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Cash Allowance|Overview of Eligibility Notes If you fail to submit documents within 14 days, you will be DQ


The government will provide a three-year pilot cash allowance scheme to distribute cash allowances to grassroots families who have been waiting for public housing for more than three years and have not received CSSA. Depending on the eligible number of families, the amount ranges from 1,300 to 3. 90

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Written by: Wang Jieen

2021-06-17 18:52

Last update date: 2021-06-17 18:52

The government will provide a three-year pilot scheme of cash allowance for basic-level families who have been waiting for public housing for more than three years and have not received CSSA. The cash allowance will be distributed depending on the eligible number of families. The amount will range from 1,300 to 3,900 yuan. Not waiting.

Eligible applicants will receive the notice and claim form as soon as the end of June.

However, there are many precautions. If you fail to meet the conditions, you may have a chance to be considered as having given up your application.

"Hong Kong 01" integrates various application details for everyone to prevent applicants from "stepping on landmines".

Can I apply?

The applicant must be a general public housing applicant, that is, an applicant with two or more people, or an elderly applicant with one person.

It is worth noting that

non-elderly single persons cannot apply for the scheme


In addition to meeting the above-mentioned qualifications,

applicants must have been waiting for public housing for more than three years, have not been allocated for the first time

, and have not received CSSA.

When asked if people who have been waiting for public housing for more than three years will benefit from other plans, the government also stated: "Nothing for the time being."

How to get the form?

At the end of each month, the Housing Department will send notices to general public housing applicants who have been waiting for public housing for more than 3 years in the following month and have not been allocated for the first time. Households who may also meet other eligibility requirements will also receive applications. Receive the form and "Instructions for Application".

There is no fee for this claim.

How to fill in the form?

You only need to fill in information such as your ID number, bank account, and sign a confirmation statement, including whether it is still suitable for public housing income and asset limits.

All family members who are 18 years of age or older need to sign a confirmation statement.

In addition, since the application form has pre-printed the public housing applicant's number, family member names, etc., the

application form cannot be transferred, otherwise it will be invalid.

Applicants are required

to fill in the claim form in block letters

with a

black or blue ball pen


If there is any deletion, it must be signed at the place of deletion, and any alteration materials (such as correction fluid and correction tape) cannot be used for alteration.

▼Fill in the sample claim form▼

Do you need other information?

In addition to filling in the form, the

applicant must also submit the bank account passbook page or a copy of the monthly statement, but does not need to provide a lease or rent receipt.

Delivery method

-Can be delivered by post to "Cash Allowance Office of Housing Department, P.O. Box 209, Tsuen Wan Post Office"

-Put the application form into the drop-in box during office hours, including the Housing Department Cash Subsidy Office, 5th Floor, 1 Kwai On Road, Kwai Chung, or the Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Center, 3 Wang Tau Hom South Road, Kowloon.

However, the

government does not accept the submission of claim forms by e-mail or fax


If you choose postage, the office will not accept letters with insufficient postage.

How to confirm that the form has been submitted?

After the Housing Department receives the form, it will send out a short message of confirmation via mobile phone within about one month.

After the review is completed, the applicant will also be issued a "Notice of Application Result", and the households who successfully apply will receive a monthly allowance.

If you want to submit the documents, it must be completed within 14 days, otherwise it will be deemed as a waiver of the application



must complete the notice to specify the matters to be followed up or attend the meeting on schedule within the time specified in the "Applying Follow-up/Information or Document Supplementary Notice", otherwise they will be deemed to have given up their application.

When is the fastest time to send money?

The government will transfer the funds to the applicant's bank account at the end of each month, and the subsidy will be available at the end of July at the earliest.

If there are special circumstances, you can also sign and receive cash cheques in person at the office every month.

Processing time

The government expects that it will take about one to three months to process the open application.

However, after submitting the application form, the government failed to pay the allowance in that month, and the relevant amount will be reimbursed when the allowance is first issued.

In other words, if the applicant has already submitted the form as early as July, but the government can only process the application in August, when the allowance is paid at the end of August, they will receive the July and August amounts together.

Can I review it?

Yes, but the claimant must complete the "Applicant Eligibility Review Form" within one month from the date of issue of the "Notice of Claim Result", "Notice of Adjusting the Cash Allowance Amount" or "Notice of Termination of Cash Allowance" ", and submit/mail to the office together with supporting documents of relevant justifications.

Overdue will not be considered.

Plan until when?

It will be piloted for three years until mid-2024, and will be reviewed later.

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Sub-Housing Authority Housing Department

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