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5000 yuan consumption coupon | Chen Maobo has a new dismantling! 16 tips for applying for registration, 3 types of people are not eligible


[5000 yuan consumer vouchers / government electronic consumer vouchers / registration application method qualifications] The government "electronic consumer vouchers plan" selected by AlipayHK (Alipay), Octopus, Tap & Go and WeCh

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Written by: Li Jifei

2021-06-13 13:50

Last update date: 2021-06-13 14:06

[5000 yuan consumer vouchers / government electronic consumer vouchers / registration application method qualifications] The government "electronic consumer vouchers plan" selected with the assistance of AlipayHK (Alipay), Octopus, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay Hong Kong (WeChat Pay) Implementation, registration is expected to be accepted in July 2021.

Financial Secretary Chen Maobo talked about the electronic consumer vouchers project in his blog today (June 13), including the purpose of launching consumer vouchers, and also revealed the latest progress and acceptance time for registration. He also said that he hopes that people can spend happily. .

Octopus sent an email to its customers, suggesting new restrictions on the use of Octopus to apply for consumer coupons. It is also suggested that if necessary, a second Octopus can be used to apply for it. Why should I use another Octopus to apply for it?

How to apply for consumer vouchers?

Eligibility and which 3 categories of people are not eligible?

What kind of consumption can I use the coupon?

In how many periods will consumer vouchers be distributed?

How to get consumer vouchers faster?

You know what follows.

Update on June 13!

That is, see the purpose of the coupon, the Octopus has new restrictions, the date of application of the coupon, the registration and use, the method of receiving, the scope of application, whether online shopping is possible, etc.

3 types of people cannot receive ▼▼▼




What are the benefits of the 4 payment tools now ▼▼▼




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The "Electronic Consumer Voucher Project" will issue a total of 5,000 yuan in electronic consumer vouchers, with a planned scale of 36 billion yuan, and it is estimated that 7.2 million people will benefit.

Some details of the above information are still to be announced by the government.

You know how to apply for 4 electronic payment tools in the fastest summer vacation for 5,000 yuan consumer vouchers

1. Alipay Hong Kong AlipayHK

Alipay Hong Kong is second only to Octopus and is used by 67% of Hong Kong residents. If only mobile payment is used, only Payme and Alipay Hong Kong are used by more than 60% of Hong Kong residents. The following is the application and activation method of AlipayHK:

2. WeChat Pay HK

Many people also have WeChat social programs, but not everyone has WeChat Pay. Calculated by e-wallet usage, the utilization rate of WeChat Pay in Hong Kong in 2021 is 9%, which is a difference of more than 30% from AlipayHK, which is used by 42% of Hong Kong residents. , But WeChat Pay is still the second most popular e-wallet tool for merchants in Hong Kong, which is only 20,000 behind AlipayHK.

The following is how to apply for WeChat Pay:

3.Tap & Go

According to survey data, Tap & Go rewards are the least used by Hong Kong residents among various electronic payment tools, with a utilization rate of 8%, which is more than 80% away from the top Octopus.

Financial Secretary Chen Maobo said that the government considered a basket of factors when looking for electronic payment tool operators, including the popularity of the tool, the ease of use, the coverage of merchants, the operator’s relevant experience and supporting facilities, and the time required for preparation. We have consulted the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and hope that the public can choose the right tools.

The following is how to apply for Tap & Go rewards:

4. Octopus

As the most familiar electronic payment tool for Hong Kong people, I believe there is no need to introduce it. At present, more than 95% of Hong Kong people aged 15 to 64 have Octopus in Hong Kong. But do you know what version of Octopus you have?

The following are the application procedures for the personal version and the normal version of Octopus:




Look at the number of merchants with 4 payment tools▼▼▼

Which shops can each payment tool be used in ▼▼▼

The fastest summer vacation application for 5,000 yuan consumer vouchers can see how to activate 4 electronic payment tools!

Extra screening at the same scene: CLP sent a 100 yuan consumer voucher|3 types of people eligible!

How to collect, list of merchants, 6 tips

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging. CLP has allocated more than 80 million yuan through the CLP Community Energy Conservation Fund and distributed HK$100 consumer vouchers to nearly 800,000 families to stimulate consumption and subsidize disadvantaged groups.

How do I get a consumer coupon?

Which 3 types of people are eligible?

Period of use?

The following 6 things you know one by one.

Eligibility for CLP Consumer Vouchers + 6 Important Notices▼▼▼




CLP consumer vouchers can be used in more than 2,400 retail stores and restaurants. The following is a list of participating merchants.

List of participating merchants▼▼▼

Yau Tsim Mong:

Sham Shui Po:

Kowloon City:

Wong Tai Sin:

Kwun Tong:

Kwai Tsing:

Tsuen Wan:

Tuen Mun:

Yuen Long:

North District:

Tai Po:

Sha Tin:


Outlying islands:

CLP sent 100 yuan consumer coupons | 3 types of people are eligible!

How to collect, list of merchants, 6 tips

Consumer vouchers│Octopus, why do I need to use the second card to apply?

8 hidden charges!

No need to charge money

Coupon discounts|4Payment tool discounts and available shops can be seen clearly in one article!

There is 1 model that can earn $5000

The latest prophecy of the Indian child prodigy: there will be "serious events" on June XX!

Three key points to solve the epidemic

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CLP sent 100 yuan consumer coupons | 3 types of people are eligible!

How to collect, list of merchants, 6 tips

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Class 8 receipts are not allowed

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