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Coronavirus disease. Latest | 10 consecutive zero confirmed cases in Japan, Macau expresses willingness to clear customs with Hong Kong Research Institute


Hong Kong had "zero confirmed" again yesterday (17th). At the same time, there were no confirmed cases in Japan for 10 consecutive days. The three mothers and daughters who were diagnosed with the alpha variant virus (i.e. from the British variant) have not been found to have caused the local transmission chain so far.

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Written by: Wang Jieen, Zhang Jiamin, Zheng Cuibi, Li Enci, Leung Huanmin, Golden Chess, Zheng Qiuling, Hu Jiaxin, Deng Yinglin, Chen Shuxia, Huang Yongyu, Ouyang Dehao, Lin Yingxian

2021-06-18 07:34

Last update date: 2021-06-18 07:34

Hong Kong once again had "zero confirmed" yesterday (17th). At the same time, there were no confirmed cases in 10 consecutive places in Japan. The three mothers and daughters who were diagnosed with the alpha variant virus (that is from the British variant) have not been found to cause the local transmission chain.

There are currently 11,882 cases in Hong Kong.

The Macau government stated that as long as Hong Kong has no confirmed cases for 14 consecutive days, it is willing to study customs clearance measures with the Hong Kong government, including those who have been vaccinated to be exempt from quarantine.

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Vaccine lottery discount.

Continuous update|Sino Huazhi gave away 10 million yuan of Kaihui unit Changjiang Group gave 5 million yuan gift voucher to buy Changshi Building

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▼June 16th, a youth living in Huafu Village suspected of resurrection ▼




▼From 6.14 onwards, children aged 12 to 15 can be vaccinated with Fubitai vaccine▼




▼List of Three Steps of Lottery Registration▼

▼6.14 Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Tour at Old Coffee Bay Beach in Tuen Mun▼




Yesterday's overview: A 44-year-old man from the Mainland who had been injected with an injection came to Hong Kong to go out in violation of the quarantine order and took off his wristband and sentenced to 7 days

The ventilation volume of the restaurant must reach at least 6 times per hour. The cumulative 13,000 rooms have met the requirements

Macau Government: There are no local cases in Hong Kong for 14 consecutive days. Customs clearance studies are available. Those who have been injected are exempted from quarantine.

Experts with zero confirmed diagnosis for the third time in seven days: If there are no new cases within one week, they can discuss customs clearance

The Protection Fund’s first loss of 450,000 did not announce which vaccine was involved.

▼Hong Kong government's new strategy for "Grain Needle": Benefits of vaccinated vs. vaccinated restrictions ▼




▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in the three pictures▼

Coronavirus disease.

6.17|The zero confirmed cases in Hong Kong today are cleared for 10 consecutive days in Japan

New crown pneumonia|Cross-border passenger transport closes during the epidemic, only 28,000 passengers in the first quarter of this year cross-border buses

New crown pneumonia·6.16|The first compensation from the Vaccine Protection Fund arrives at the youth of Huafu Village, Macau, suspected of recovering

New crown pneumonia · 6.15 | 450,000 people registered to get rid of the virus in the frozen crocodile package of infected families

New crown pneumonia·6.15|7 consecutively zero confirmed cases in Japan defeats Bitel teenagers: looking forward to full-day lectures

New crown pneumonia・6.13|The number of confirmed vaccinations and appointments for the "double zero" again fell

New Crown Vaccine | Nearly 30,000 people get the first injection, the number of appointments decreased by 10%, 9 people are sent to hospital with side effects

New Crown Vaccine ︱ Makers’ Association Valley Needle Draw Two first prizes of 1 million spending (with registration details)

New Crown Vaccine|The number of people who received the first dose exceeded 1.8 million 8 people were admitted to the hospital with side effects after the injection on Tuesday

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce has set up a total of 7 rounds of corn needles lucky draw, 3 lucky winners will receive 500,000 yuan C-series Pingzhi RV


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