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The AA intends to introduce unmanned electric vehicles to build a 5-kilometer lane connecting Tung Chung, the airport and the bridge


The Government’s Policy Address announced last year that the AA will introduce an unmanned transportation system. In addition to connecting the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to the Aerospace City, the "Space Corridor" will also be extended to the Tung Chung city center to improve the airport.

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Written by: Huang Weilun

2021-06-16 18:04

Last update date: 2021-06-16 18:05

The Government announced in the Policy Address last year that the AA will introduce an unmanned transportation system, which will not only connect the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to the "Space Corridor" between the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Aerospace City, but also extend the connection to the Tung Chung city centre to improve the airport. The transportation network of the island, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port and Tung Chung City Centre.

The latest EIA briefing document submitted by the AA reveals for the first time the 5km-long dedicated track and station information with driverless electric vehicles.

In the future, unmanned vehicles will depart from the artificial island at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Port. In addition to reaching the airport space city, they can also follow the special road to the east bank of the airport island and cross the waterway to reach the center of Tung Chung. There are two midway stops in the middle.

According to the map information in the document, the future Tung Chung Central Station will be designed as an elevated station, which will be built near Tat Tung Road outside the current Citygate Phase I and close to the Tung Chung MTR station.

The related works are expected to be completed as soon as 2027/2028.

The unmanned driving system will also reserve wiring in the future to connect to the academy of aviation on the artificial island of the bridge port and set up a college station.




The AA is advancing the Aerospace Corridor project, which is a bridge connecting the artificial island of the Hong Kong Port and the Aerospace City. It has roads and footpaths, but vehicles other than those of the AA are not allowed to enter.

According to the document, the AA is planning to adopt an autonomous transportation system in the aerospace corridor, and the next step will be to extend the route to Tung Chung.

The AA will build a special road on the east bank of the airport island for the planned introduction of unmanned fully automatic zero-emission vehicles to connect to the airport island, the artificial island at the Hong Kong Port of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and the Tung Chung city center.

According to the document, the proposed airport Tung Chung lane is about 5 kilometers long, of which the ground section is about 2,750 meters, the land viaduct section is about 810 meters, the sea viaduct section is about 220 meters, and the branch line of about 1.2 kilometers is to be extended to aviation in the future. College.

The dedicated road extends from the planned aerospace corridor to its south and east. The South Road will follow the east bank of the airport island and cross the waterway to the southwest of the North Lantau Highway, connecting with the auxiliary facilities of the east bank airport and Tung Chung city centre.

The East Road is for the future extension. It is about 1.2 kilometers long. It will be built along the south bank of the artificial island at the Hong Kong Port and will connect to the proposed Aviation Academy located on the south of the artificial island.

3 stations on the dedicated unmanned vehicle road, the elevated design of the Dongyong city center station

In terms of stations, the unmanned electric vehicle system will set up Tung Chung Central Station, East Coast Airport Auxiliary Facilities North Station, and East Coast Airport Auxiliary Facilities South Station. Since the dedicated road will be connected to the Aerospace Corridor project, the dedicated road’s autonomous driving transportation system can also go to Space City and Bridge Hong Kong Port.

In the future, a station will also be set up at the Aviation Academy on the artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge.

The AA also suggested that offshore facilities, including docks and boat parking facilities, should be provided in the sea area between the airport island and the artificial island of the Hong Kong port, as well as on the south side of the closed vehicular bridge and aerospace corridor of the Haitian Transit Building.

The wharf is about 5 meters long and 16 meters wide, which means an area of ​​80 square meters. Two berths are tentatively scheduled. For other berthing facilities, 73 small and medium-sized pleasure boats are tentatively scheduled to use berths. Floating wave attenuators with a length of about 155 meters will be provided. There is a small shop area.

Construction is expected to cause short-term nuisance to Chinese White Dolphins in 2024/25

The document also pointed out that the boat berthing facilities are very close to the North Lantau Marine Park and the Da Modao Marine Park. Therefore, the berthing facilities will only be used for berthing, and no facilities for removing sewage tanks and toilet silt will be provided. Cleaning, maintenance and repairs will also be prohibited. Ships are not expected to produce any sewage.

However, the document also pointed out that the maritime traffic brought about by the facility may cause a short-term nuisance to the nearby Chinese White Dolphins and will be included in the EIA.

The document revealed that the project is tentatively scheduled to start in 2024/2025 and be completed in 2027/2028. However, the branch line connected to the Aviation Academy Station is only prepared for the future, so there is no implementation plan.

District Councillors Advocate Review of Tung Chung District's Transport Facilities to Divert People

In the past, when new roads connected to Tung Chung, the city centre would be crowded with tourists.

The Islands District Councillor Tsui Sang-hsiung said that the area of ​​Tung Chung New Town itself is relatively small. When people come from all over Hong Kong and tourists, it is easy to cause congestion. Some residents of Tung Chung are worried about the plan, but the District Council still The relevant plans were not formally discussed.

He believes that the area needs to have other transportation facilities to ease the flow of people, including making good use of sea routes and using Tung Chung Pier; land routes must also study other facilities.

The general manager of the airport's three-run reclamation was "resigned" due to project delays and was formerly the project manager of the Shazhong line

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