bonds iBond, the minimum interest rate is guaranteed to be maintained at 2%,

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Written by: Li Jifei

2021-06-10 18:36

Last update date: 2021-06-10 18:38

[IBond 2021 Inflation-Linked Bond Subscription/Bank Broker Offer/Futu/Application Notes/Subscription Method/Deadline/Dividend] The government’s new batch of inflation-linked bonds, iBond, has a guaranteed minimum interest rate of 2% and is accepting subscription, June Deadline on the 11th.

When will it be listed?

What are the eligibility requirements?

Long slag or short-term speculation is better?

You know the following 11 key points.

In addition, when applying for subscription, citizens must not do two things to increase the subscription opportunity or amount, otherwise they will be DQ (disqualified) and will not be accepted.

Watch the 11 key points for iBond 2021 subscription!

Doing 2 things will be DQ▼▼▼




What are the discounts offered by brokers such as Bank of China, Standard Chartered, Hang Seng Bank, Futu?





iBond 2021 | HSBC Bank of China and many other banks and brokerages push subscription offers to grab customers

Download the "香港01" App to see the hot words in the city

Is iBond pumping good?

Short-term fry and fixed-length 揸?

The new batch of iBond issuance is 15 billion yuan, which can be increased to 20 billion yuan depending on the situation. The selling point of iBond is that it has a guaranteed interest rate and almost zero risk.

However, although iBond set a guaranteed minimum interest rate, "Hong Kong 01" reviewed the government bond website retail bond issuance plan and found that the original six iBond dividends were higher than the guaranteed minimum interest rate, and the interest rate exceeded 6% at most.

The new batch of iBond issuance is worth 15 billion yuan, which can be increased to a maximum of 20 billion yuan depending on the situation. Applications will be accepted from 9 a.m. on June 1.

(Profile picture)

Should short-term speculation have high profits, or long-term speculation and stable interest rates?

The following short-term speculation, long-term speculation benefits, as well as the past "distribution results" and "first-day listing closing price data", you can refer to.

Benefits of short-term speculation and long-term investment + analysis of past dividends▼▼▼




Dividends for each round of iBond in each period▼▼▼

5000 yuan coupon|Octopus has new restrictions!

15 tips for applying for registration, 3 types of people are not eligible

iBond 2021 Subscription | Brokerage offers iBond discount, Futu new customer gives Apple US stocks worth $1000

Consumer vouchers│Octopus, why do I need to use the second card to apply?

8 hidden charges!

No need to charge money

Link $500 Cash Coupon | Redeem today!

7 tips for receiving and using Class 2 invoices are not available

U.S. and Hong Kong stocks slumped and ARKK hit a new low this year!

Indian prodigy recommends not to invest in 2 types of products and 1 type of products

The fastest summer vacation application for 5,000 yuan consumer vouchers can see how to activate 4 electronic payment tools!

CLP sent 100 yuan consumer coupons | 3 types of people are eligible!

How to get it, list of merchants, 6 things to know

Singapore Travel Bubble|A list of 8 application guidelines for exempting people from vaccination under 5 conditions and 4 categories

Reward your stay guide|The latest hotel list and booking method can be seen clearly in one article!

Class 8 receipts are not allowed

Additional screening at the same scene: 5000 yuan consumer voucher│The government has changed the application limit again!

3 types of people can’t get the 12 tips to see clearly

The "Electronic Consumer Voucher Project" will issue a total of 5,000 yuan in electronic consumer vouchers, with a planned scale of 36 billion yuan, and it is estimated that 7.2 million people will benefit.

In the Legislative Council meeting held on May 5, the government responded to the details of the consumer voucher plan and updated the usage restrictions again.

What are the latest application qualifications?

What are the application methods, the scope of application and restrictions on consumer vouchers?

In how many installments will consumer vouchers be distributed?

The following 12 key points are answered point by point.

That is, there are new restrictions on viewing!

Consumer vouchers application, use 12 major tips and 3 types of people cannot receive ▼▼▼




Some details of the above information are still to be announced by the government.

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