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5 defendants including Fei Tiannan in the 721 White Clothes Assault Case in Yuen Long, the first defendant Wang Zhirong free


In the Yuen Long West Rail Station 721 white-clothed man assault incident, 6 men suspected of participating in the incident that night were charged with riots and other crimes. The prosecution said that someone called to defend Yuen Long’s homeland beforehand. Many people in white clothes gathered in Yuen Long that night. Four of the defendants were arrested.

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Written by: Li Huina

2021-06-18 15:33

Last update date: 2021-06-18 15:35

In the Yuen Long West Rail Station 721 white-clothed man assault incident, 6 men suspected of participating in the incident that night were charged with riots and other crimes.

The prosecution said that someone called to defend the Yuen Long homeland. Many people in white clothes gathered in Yuen Long that night. Four of the defendants were accused of assaulting and criticizing at Yuen Long Station, and two defendants were involved in nearby Ying Lung Wai When attacking people in black, some defendants argued that they were self-defense, while others disputed their identity.

Judge Ye Zuowen made a ruling on the case today (18th). However, due to the length of the sentence, he read it all morning but did not complete it. Before lunch, Ye Guan "predicted" the acquittal of the first defendant Wang Zhirong, but completed the whole afternoon. After the resignation, it was ruled that the remaining 5 people, including "Fei Tian Nan" Wu Weinan and other defendants, were all convicted.

The three defendants were withdrawn from bail before lunch

6 defendants: Wang Zhirong (55 years old, transportation worker), Huang Yingjie (48 years old, cable mechanic), Deng Huaichen (60 years old, owner of the barbecue site), Wu Weinan (57 years old, truck driver), Deng Yingbin (61 years old, unemployed) and Cai Liji (40 years old, mechanic), they were charged with riots, conspiracy to injure people with intent, and crimes with intent to injure people.

After the first defendant, Wang Zhirong, was freed from crime, the remaining five people were all convicted.

The case involved two other defendants: Lin Guanliang (48 years old, used car sales) and Lin Qiming (43 years old, car sales manager), both of whom had pleaded guilty to riots before the trial began.

They were also charged with wounding, but the prosecution did not prosecute them.

The first defendant, Wang Zhirong, ruled that Wang riot was not guilty.

(Photo by Lu Yiming)

The official believes that the first defendant in the film is not Wang Zhirong

Judge Ye Zuowen believes that the fragments accusing the first defendant are sufficiently clear, but he believes that the person in the film is not the first defendant, but the sneakers worn by the first defendant alleged by the prosecution were indeed found in the first defendant’s home. He believed that he replaced the first defendant in the film. The person alleged to be the first defendant kept his sports shoes and charged himself with suspicion.

But the judge ruled that Wang was not guilty.

The first defendant who was acquitted left the court without a word. When asked by reporters about the judge's accusation that he was suspicious, his views on the ruling, and his mood, he did not respond.

His representative, Guan Tangli, pointed out that the results were expected, and that the handling of the case was also under pressure because the case received much attention and he had to check a large number of documents when preparing the case.

When asked if he would feel that the prosecution had provided the evidence in a careless manner, he said he would not comment.

Regarding whether the result is a truth in society, he also said that he would not comment, saying that "the law department is so strange."

When the court closed at noon, only two defendants were left to go out for lunch.

(See the picture below for details)

The defendant Huang Yingjie once threw objects at the man in black

As for the second defendant Huang Yingjie, Ye Guan said that Lin Zhuoting, then a member of the Legislative Council, was comforting the citizens in the gate and said that he had called the police. The police were about to arrive and pulled back the citizens who wanted to approach the gate. However, the second defendant accused Lin of "making troubles." "The allegations are unreasonable.

Ye Guan said that Huang Yingjie only scolded the man in black for provoking and throwing objects at him, standing with the man in white, but did not accuse the person of beating with the cane, thinking that his behavior encouraged the man in white to attack the man in black.

If the seventh defendant Deng Yingbin defends the village, he should stay at the entrance of the village

As for the seventh defendant, Deng Yingbin, Ye Guan pointed out that although he is the village head of the eight villages in Yuen Long, he does not necessarily have to injure people with a wooden stick, but if he just wants to defend the village, he should stand guard at the entrance of the village and he does not need to mobilize people to go to Yuen Long Station .

Furthermore, when he took a stick to the Yuen Long Station lobby and platform, it was obvious that his intention was to beat people with a stick, which was encouraging. In the eyes of the white-clothed people, he encouraged the white-clothed people to beat the black-clothed people.

Wu Weinan, the sixth defendant nicknamed "Fei Tian Nan," was still allowed to go out for lunch on bail.

(Photo by Lu Yiming)

The eighth defendant Cai Liji has a unique sentiment

As far as the eighth defendant Cai Liji is concerned, Ye Guan believes that Cai in the film has "whistle teeth", which is very unique. When his teeth are exposed, he is fierce and vicious, and the jacket he wears is also very special. After comparing Cai's actions in court, he is sure The person in the film is Cai Liji, and he obviously has the same purpose as the other people in white, to participate in the riots.

Cai remained in custody during the interrogation.

Eight defendants were involved in the charges.

(See the picture below for details)

Witnesses shall remain anonymous without police officers to testify

Judge Ye Zuowen criticized the prosecution for mentioning the anti-amendment screening in Yuen Long before the trial of the case. There was a dispute. The witnesses were called on the fourth day of the trial. 16 citizens were called to testify, all of which were allowed to use English letters as code names. They were also allowed to use special passages to enter and exit the courtroom and give evidence behind a screen. In addition, no police officers were called to testify in this case.

Someone called to defend Yuen Long's homeland beforehand

According to the prosecution plan, on July 16, 2019, five days before the incident, due to anti-revision demonstrations held in Yuen Long, dissidents had conflicts, and then someone called on the Internet on 21 Gathered in Yuen Long in the evening to defend Yuen Long's homeland.

The two defendants were involved in throwing objects at the man in black

Many white-clothed people gathered in Yuen Long that night. The first defendant, Wang Zhi-wing, attacked the black-clothed people with the lid of a trash can in the pay area of ​​Yuen Long Station and threw objects.

The eighth defendant, Cai Liji, threw objects at the man in black and beat a man with rattan-like objects and bare hands on the stairs to the platform.

Figure 12 shows what happened that night.

(See the picture below for details)




The two defendants were involved in assaulting passengers in the carriage

The second defendant, Huang Yingjie, and the seventh defendant, Deng Yingbin, were with other people in white clothes. Huang had criticized the people in black, while Deng held a long black branch.

In addition, when the white-clothed man attacked the black-clothed man and the passengers in the compartment, the first defendant Wang Zhirong held a cane and cursed the passengers in the compartment.

The two defendants involved in the British Dragon Encirclement and attacked the man in black

The incident was disturbed until 12 o'clock in the morning. About 30 people in white had disputes with some people in black outside Yinglong Wai, which turned into violent clashes.

The fifth defendant Deng Huaichen and the sixth defendant Wu Weinan were among the white-clothed people. They attacked the black-clothed people with long branches and wooden sticks.

Wu suddenly fainted to the ground. Someone rescued him. He was then taken to Tuen Mun Hospital.

HKDSE candidate suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after being attacked

The prosecution summoned a total of 16 witnesses. A restaurant employee once provided the police with two CCTV footages. The other 15 were eyewitnesses that night. Many witnesses claimed to have been beaten by people in white with canes and wooden sticks. He was beaten to the point where his glasses fell off, and his injuries were serious. Some of them suffered a bloody head and some had to sew needles. A recent diploma candidate suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the incident and was unable to concentrate on studying.

A witness confessed that he had seen a police officer present, but the police officer left Yuen Long Station after calling an ambulance for the woman who fell on the ground.

There were also witnesses who claimed to have called 999, but no one answered.

The main content of the sixth defendant Wu Weinan's defense.

(See the picture below for details)




In the case, only Wu Weinan, nicknamed "Fatiannan," appeared in court to defend himself. He claimed that he was informed by villagers that someone had gone to the village to demolish the ancestral hall. He was worried that his wealth would be damaged and the villagers would be harmed. Put on white clothes.

Wu claimed that he was hit by a hard object on his nose and face in the chaos, and bleeding, before he snatched a stick from a person next to him for self-defense.

Case number: DCCC 888/2019, DCCC 11, 734/2020

721 The Judge in the White Clothes Case questioned the facts of the case and raised the amendment to the law. The prosecution deleted the relevant paragraphs at the screening meeting.

Yuen Long 721 White-clothed Man Assault Case | Witness A said that someone in the station was told that someone was hitting a person

721 Less than half of the witnesses in the black-clothed people in the case of the white-clothed people in the gate A want to protect female reporters from being beaten

Yuen Long's White Clothes Case | Witness O saw that the two parties came and picked things up and prevented the white clothes from rushing into the station to no avail

Yuen Long 721 White Clothes Case

Yuen Long 721 white-clothed man Feitiannan claimed that he was hit by a villager who mistakenly beat him

Yuen Long 721 White Clothes Case Feitian Nan said that he swung his stick at the person who fell to remind him to shrink his feet


721 Yuen Long Assaults Fugitive Offenders Ordinance Related Hearing Court 01 Video My home court

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