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Interview ︱ Liu Zhaojia: One country, two systems is set up for communist-phobes, some people want universal suffrage and are anti-Communist


"One country, two systems" originated from Beijing’s idea of ​​realizing peaceful reunification and territorial integrity, and resolving the Hong Kong issue, but it has encountered many problems in the past 24 years. Some people think that Hong Kong’s "popularity"

Political situation

Written by: Lin Jian

2021-06-16 07:00

Last update date: 2021-06-16 07:00

"One country, two systems" originated from Beijing’s idea of ​​realizing peaceful reunification and territorial integrity, and resolving the Hong Kong issue, but it has encountered many problems over the past 24 years. Some people think that Hong Kong has "unreturned". Having a grudge against the Communist Party of China, this has caused many political contradictions.

Liu Zhaojia, the vice chairman of the National Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, said in an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01" that the CCP had understood in the early days that for historical reasons, Hong Kong people have always had fear and grudge against the Communist Party. That is why they have the idea of ​​"One Country, Two Systems". Can respect each other.

It's just that since the reunification, some Hong Kong people have arbitrarily provoked the bottom line of the CCP first, and Beijing will step up its suppression.

He criticized that some anti-Chinese elements wanted the CCP to "give the green light" for universal suffrage in Hong Kong, but they also wanted to oppose the governance of the CCP and refused to promise to safeguard national security. He hoped that these people would "reflection".

Centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Local Politics Interview Series 2

Refers to Hong Kong’s failure to observe the red line.

First of all, Liu Zhaojia pointed out that the "one country, two systems" appeared because the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party knew that Hong Kong people had negative attitudes, fears, and ambiguities about the Communist Party. They had to deal with the fear of communism and let Hong Kong retain the capitalist system and the original Lifestyle, but the premise is that Hong Kong cannot harm the country’s system. The two systems must "respect each other and not violate each other."

However, he mentioned that after the reunification, some people in Hong Kong continued to challenge the authority of the Chinese Communist Party, used Hong Kong’s "two systems" to discredit the Communist Party, and worked with external forces to do a lot of things affecting national interests. The rules come first, and the central government can’t stand it before acting to suppress these behaviors. The central government has always adhered to the "one country, two systems" principle. It has not taken action for at least 20 years. This is already unparalleled endurance. When the central government wants you to practice socialism, it must be very Love the Chinese Communist Party and follow the central authorities in everything? It is you (Hong Kong people) who attack the national interests first."

Liu Zhaojia mentioned that some people from the previous generation in Hong Kong came to Hong Kong to escape the Communist Party after experiencing the political turmoil in the early years of the founding of the Mainland. These people have inherent anti-Communist ideologies, and then monopolize public opinion through platforms such as education, media, and religion. Atmosphere, to instill one-sided thoughts into the next generation, "The central government also does not want to make people feel that they are "interfering in one country, two systems." They have not struggled with these anti-communist forces for 20 years, but in the end they found that this pattern is too conducive to anti-China forces. No. What the central government is doing is defensive (defensive). How can it be regarded as offensive (aggressive) to protect its own interests?"

Liu Zhaojia.

(Photo by Ou Jiale)

Anti-China activists who want political reform and refuse to pledge to safeguard national security must reflect on

He also criticized that some people wanted the central government to let Hong Kong go through universal suffrage, but refused to promise to safeguard national security and do things that endanger the governance of the Chinese Communist Party: "You ask the central government for political reform, but you refuse to promise to maintain national security. Let’s reflect on it first! "One Country, Two Systems" itself allows those of you who fear and doubt communis to settle down in Hong Kong. Then you have to ask yourself first, why do you want to disrupt this favorable situation for your own survival?"

After the reunification, the three political reforms initiated by the local government failed to pass on two occasions because the democrats and the central government "have a lot of trouble."

Liu Zhaojia criticized that some people wanted the central government to "give the green light" to full universal suffrage, but they opposed the CCP's governance and refused to promise to safeguard national security.

(Profile picture)

Said that some people's anti-community sentiment stems from "psychological imbalance"

Liu Zhaojia believes that some people's feelings of contact with the Chinese Communist Party stem to a certain extent from "psychological imbalance."

He pointed out that while China is developing rapidly, many ideological contradictions have arisen both domestically and internationally, which has caused Hong Kong people to become more wary of the mainland political system: "Many people used to "look up" to the West. However, after the rise of China, the international community It has caused a lot of conflicts. China has developed too fast. The mainlanders they used to "look down" are now becoming stronger. Some people are at a loss, psychologically unbalanced, and unable to accept it for a while, so they are even more disgusted with the Communist Party."

He also pointed out that since the mainland has implemented the socialist road with Chinese characteristics and the reform and opening up have developed, some Hong Kong people have been directly threatened by their interests, such as competition from mainland talents and enterprises, the continued hot property market in Hong Kong to buy properties, competition for scholarships, and too many tourists that affect the public. Community life and so on have caused "shock waves" to Hong Kong people, deepening their antipathy towards the Chinese Communist Party.

However, he believes that as the economic cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland accelerates, the economic interests of Hong Kong people and the Chinese Communist Party have become more and more consistent. Western sanctions on China and Hong Kong have caused Hong Kong people to suffer losses and arouse public dissatisfaction with the West. Will gradually diminish.

▼The Centennial of the Founding of the Communist Party "The Communist Party of China and One Country, Two Systems" Theme Forum▼




It is expected that the Communist Party will become active in Hong Kong in the future. "The ruling party has no reason to see people."

Based on historical factors such as the domestic political situation after World War II and the negotiations between China and Britain in the decades before the return, the Chinese Communist Party's activities in Hong Kong are not high-profile. For 24 years, the Chinese Communist Party has not seen any public activities in the name of the "Communist Party."

Some Hong Kong people still "have heard the common discoloration" and have a fear or wait-and-see attitude towards the Chinese Communist Party.

The theme forum "The Communist Party of China and "One Country, Two Systems"" held at the convention and exhibition last Saturday was a rare public event held in Hong Kong in the name of the Communist Party since the reunification.

On the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, should the role in Hong Kong change in the future, at least "open" and "demystified"?

Liu Zhaojia said that it is difficult to say how the central government hopes to be "open." "If you just open a building and put up a sign saying "This is the headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong", the central government may not necessarily want to achieve this. Besides, there are other ways to reflect the Communist Party of China’s governance over Hong Kong. The central government has full governance over Hong Kong. As the ruling party leading China, the Communist Party of China must be able to express its will through the constitution without directly participating in the management of the SAR. Governance and other major and minor matters.”

However, he believes that the CCP, as the ruling party leading China, has no reason to "not see people" in Hong Kong and does not need to hide its existence. Therefore, he does not rule out that the CCP will actively participate in activities in Hong Kong in the future. Related activities such as history and the concept of governing the country, "In short, it is related to the party. In the Hong Kong environment, the Communist Party is the creator of the "one country, two systems" and the most important force in defending the "one country, two systems." I must emphasize one point, right?"

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Liu Zhaojia, Hong Kong version of the National Security and Law Central Office of the Communist Party of China

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