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With the electric scooter through Fürstenfeldbruck - an attempt


They have already caused a sensation in many large cities. Now the electric scooters have also arrived in the district and are on the road in Bruck, Germering, Puchheim and Olching. The new means of transport naturally wants to be tried out. Tagblatt employee Lisa Fischer dared to try it herself.

They have already caused a sensation in many large cities.

Now the electric scooters have also arrived in the district and are on the road in Bruck, Germering, Puchheim and Olching.

The new means of transport naturally wants to be tried out.

Tagblatt employee Lisa Fischer dared to try it herself.


- Whether it's a car, motorcycle, excavator or articulated lorry: I've used all kinds of means of transport - or at least have done a few practice laps.

The only thing I haven't been able to make friends with is these trendy, new scooters that are already whizzing through Munich, for example.

Since the e-scooters have been around in Fürstenfeldbruck for a few days, the time was ripe for a self-experiment.

The provider comes from America

The e-scooters are operated and rented by the company Bird Rides Germany.

According to the homepage, this is the contractual partner of “Bird Rides Inc.” based in California - a US company.

Before I can start driving one of the black and white two-wheelers, I have to download the associated free app.

Nothing works without them.

For a moment the thought creeps into my head, which I agree to when I click on "Install" - but I quickly push it away.

When it comes to an app for fashion or interior design ideas, I don't think about that either.

So, download the app and open it.

Admittedly, I'm a little curious.

Actually, I had expected to first have to give all my details, at least first and last name and date of birth.

I am all the more pleased that this request is not made.

After I was located, my location needle flies on the map from the USA to Fürstenfeldbruck.

I am sitting here now and want to drive off.

Without much explanation of what is happening or what I should do, I now see the city center of Bruck around the Stockmeierweg.

And then some white bubbles with the Bird logo pop up in the streets of Bruck.

The rental scooters are probably here, I think to myself.

Briefly tap on a logo and my illusion of anonymous scooter driving is destroyed: To rent this e-scooter, I have to take a photo of my driver's license, it says there.

The fight with the app

This request confuses me so much that I quickly enter Google as to whether there are any critical reports about the company Bird.

There are numerous reports online.

But none of them mention the subject of a driver's license.

All right, take a picture of your driver's license. The request that the app may take photos with my camera, I first click away vigorously - the following message that it does not work without camera access then forces me to agree. I finally want to go. Take a photo of your driver's license (there would also be an ID card option) and off you went.

“Hold, stop!” Says the app.

Next, I'm supposed to take a selfie to verify that the driver's license belongs to me.

I can already see my test drive fading away, because the biometric driver's license photo bears no resemblance to the quickly taken editorial selfie.

But it works - I am me!

I briefly skim over a “rental agreement” that pops up, which I first want to routinely click away like agreeing to the terms and conditions.

But then I read through a few points.

When I see the message "The user must not exceed a maximum weight of 100 kilograms including luggage", I take a brief, questioning look at my handbag - and confirm the so-called rental agreement with the Berlin company.

And finally it works, I can rent a rental scooter!

The journey begins

The next vehicle is not far away, I could even reserve it for 15 minutes. When I get to the narrow scooter, I open the app and scan the QR code that is shown on the top of the handlebar. According to the app, it still has a range of 13 kilometers. A signal on the scooter tells me that it is unlocked. And when I take a quick look at the app, I see that time is running out. A bell and a lever are attached to the handlebars. The latter must be the throttle. The colleague from the sports department has already warned me that things can really accelerate. So I tentatively tap the lever. The scooter makes a small leap forward and off we go. With the first few meters and the slight breeze, I immediately feel a sense of freedom and fun and I am convinced:This is a really great and easy way to get around!

Queasy feeling on the main street

But there comes, somewhat threatening, the big Münchner Strasse, onto which I am now supposed to turn.

Because the rental scooters are like bicycles, driving on the sidewalk is taboo.

With a queasy feeling, I put myself in between the cars.

From the Sparkasse, thank goodness, the bike path begins, on which I flee quickly.

For the photo appointment with the Tagblatt photographer, I would like to park the scooter on the main street.

That doesn't work, says the app - “no parking zone”.

As I found out later, you can at least digitally lock the scooter to go to a shop - but the time and thus the travel costs continue to run.

So leisurely strolling is not an option.

In addition to the red no-parking zone shown on the map, there is also the large, purple-colored zone in which you can use and park your scooters.

I quickly jet to such a limit.

What will happen if I drive over it?

I suspect that the scooter slows down and stops.

Embarrassing beeping

When I then take all my courage and drive over the purple border, a few meters long - nothing happens.

I drive towards the Fürstenfeld monastery.

Suddenly the scooter starts beeping uncomfortably loud.

Embarrassed, I quickly turn around and drive the part back into the permitted area.

It takes a few seconds for the little bird (that is where the company name “Bird” comes from?) To calm down.

Then I can continue to drive as normal.

My conclusion: To jet through Bruck on a scooter is fun.

However, the path through the registration jungle could be made a little easier.

And the journey wasn't cheap: I pay a little over six euros for 27 minutes.

The aim is to steer the scooter boom in a controlled manner

In addition to Fürstenfeldbruck, the e-scooters will also be offered in Olching, Puchheim and Germering in the future.

There are currently 140 vehicles in total.

In order to avoid conflicts, the cities, the district office and the provider have sat down at a table and created a set of rules for renting scooters.

In this, the provider "Bird" undertakes to adhere to fixed usage areas and no-parking zones. For example, the scooters are not allowed to be parked on the main street in Fürstenfeldbruck. From the point of view of the city, there is a risk of conflicts with other road users. "Cemeteries are also taboo," explains Martin Imkeller from the public transport department in the district office. The app shows where you can park.

From the point of view of the District Office, the provider's so-called declaration of self-commitment is the only way to steer traffic and the parking of vehicles in an orderly manner. The cooperation with the so far only provider "Bird" works very well, explains Martin Imkeller from the district office. In the event that other companies want to offer rental scooters, they will also try to initiate a voluntary commitment with the same rules.

With the restriction of the fleet to 140 vehicles one wants to gain experience.

40 scooters each are waiting for users in Germering and Fürstenfeldbruck, and 30 each in Puchheim and Olching.

Depending on how the initial phase goes, there can be even more.

As reported by the district office, other municipalities in the district also have the opportunity to join at short notice at any time.

In the medium term, it is planned to link the e-scooter offer with the so-called mobility stations.

These are places that are the hub of several modes of transport.

In addition to buses and trains, this also includes offers with rental bikes and rental cars.

The opening of the first mobility stations is planned for the second half of 2022.


Source: merkur

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