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Electronic consumer coupons | Can Octopus funds be cashed out? Chen Maobo's material incentives are low and the traffic is more intimate


The government yesterday (18th) announced the details of the 5,000 yuan electronic consumer vouchers. Eligible citizens who choose AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go will receive the electronic consumer vouchers in two installments, and the Octopus will be distributed in three installments.

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Written by: Zhou Haoyi

2021-06-19 11:00

Last update date: 2021-06-19 11:01

The government announced yesterday (18th) the details of the 5,000 yuan electronic vouchers. Eligible citizens who choose AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go will receive the electronic vouchers in two installments, and the Octopus will be distributed in three installments, 2,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan respectively. And 1,000 yuan, of which the third phase of 1,000 yuan will be unlimited, and applications will begin on July 4.

When attending a radio program this morning (19th), Financial Secretary Chen Maobo pointed out that the voucher scheme is flexible and he hopes to take care of everyone's needs as much as possible, so that the public can "launder money laundering happily."

He admitted that it is technically feasible to "cash out" the last issue of Octopus coupons by returning the Octopus card, but he believes that there is little incentive for the public.

As for the consumption vouchers that can be used to pay for transportation expenses, whether it is a double subsidy, Chen Maobo said that the current public transportation subsidy program only subsidizes transportation expenses of more than 200 yuan, and it is not a full subsidy. "It will not have much impact on the economic boost brought by the plan.

Expansion of consumer vouchers to public transportation is appropriate and more considerate

Chen Maobo said that after the government announced the plan, the government has contacted the public and absorbed opinions from all parties. Because different citizens have different economic environments, they hope that the scope of consumer vouchers will be as wide as possible. In addition, citizens also need to take public transportation for travel. The tool approach is appropriate and more intimate.

When asked whether the government’s extension to public transportation is limited by Octopus technology, Chen Maobo denied the relevant claims, saying that the Octopus system can record different consumption categories and can easily distinguish eligible consumption.

Regarding whether consumer vouchers will weaken the effect of boosting the economy, Chen Maobo pointed out that there are differences in opinions. Some economists believe that the impact is limited, but the most important thing is that everyone is happy to consume and promote the economy.

Regarding the argument that the last phase of Octopus spending can be "cashed out" by returning the Octopus card, Chen Maobo admitted that it is technically feasible, but believes that there is little incentive for the public.

Wang Xueling, Director of the Budget and Tax Policy Group of the Office of the Financial Secretary, said that Octopus is convenient for citizens to consume, and the use of the Octopus will not be restricted in the last phase. It is unexpected that the citizens need to "cash out" and do not want to set up complicated barriers.

▼Details of receiving coupons▼

After using the coupon, the refund will not be refunded to the e-wallet merchant if it colludes to cash out or is blacklisted

Wang Xueling continued that if a citizen needs a refund after purchasing goods with the consumption vouchers, it will be returned to the consumption vouchers and not to the e-wallet.

In order to take into account the rights and interests of consumers, the government has made special arrangements with three e-payment providers to allow refunds within one month after the expiration of consumer vouchers, and to issue special consumer vouchers with a limited period of one month.

Chen Maobo said that electronic payment merchants will pay attention to merchants’ transaction patterns. If merchants find unusual transactions, such as merchants who have always made small transactions, but suddenly there are many large transactions, they will follow up the case and even blacklist the merchant. , Does not rule out taking enforcement actions when necessary.

Wang Xueling said that since the government announced on April 11 that the four electronic payment merchants responsible for distributing consumer vouchers, a total of 13,000 new merchants have applied for the installation of payment collection devices, and the response has been enthusiastic, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises.

She mentioned that the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has also launched a plan to subsidize market vendors and licensed hawkers to install electronic payment tools. Among them, 4 out of 1 eligible applicants have already applied.

▼Octopus discounts at a glance▼

You can earn up to 150 yuan when you apply for automatic value-added mobile Octopus.

(Screenshot of Octopus webpage)

▼Details of AlipayHK "Early Bird Reward"▼

AlipayHK welcome bonus details (AlipayHK webpage screenshot)

▼WeChat Pay coupon discount▼

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Electronic consumer coupons Chen Maobo

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