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Coupons. Live | Octopus is not limited to the third phase of 1,000 yuan usage CEO announces registration reward details


[Electronic consumer vouchers/ consumer vouchers/Octopus/AlipayHK/WeChat Pay HK/Tap & Go] The government announced today (18th) the arrangements for electronic consumer vouchers, with the focus on applying through Octopus. Use Octopus Man

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Written by: Ni Qingjiang and Ouyang Dehao

2021-06-18 20:30

Last update date: 2021-06-19 11:57

[Electronic consumer vouchers/ consumer vouchers/Octopus/AlipayHK/WeChat Pay HK/Tap & Go] The government announced today (18th) the arrangements for electronic consumer vouchers, with the focus on applying through Octopus.

People who use Octopus must spend RMB 4,000 at eligible merchants within seven months to receive the third installment of RMB 1,000. According to sources, the government will not restrict the use of the last installment of RMB 1,000, that is, there are no restrictions on merchants and time, except In addition to paying utility bills, it can also be used to "cash out" with a returned Octopus card.

Octopus Chief Executive Officer Li Junming and Sales and Marketing Director Li Yuer will announce the details of how to use Octopus to receive coupons and rewards today (19th).

▼$5000 Electronic Voucher Lazy Bag▼




Octopus must spend $4000 to get the last $1000

Eligible citizens can apply for electronic consumer vouchers through Octopus, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go. The Octopus is subject to a stored value limit of 3,000 yuan and will be distributed in three phases, 2,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan and 1,000 yuan respectively. For the third installment, RMB 4,000 must be spent at eligible merchants within a maximum of seven months after approval.

The source said that Octopus will review whether the user's consumption is a qualified merchant. If someone makes a mistake in paying utility bills, it will not be calculated, so it needs to "make up water" to meet the standard; users who do not meet the standard will not receive the third installment. , The authorities will prompt the card owner to spend up to 4,000 yuan before receiving the last 1,000 yuan.

The source pointed out that electronic consumer coupons are suitable for many merchants and it is believed that it is not difficult to meet the standards.

▼Octopus is promoting the use of Octopus machines to merchants to cooperate with the issuance of consumer coupons▼

The government initially did not accept the use of consumer vouchers to ride transportation, but eventually changed the plan. The source explained that many people have reported that the restrictions should be relaxed, and considering that transportation costs are relatively large for some citizens, it can be used instead. car.

Regarding whether anyone would commit an illegal operation, the source said that it would conduct random checks on merchants that had less transactions, and stop accepting consumer vouchers if they found violations; if any violations were found, they would be referred to law enforcement agencies for follow-up.

Return the card to receive the third installment

The use of Octopus third installment of 1,000 yuan is not restricted by merchants and time limits. In addition to paying utility bills, the source admitted that it can also be used to "cash out" with a returned Octopus card, but not many people think that it is necessary to do so.

As for whether they are worried that someone will "sell the card" to cash out, the source believes that the possibility is unlikely and there are risks.

The source explained that the last fee will not be reviewed. One of the considerations is administrative costs and the inability of the Octopus system to set a deadline.

As for the loss of your Octopus card, you can report the loss online. According to sources, according to the existing policy of Octopus, it will take three hours to take effect. During this period, the card is mainly responsible for the loss.

▼Details of receiving coupons and a list of benefits▼

The application will start on July 4. The authorities have reserved the amount of data required for online applications and has a queuing system. It is recommended that if you do not want to wait, you can use the government program "Smart Convenience".

The source emphasized that if you apply within the first two weeks, you will receive the first batch of funds at the same time on August 1.

If the government distributes more money in the future, will it no longer distribute cash as it used to.

The source pointed out that there is a lot of room for the development of electronic payment, and the number of newly registered merchants increased sharply this month, which is a general trend.

▼Details of receiving coupons▼

Consumption Voucher|Pick an Octopus to get a ride and get the last installment after using 4000 in seven months

Electronic consumer vouchers|Registration starts from 7.4 and the fastest 8.1 issuance of the first installment of $2000 Octopus is divided into three installments

Consumer vouchers|One article clears 10 items of consumer vouchers that 9 areas of tax payment, insurance, etc. are not applicable


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