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Swimming courses are taking place again


Swimming courses for children are in short supply - and not just since Corona. However, the pandemic has further narrowed the supply in the district. Parents who cannot find space for their little ones have to do it themselves - fortunately not without the support of professionals.

Swimming courses for children are in short supply - and not just since Corona.

However, the pandemic has further narrowed the supply in the district.

Parents who cannot find space for their little ones have to do it themselves - fortunately not without the support of professionals.

District -

Dark clouds hang in the sky, thunderstorms are predicted for the evening. The first swimming training of the season for children from the age of seven in the Warmbad Fischbachau still takes place. Swimming instructor Carolin Wanninger does not want to miss any opportunity to improve the skills of her students. After all, the autumn and winter courses for beginners and advanced learners at the Schlierseer Hotel Karma Bavaria have been canceled due to the pandemic.

Even now, the head of the Fischbachau sports school “moved experience” cannot teach as many children as usual: In order to keep the distance, there are only four instead of six in a group.

There are no water habituation courses for four-year-olds this summer: “We are instructed to have as little contact as possible with the children.

But the little ones in particular need a lot of company, that is not possible without contact, ”says Wanninger.

She has a waiting list for each of her swimming courses - registrations are possible.

She is teaching 18 groups this summer.

"In terms of demand, I could offer twice as much, but there is not enough capacity."

Online course for parents of the sports school "wegterleben"

Why don't parents teach their children to swim themselves?

"Many parents are not good swimmers themselves and have no idea how to convey that," says Wanninger.

In view of the short supply, she decided to develop an online course for parents for the first time this year.

The plan is to use Zoom to give them tips on how to teach children to swim themselves.

Interested parties can shortly request the link from "wegterleben".

Dolphin swimming school in Munich

The dolphin swimming school in Munich, which offers courses in the Schlierseer Monte Mare, is confronted with a flood of inquiries: "Especially since it has been clear that the outdoor pools are opening, all hell has broken loose," says owner Wolfgang Zett.

However, the sports educator only teaches in indoor pools - outdoor pools are too cold for beginners, and the weather is too unpredictable.

He wants to get started as soon as the Monte Mare opens.

When exactly is still unclear: “We haven't got any information from the bathroom yet.” Zett keeps a reservation list for the courses - registrations are possible.

Wasserwacht Holzkirchen

Petra Hildebrand, chairwoman of the Holzkirchen water rescue service, wants to start the swimming course in the Holzkirchen Batusa as soon as possible - she has more than 80 children on the waiting list.

Including those whose course was interrupted by the lockdown - shortly before the seahorse test.

"As soon as we have information from the Batusa about when we can start, we start," says Hildebrand.

DLRG Tegernsee

The German Lifesaving Association (DLRG) is in the starting blocks with four swimming instructors.

"Swimming training is our top priority," says Florian Mengele from DLRG Tegernsee.

As soon as the framework conditions are clear, the DLRG Tegernsee will announce the course dates on its homepage.

How children learn to swim - ten tips from experts for parents

1. Go to the water as often as possible

to get your child used to it, advises Wolfgang Zett from the Dolphin Swimming School in Munich, which offers courses in Schliersee.

"Only when children are used to water can we take care of swimming."

2. Do not use a washcloth to protect your child's eyes when washing their hair in the bathtub.

"Children have to be able to withstand water on their faces."

3. Practice diving


“You can also do that at the sink.

Face in the water and count to 20.

Then reappear, ”advises Zett.

Children who can dive are able to stop breathing and not choke - a prerequisite for swimming.

4. Start with the backstroke instead of the chest:

Children around the age of five have difficulty holding their heads up because it is their heaviest part of the body in relation to their body.

“You don't have to keep your head above water when you swim back, but you can still breathe.” Germany is one of the few countries that are still starting to practice breaststroke after old school.

In the USA and Australia, on the other hand, people start with crawling.

5. Make a “dead man”:

Children find out that they are carrying the water - and lose their fear.

6. Let the child paddle their legs in the supine position


"Then it notices that it is moving forward".

7. When teaching the breaststroke: First practice the arm movement, the legs only paddle.

If the child controls the arms well, the "frog legs" are added.

Both at the same time overwhelm the coordination skills of many children.

8. Away with water wings!

That is what Carolin Wanninger advises from “moving experience”.

They hinder the learning process.

Among other things, because the children hang vertically in the water instead of lying horizontally.

Use shark fin or pool noodle instead.

9. Down into the depths!

"Children have to experience their limits", says Evi Hering from the Miesbacher sports school "Fresh & Fit".

Therefore - accompanied by the parents (!), But without a swimming aid - to where the child cannot stand.

10. The most important swimming aid: Have fun in the water.

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