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The first flag was waved 100 years ago


Sixty former combatants met on January 16, 1921 at Gasthaus Wörl in Forstern. Georg Liebl and Max Läuger had called the meeting to found the Forstern Warrior and Veteran Association. Its first major event is now celebrating its 100th anniversary: ​​the consecration of the club flag on June 12, 1921.

Sixty former combatants met on January 16, 1921 at Gasthaus Wörl in Forstern.

Georg Liebl and Max Läuger had called the meeting to found the Forstern Warrior and Veteran Association.

Its first major event is now celebrating its 100th anniversary: ​​the consecration of the club flag on June 12, 1921.

Forstern - Actually, the warrior and reservist comradeship, as the association has been called since 2000, wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a week of festivities.

This had to be canceled due to Corona.

Only the service will take place - at least on a small scale - on Sunday, June 13th, in the Tadinger Church.

Where the first flag was once consecrated by Kaspar Huber, a former field chaplain, together with Expositus Ziegler.

This was celebrated at that time with a big festival including a pageant with 29 clubs from near and far.

"And for the first time our flag, carried by weak girls' hands and patterned by many pairs of eyes, fluttered through the air," notes the club's chronicle.

At the end of World War II there were 45 dead and 14 missing

In addition to the consecration of the flag, the association held a general assembly in the first year of its existence and invited people to the warrior ball, which according to the records “came to a dignified end with a happy dance at 3 am”. In addition, money was collected for the club flag and the war memorial. The memorial created by master stonemason Meyer from Erding was unveiled and consecrated in 1922 with great festivities.

"During the war years from 1939 to 1945, the association had the sad duty to commemorate the fallen soldiers far away from their final resting place with warrior services and wreath-laying wreaths," reports Stefan Ganghofer, who has headed the association since 2011.

At the end of World War II there were 45 dead and 14 missing.

Since the warrior clubs were banned, club life was also suspended in Forstern.

It was only when this ban was lifted in 1948 that the Warriors and Veterans Association was able to be re-established on June 16, 1949.


When the flag was consecrated in 1960, Fanni Jaksch (right, in a black dress) was the flag mother.

The celebration was "an unforgettable souvenir for Forstern", the chronicle records.

© Warrior and Reservist Comradeship Forstern

Ten years later, the memorial stones on the war memorial, on which the names of those who fell in World War II are immortalized, were unveiled in a solemn act.

Since the club flag was already old and rotten, it was restored in 1960 and consecrated at a large celebration which, according to the chronicle, "is and will remain an unforgettable memory for Forstern".

Renaming to "Warrior and Reservist Comradeship Forstern" in 2000

In 1976 the association was renamed "Warrior and Soldier Association Forstern", and in 2000 the name was last changed to "Warrior and Reservist Comradeship Forstern".

In the same year the non-profit status of the association was applied for.

A year later, under the chairmanship of Eberhard Schade, the 80th founding party and flag consecration were celebrated.

There was a classic car meeting with the Eicher Ferris wheel, a dance festival and a political evening with Minister of State Hans Zehetmair.

45 clubs came to the big festival.

The comradeship counted 173 members at that time, twelve of them honorary members.

The sponsor association was the warrior and soldier association in Buch am Buchrain.

"This choice arose from history, as they were the godparents for the founding of the Forsterner Kriegerverein as early as 1921," says Ganghofer.

On the occasion of the double jubilee 800/1200 years Forstern, Tading and Preisendorf as well as the 90th anniversary of the association, the war memorial was cleaned in 2011, the memorial stones cut and the writing renewed.

It was later covered to protect it from wind and weather.

Historical lectures and exhibitions on the history of Forstern

In 2011, the day of national mourning took place for the first time on the evening before the 90th anniversary of the founding celebration.

After the service in Tading, people went to the war memorial, and then Hartwig Sattelmair gave a historical lecture in the Kochhaus Oskar on the history of Forstern and the surrounding area from 1800 to 1939.

This was the first of three lectures on the occasion of the 800/1200 year celebration organized by the comradeship.

Historian Daniela Kah investigated the early village development of Forstern, Tading and Preisendorf, and Erich and Thorsten Blaschke illuminated the air battle on April 24, 1944 over Forstern, Pastetten, Buch and Hohenlinden with the help of contemporary witnesses.

A special moment was memorial day in 2015, when it was also explicitly about the memory of the British and American soldiers who died in this air battle in 1944.

For this purpose, a separate memorial stone was erected with the names of the seven members of the Royal Air Force and the two aviators of the United States Army Air Forces.

A flag delegation of American soldiers from the US European Command, based in Stuttgart, had traveled specially for this purpose.

165 members, including three combatants

In its recent history, the association has also made a contribution to the local history. For example, father and son Blaschke dealt with the events when a US Navy spy plane crashed in May 1962. The association organized an exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, followed by a lecture on historical train accidents in the region and a film showing about the Alpine War. For the picture exhibition on "75 years at the end of the Second World War" last year, death pictures and photos of the fallen were collected, but because of Corona it could not take place. The annual club outing also had to be canceled due to the pandemic, and the call for donations to collect funds for war graves was first sent by post last year.

The association currently has 165 members, including three war participants.

For a few years now women have also been there.

You definitely want to catch up on the celebrations for the 100th anniversary.

But there is no time for that yet.

"As soon as the situation allows it again, we will think about an alternative event," promises Ganghofer.

Photos from 100 years of warrior and reservist comradeship for Forstern are also available at and in the showcase at the war memorial.


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