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Away from the spotlight but close to the plate: these are the finance minister's secret people - Walla! news


At the end of about two and a half years in exile in the opposition, Avigdor Lieberman returned to the centers of power and influence this week when he took office as finance minister. Those who kept him faithful throughout were five people

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Bennett-Lapid government

Away from the spotlight but close to the plate: these are the finance minister's secret people

At the end of about two and a half years in exile in the opposition, Avigdor Lieberman returned to the centers of power and influence this week when he took office as finance minister.

Those who kept him faithful all along were five people: the lawyer, the strategist, the Tzaddik from Bnei Brak, the dominant CEO and the merchant from Baghdad. This is Lieberman's close hive


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Anna Bersky

Thursday, 17 June 2021, 10:30 Updated: Friday, 18 June 2021, 10:41

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Having already served as foreign minister and defense minister, and at the end of about two and a half years in opposition exile, Avigdor Lieberman returned to the centers of power and influence this week when he sat down on the finance minister's chair. Only a few months ago, when it seemed to everyone that the world would be resilient and that we would continue to rise yesterday morning as long as Benjamin Netanyahu and his associates were comfortable living in the constant election situation, Lieberman argued in his private talks with the Gush Shinui movement that the situation is not a task. Achievable.

While the Likud changed its tone, sent strong messages to "Yvette who became a leftist" and even stated that "Yvette ended his career", he continued on his own and did not take one eye off the overarching goal - to replace Netanyahu. He left his other eye focused on the other goal, which is the Ministry of Finance. This week is a double V mark on both destinations.

For many years, Lieberman has been surrounded by a small and discreet circle of secret keepers.

Five people in total.

The party and factional environment of the new finance minister may have been known and known for a long time, but his close circle is careful to stay out of the spotlight.

The same people did not touch him even in the most complex moments, when he became a full-fledged MK with a political future full of fog. They have always remained there, and now that he has officially returned to being one of the most powerful people in the country, it is time to get to know them closely.

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Trust them with your eyes closed.

Lieberman (Photo: Flash 90, Yonatan Zindel)

Lieberman's opening quintet was formed many years ago. Lieberman trusts them with his eyes closed and they have all come a long way and quite a few tests together. Everyone dislikes rubbing shoulders with the media, they do not even think of leaking, and everyone enjoys the tremendous trust of the "boss", as Lieberman is known within the party.

The oldest member of the group,

Adv. Els Dobronsky

, was a member of the founding team of Yisrael Beiteinu in 1999, served on the founding conference of Lieberman's party and has served as chairman of the standing committee - the party's appointments committee. In contrast to the way things are perceived from the outside, Dobronsky has a crucial weight in choosing the people on the Knesset list. Dubronsky is a veteran and shrewd lawyer, a very wealthy man who does not need a seat on the board or any job. His son, by the way, appeared as a panelist on the TV show "Sharks" as a young entrepreneur who was very successful in business both in Israel and abroad.

Lieberman's partner in formulating the strategy is

Sharon Shalom


Shalom, who served as Lieberman's chief of staff when the latter served as defense minister, was nominated for the post of director general of the Ministry of Finance. Due to the uncertain life expectancy of the current coalition, he decided to stay in the private market, where he has been a force in recent years. As Minister of Infrastructure at the beginning of the millennium. The close relationship that developed between the two passed all tests, including police investigations, arrests, temptations and various pressures. Hello, a real secret partner in professional, political and personal matters. All doubts and doubts are whitened in their meetings At Shalom's house or on the grass in Lieberman's garden in the Nokdim settlement.

"Do not forget and do not forgive"

The third in the group, known by Lieberman as "Tzadik", is

Avi Abuhatzira

, an ultra-Orthodox from Bnei Brak who currently serves as an advisor to Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon. The title "Tzaddik" is not a joke, but a supreme honor from Lieberman. The two met when Lieberman headed the National Union, and Abuhatsira was the close assistant of the then MK, Rabbi Bnei Alon. Experts say that recently, in one of the meetings with Lieberman's longtime Likud group, Abuhatsira explained the entire chain of relations and events between Lieberman and Netanyahu, and between Lieberman and the ultra-Orthodox.

Regarding Netanyahu, Abuhatzira said that "the man made a strategic mistake when he deceived Yvette during his tenure as defense minister and sided with Deri, Litzman and Gafni in all the arguments Yvette had with the ultra-Orthodox parties. And his flag was, of course, the Gaza Strip and Hamas. Netanyahu understood that if Lieberman did kill Ismail Haniyeh and succeed against Hamas, he would become prime minister, and no force would stop him. Therefore, Netanyahu simply undermined him from Yvette's first moment as defense minister until the explosion. "Contrary to Yvette's position, he decided to surrender to Hamas and reach a settlement."

Yisrael Beiteinu submits its recommendations to President Rivlin.

April 2021 (Photo: Flash 90, Jonathan Zindel)

Abuhatsira also explained to those present at the meeting that "the alliance with the ultra-Orthodox winked at Netanyahu, because unlike the other parties they do not interfere in foreign and security issues. "Although both Netanyahu and Deri have known Yvette and his character for many years, they were probably sure that in his current situation there is nothing to fear from him - and they were greatly mistaken."

"The last nail in decades of friendship and cooperation was a long line of anonymous complaints filed with the police and income tax against Yvette and his two sons. The person who filed those complaints used the services of private investigation companies, with the bill paid by unknown sources abroad.

Yvette is convinced to this day that Bibi is involved in the matter, when at that moment he turned from a political opponent into an enemy who has no forgiveness and forgiveness. "On the wedge in his relationship with Deri, Abuhatsira said that Conducted between them.

When it became known to Yvette, Deri was completely burned at that moment. "Abuhatsira testified that there was no point in trying to forgive because" Yvette does not forget and does not forgive. "

Became an influential personality in the party.

Lieberman alongside party director general Ina Zilbergretz (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Upon her retirement, Zilbergerts was the default to replace her.

Faina Kirschenbaum (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

Another key figure is

Ina Zilbergerz

, the current CEO of Yisrael Beiteinu. Zilbergerz is the wife of Lieberman's close friend, Mark Zilbergerz, who has accompanied him since the early 1980s. By default with the outbreak of corruption in Israel Beiteinu. With the retirement of Faina Kirschenbaum, there was an urgent need to find someone to fill her place. Zilbergerz herself worked for the Jewish Agency for many years, chairing the agency's representative in Moscow. At

first Lieberman did not think seriously about her. She knew how to surprise him with her organizational abilities, her understanding of people and also her talent for sweeping people and uniting them for different and varied tasks.Since the last municipal elections in 2018, Zilbergerts has become the dominant and influential figure in the party.

The merchant from Baghdad who made his fortune in London.

Shmuel Haik (Photo: Flash 90, without)

The last in the opening five is Lieberman's old friend, an Israeli businessman who made his fortune in London,

Shmuel Haik

, known by Lieberman as "the merchant from Baghdad". Rumor has it that they met somewhere in 1979, when Hayek served as an assistant to the then Minister of Agriculture, Ariel Sharon. In 1981, after deciding to retire from political business and move to real business, he moved to London and built a real estate empire. Despite the distance, his fondness for politics probably never left him. Like Dobronsky, he too does not need jobs, money, or public consciousness.

Haik has been running all the coalition negotiations on Lieberman's behalf for many years, and his opinion is very important in the final decision that Yvette makes. The two are intertwined and Haik greatly appreciates Yvette and fully identifies with his worldview. He was also fully involved in the last coalition negotiations. Forer was standing in the front, limping behind him.

This opening quintet is the inner, real circle, of the new finance minister.

It does not matter what the official status of each of them is, and where they are formally located.

Lieberman meets with a lot of people, sits in quite a few meetings, listens to everyone, but the really important decisions only fall within the framework of this close-knit forum.

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