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Dragon Boat Festival | Blind dragon boat pickpockets in the dark, Qianhangyi teaches firefighting coaches: they work hard


The Shing Mun River in Sha Tin was shimmering, and many dragon boats and rowing boats swam past the weekend. One of the teams that broke the wind was the "Black Warriors Blind Dragon Boat Team" composed of visually impaired people, but each dropped oars quickly. Neatly,

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Written by: Zheng Qiuling

2021-06-14 10:00

Last update date: 2021-06-14 10:00

The Shing Mun River in Sha Tin was shimmering, and many dragon boats and rowing boats swam past the weekend. One of the teams that broke the wind was the "Black Warriors Blind Dragon Boat Team" composed of visually impaired people, but each dropped oars quickly. The landing is neat and the course is straight.

A main player who only has the power of film and television shared that although they can't see with their eyes, they can sense nature, wind and waves, and the coach's instructions in their ears are the simplest and most effective navigator.

After several years of training, they have been able to represent Hong Kong to participate in the disabled dragon boat race in Singapore.

The volunteer firefighter coach who led them praised the performance of the team members. He was impressed. Even if he was old and visually impaired, he was assiduously and assiduously. Sitting in the dragon boat is an athlete. In addition to direct flights, they can now complete the return route.

The Black Samurai Blind Dragon Boat Team consists of the visually impaired.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Waiting for the coach's order, drop the slurry, pull the water, return the oars, and turn up the snow-white waves, like a hundred feet struggling to sail forward.

"I'm so excited! Honestly, I used to know dragon boats and watched TV on the Dragon Boat Festival." Lai Jianhua, who wears too limited glasses and is known as the "big brother", is a pickpocket of the dragon boat team and one of the main players in the team.

He is a patient with hereditary eye disease. His eyesight has gradually deteriorated since his forties. He recognized the facial features of the team members and saw everyone dropping the oars. Nowadays, he can only see dim light, which can sometimes be seen. To all the shadows.

Sensing with the skin

He recalled the first time he fell into the water and grabbed a dragon boat. He never thought that he could become a member. "You must try to cooperate with nature and rely on your body's skin to sense, because I can't see it. Sometimes there are boats passing by, so be careful! There will be waves passing by and you need to sit well, because most of Jackie Chan is a visually impaired person, and it is more dangerous if the boat capsizes."

A group of visually impaired people formed a dragon boat team and needed time to work in tacit understanding. Among the team members, there were many elderly people living in Tuen Mun, Wong Tai Sin, etc. In the event of unstable weather, they would prepare their luggage early in the morning, wait for the scheduled practice notice, and rushed there.

"Stealing the dragon boat, it is Cheng Tiaolong who is your partner. We have a good group life. Everyone will accommodate each other and there will be no complaints."

Lai Jianhua is a genetic eye disease patient and a main member of the Dragon Boat Team.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

One year, they even rushed out of Hong Kong and went to Singapore to represent the disabled dragon boat race. "When I was in the mood? Of course I was happy. Since my eyesight was bad, I didn’t know how to get a chance to take a plane! I live in Hong Kong. Qi, I have a little sense of satisfaction!” Even in the hot weather, after nearly half an hour of training, he stepped on the pair of wet white canvas shoes and chatted briskly with the team members.

Coach Rong Zhihua: Having certain experience and long-term training will have this kind of result first

Now leading this group of visually impaired people, riding the wind and waves with all oars, is the volunteer coach Rong Zhihua.

He bluntly said that a special training method should be designed. In the past, teaching classes only needed to explain and demonstrate, but in this team, he has to teach them one by one to guide them in which muscle positions to exert their strength.

Training the number of oars also takes care of coordination, and normal team training will use eighty oars as a group.

"It's our boat. Because of the epidemic, I haven't practiced for a year, and I don't want to push the valley too hard." So he devised a method of changing the rhythm every 20 oars.

Rong Zhihua himself is a firefighter. The three coaches of the team are also firefighters. Earlier this year, he took over the coach from his retired senior. Rong Zhihua laughed and said that it was a kind of inheritance.

He remembers coming to report for the first time, intending to test the team’s foundation, but he was pleasantly surprised, "He is not very young, some are in his forties or even 50s, but the effect is that he has a certain amount of experience and long training. , There will be this kind of result first.” At present, the first four or five thresholds, that is, the top ten oarsmen are all amblyopic players, but the volunteers are behind. “When there are battles, I feel that the front is more even than the back. I think it’s so special. "

Talking about the performance of the team members, he immediately rejoiced, "Qiu trusts me almost 100%, and he will feel so comforted!" In other training sessions, he was often asked "understand", "I found out after I came to teach. It’s hard work, it’s really no complaint. It’s called practice. I don’t care about the number of paddles. In short, I speak clearly, and he will do it when he understands it. Seeing this kind of perseverance really makes me admire.” They said bluntly. In addition to the assistance of volunteers to get off the boat, they are athletes who sit in the dragon boat. In addition to direct sailing, they can also complete the return route.

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