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Nepalese girl with nephropathy learns to pack su glutinous rice cakes for the Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. On that day, people will row dragon boats and eat rice dumplings according to the custom. For the local ethnic minorities, apart from a labor holiday, the rest seems to be irrelevant to their lives. There is a local restaurant leader’s contact.

District 18 News

Written by: Mo Jiawen

2021-06-14 08:00

Last update date: 2021-06-14 08:00

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. On that day, people will row dragon boats and eat rice dumplings according to the custom. For the local ethnic minorities, apart from a labor holiday, the rest seems to be irrelevant to their lives. There is a local restaurant leader’s contact. Like a voluntary agency, the Bao Su Diao activity was held in Wan Chai a few days ago.

There is a 15-year-old girl in a wheelchair with congenital kidney disease. During the epidemic, apart from going to the hospital and school, she almost stayed at home. Making rice dumplings became the only extracurricular activity. The organizer expects to distribute more than 400 rice dumplings to ethnic minority families in various districts. Son, I hope that in the future, the Hong Kong government will promote friendly policies to encourage ethnic minorities to integrate into society.

Kidney disease girl epidemic reduces outing activities into breathing space

A 15-year-old Nepalese girl R, who has congenital kidney problems, is shorter than other children of the same age. Because of her illness affecting bone development and growth, she cannot walk for more than half an hour. She has to use a wheelchair to walk in and out. She goes to the hospital regularly three days a week. The mother is like a "time management master." In addition to the three-point-one-line at homes, schools, and hospitals, she also counts the time her daughter takes to change her throat every three hours. The two mothers and daughters often dare not travel far to other places. In the region, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has made R, a long-term patient, like a big enemy. Even the breathing space for walking in the park downstairs has been cancelled, leaving home for a long time to be isolated from the world.

The Hong Kong Guidance Association, which pays attention to disadvantaged groups, and Marcus, the owner of the "Lof10" coffee shop, set aside an afternoon tea time at the Wan Chai branch last Sunday (6th), inviting more than ten people including R mother and daughter A Nepalese family and several young people of Indian and Pakistani descent, led by several ethnic minority community ambassadors, social workers of the Guidance Society, and skilled glutinous rice cakes, demonstrated how to use bamboo leaves, mushrooms, and glutinous rice to make rice cakes in traditional festivals. They In response to part of the Indian-Pakistani Muslim and Islamic customs, we packaged out the glutinous rice dumplings on the spot. After each family member had wrapped them, they were handed over to the restaurant staff, together with the 400 bacon dumplings that will be packaged in the restaurant’s food workshop. It will be distributed to members participating in the event, as well as grassroots ethnic minority families in Jordan, Yuen Long, etc., along with the so-called glutinous rice cakes on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Coffee shop owner offers job opportunities to minorities

Liao Tiancheng, the person in charge of the coffee shop, said that through this event, I saw Nepalese families mobilize almost the whole family to attend and appreciate their importance of family values. "If you are a Hongkonger, you ask Azai to have dinner and morning tea. Difficulties.” And he has employed minority employees in the past, mostly as part-time waiters or dishwashers. Basically no one is willing to be full-time. It is estimated that they value family values ​​and can only take care of work and family at the same time in a part-time manner, but he still He is willing to provide them with job opportunities, and emphasizes that Hong Kong, as a pluralistic society, "should not beat the people of one boat with one penny.

Liao Tiancheng, owner of the "Lof10" cafe, distributed rice dumplings and coffee pods to the participants to express his wishes.

(Photo by Mo Jiawen)

Young people born and raised in Bangladesh: I see Hong Kong as my home

Among the several minority youth ambassadors participating in the event, 23-year-old Surin is one of them. He is a Bangladeshi youth born and raised in Hong Kong. He has been promoted from a local elementary school to a graduate of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Technology. He was previously a volunteer in an NGO About half a year ago, the Good Guidance Association successfully applied to the Social Welfare Department for a quota of "community ambassadors" specifically for hiring ethnic minorities. Surin has served as a youth ambassador at the end of last year and is mainly responsible for "laying bridges" for social workers and ethnic minority families. In addition to strengthening communication between the two parties' translation languages, they will also understand the needs of each family and provide appropriate social services according to their needs. The social worker of the good guidance club said with a smile, "Usually there are problems, and they will immediately call Surin, but don’t call a meeting. We.” But he believes that the emergence of Surin can indeed effectively help them "plant seeds" among minority groups. They can provide them in time regardless of general social services in the future, or emergency support such as epidemic closures, shortages of supplies, etc. assist.

Surin, a young Bangladeshi born and raised in Hong Kong, hopes that Hong Kong society can give more job opportunities to ethnic minorities.

(Photo by Mo Jiawen)

Surin said that although he has been studying in local elementary and middle schools, he has poor Chinese literacy and can only apply for English-based positions. However, there are not many corresponding job opportunities in Hong Kong. He emphasized that he was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Sri Lanka. When I go to my hometown, I will only stay for a short time. I always regard Hong Kong as my home.” I hope that Hong Kong society will reduce racial and color discrimination. Employers will also be willing to hire more ethnic minorities as employees in the future to promote social diversity.

Ms. Peng Shaomei, senior manager of the Hong Kong Guidance Association, although many ethnic minorities settled in Hong Kong are born and raised, they still face many difficulties in life, especially the language barrier makes it difficult for them to get job opportunities, and even prevents them from seeking social services and medical care. Health service resources.

She pointed out that the association currently employs 13 ethnic minorities, including social workers, peer supporters, and community ambassadors, as important bridges for communication with ethnic minorities. She hopes to cooperate with more benevolent employers in the future to provide different learning and employment opportunities , Increasing their opportunities for upward mobility, and allowing the public to have more awareness and tolerance for ethnic minorities.

The Good Guidance Association recently distributed more than 400 rice dumplings to ethnic minorities to let them feel the festive atmosphere.

(Provided by interviewee)

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