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Level crossings in Hausham and Schliersee: The big traffic chaos is still ahead


The traffic chaos between Hausham and Schliersee annoys motorists and residents tremendously. But the worst traffic jams are yet to come. Questions and answers about the major construction site.

The traffic chaos between Hausham and Schliersee annoys motorists and residents tremendously.

But the worst traffic jams are yet to come.

Questions and answers about the major construction site.

Hausham / Schliersee

- At first it was dust and potholes that slowed traffic at the construction site at the Westenhofen level crossing. So the engineering office Infra had plastic mats installed in consultation with the Schliersee town hall (we reported). "Unfortunately, they didn't hold up," sighed Mayor Franz Schnitzenbaumer at the press conference in the Haushamer town hall. Now try to level the slope with a path maintenance device. “But with 15,000 cars a day, that won't help for long either,” Schnitzenbaumer is convinced. And yet this example should show one thing: "We know that we can't do a lot, but still try."

An appeal also to everyone who ridicules those responsible for the construction work and sometimes even hates them.

Angry calls and insulting e-mails are no exception, said Hausham's town hall chief Jens Zangenfeind, who invited people to the meeting.

Objective criticism is not only allowed but also welcome, he emphasized.

But not insults and threats.

Much can be explained by facts.

And that is exactly what the mayors and site managers Ferdinand Klettner (Infra office), Michael Runz (Holzer company), Roland Bründl (State Building Authority) and Miesbach police officer Simon Irger and head of inspection Katharina Schreiber tried to do.

The following are the answers to the most important questions.

Why is the road in Westenhofen still only passable in one lane?

Because of the narrow building window that is available for the work.

As reported, there is still a camera mast on the railway.

"We are not allowed to touch it," explained Klettner once more.

The same applies to a barrier house at the Hausham level crossing, this is a restricted area that must not be entered.

Despite multiple inquiries, the railway did not comment on the urgently needed dismantling.

What happens when the trains run again?

From June 22nd at 4 a.m. the level crossings will be back in operation.

In Hausham, the closing times of twelve minutes are likely to cause enormous traffic jams.

In Westenhofen, turning off the B307 into Breitenbachstrasse is a major problem.

If you stand in front of closed barriers for ten minutes, the main road is tight.

Those involved made it clear that there are no alternatives because there is not enough space here either.

Means: At rush hour there should be a standstill on the B307, beyond Hausham and Schliersee.

How could Deutsche Bahn improve the situation?

By dismantling the disruptive security technology on the barrier systems and securing the crossings with human guards, the two mayors are convinced.

It may also be possible to shorten the closing times in this way.

Since all inquiries have so far failed, Schnitzenbaumer and Zangenfeind now want to build up political pressure.

"It cannot be that it fails here because of the money."

Wouldn't a full closure have been better?

At first glance, yes, because according to Klettner and Runz, this would have shortened the entire construction time by up to two months.

On the other hand, the full closure would have lasted a full four months.

The consequence: Problems for the rescue service and fire brigade, school buses, suppliers and their dependent companies as well as of course the local residents.

According to Irger, the congestion problem would have shifted to Fischbachau, where a traffic light switch would have been necessary due to the bottleneck at the town hall.

What can you do about the alternative traffic on the back roads?

Nothing at first.

Zangenfeind is convinced that (structural) closures or a one-way solution in the form of a ring around the B307 would cause massive damage to the residents who are already burdened.

However, the police announced that they would monitor compliance with the residents' regulation in the “secret routes”, which are now also used by local traffic, and also impose fines if they are disregarded, especially on weekends.

How can one better redirect the regional traffic?

Do not redirect at all.

Because the main road is not fully closed, only a recommendation is possible.

However, the mayors promised to work again for clearer and more urgent signage at the Irschenberg and Weyarn motorway slip roads.

Otherwise one can only hope that common sense will prevail over navigation systems, Irger also made it clear.

It is not understandable why the transit traffic drives through the construction site.

The policeman also strongly advised cyclists and pedestrians to use the marked out routes and to avoid the dangerous areas.

When will everything finally get better?

Even if it doesn't appear to be right now, there is actually a gradual improvement of the situation in sight. The construction companies will provisionally pave the lane in Westenhofen on Tuesday in order to improve the flow of traffic. According to the site managers, the first real milestone was reached in mid-September. Then both the Industriestrasse in Hausham and the construction site in Westenhofen will be completed. The through traffic should then run smoothly again.

In the long term, thanks to the new level crossings and road layout, it will be even better than ever before, Schnitzenbaumer and Zangenfeind made it clear.

Because with all the trouble about the construction sites, one shouldn't forget that this is exactly what they fought for for decades.

On top of that, other major construction sites have already been overcome, said Schnitzenbaumer and recalled the year 2012, when the Schliersee town passage was completely closed for weeks due to the construction of the new water pipe.

"Nobody talked about it a year later."


Source: merkur

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