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Another government department stops "distributing glue" on rainy days. Concern groups: take the lead


It rains continuously in Hong Kong this week. People inevitably pick up umbrella plastic bags and use them when they enter shopping malls or buildings. According to an early survey, an environmental protection organization found that Hong Kong used more than 14 million umbrellas in a single rainy season.

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Written by: District Licheng

2021-06-13 08:00

Last update date: 2021-06-13 08:00

It rains continuously in Hong Kong this week. People will inevitably pick up plastic umbrella bags when they enter shopping malls or buildings. An environmental protection organization pointed out that according to an earlier survey, more than 14 million disposable umbrella plastic bags were used in a single rainy season in Hong Kong. Among them, the government The department is one of the main culprits of "dispensing glue," but in recent years, various government departments have gradually abandoned it. The latest department is the Government Property Agency. The organization welcomes the decision and calls on other government departments and the business community to follow suit.

Promote imitation of South Korea to ban the provision of plastic bags

Operation Green Collar stated that, according to a survey three years ago, 103 government facilities in Hong Kong that are open to the public to enter, exit and use, 60 facilities under the jurisdiction of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Wu Chung Building under the jurisdiction of the Government Property Agency have all distributed plastic umbrella bags. Since then, the Green Collar Action has continued to require relevant departments to cooperate with the government’s waste reduction policy, reduce the distribution of umbrella plastic bags, and adopt other environmental protection measures, such as setting up umbrella dewatering machines or umbrella stands. Until the year before last, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department responded to the department’s Most facilities stopped distributing plastic umbrella bags in the same year, and another department, the Government Property Agency, responded to the end of last week that all properties managed by the department did not distribute umbrella plastic bags, and laid carpets and placed floor hair dryers. Replace disposable materials.

Green Collar Action Director-General Ho Hanwei said he welcomed the willingness of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Government Property Agency to make changes and stop sending plastic umbrella bags. He hoped to take the lead and get more private organizations to follow suit. He also urged the government to follow the South Korean government and completely prohibit the provision. Umbrella plastic bags, the implementation of the "Hong Kong Resource Recycling Blueprint 2035" promises to strengthen regulation and reduce disposable plastics, and make umbrella plastic bags disappear in Hong Kong.

37 private properties stopped sending 2 million plastic umbrella bags

In addition, the Green Collar Action has implemented the "Reduce Use/Distribute Umbrella Plastic Bags" audit certification scheme since 2017 to commend property management companies that have performed well in this area.

The plan received 114 property responses last year. Among them, 37 participating properties stopped or reduced the distribution of umbrella plastic bags. The reduction reached 2 million, which is enough to cover 25 Hong Kong Stadiums. The Green Collar Initiative is now implementing "Using Umbrellas to Remove Water" The “Machine Pilot Scheme” allows property applications and understands the benefits of using water separators, and encourages the business community to take an important step towards “no plastic and plastic”.

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