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Motorcycles│Driving expert counts 3 tips for beginners, 5 bad habits for veterans and 1 life-saving technique


[Motorcycle craze/Iron knight/Iron horse] Many people have the impression of driving a motorcycle as a "leather-clad iron", which must be more dangerous than other types of bicycles. However, there are more and more novice iron riders in Hong Kong, and many people even "learn how to drive a bike". "

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Written by: Lee Kane and Lu Jinyang

2021-06-19 10:00

Last update date: 2021-06-19 10:00

[Motorcycle craze/Iron knight/Iron horse] Many people have the impression of driving a motorcycle as a "leather-clad iron", which must be more dangerous than other types of bicycles. However, there are more and more novice iron riders in Hong Kong, and many people even "learn how to drive a bike". "What exactly should the novice iron knight need to pay attention to?"

Driving safety expert Su Hualong (Kelvin) pointed out that a lot of veterans often madly press the car to show superb cornering skills, or think that being able to run at the highest speed represents strength, but it turns out that most of the iron riders are easy to ignore "brake "This driving technique that can save your life at any time in a critical moment is specially reminded and three points that novices can learn at the same time. I advise senior riders to pay attention to the five "veteran bad habits."

Driving safety expert Su Hualong (Kelvin) pointed out the common bad habits of motorcyclists, and also pointed out that many cyclists do not know the importance of good braking.

(Photo by Lu Jinyang)

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Driving safety expert Su Hualong (Kelvin) is a certified tactical driving instructor at the Ohio Police Academy in the United States. He is also the head instructor of the On Road Driving Safety Education System and has been teaching driving safety for different types of vehicles.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, Kelvin emphasized the importance of familiarity and strict observance of the traffic rules when talking about the novice iron rider. He pointed out that many novices have very different attitudes before and after the license test. They regard the content of the class as "test-oriented actions". Just leave all the rules behind, so that bad habits accumulate more and more.

However, there is always the first time in everything. In addition to being familiar with the traffic rules, Kelvin proposed the "3 lines of defense" and "3 points" about driving safety. The more correct the driving mentality, the safer the driving.▼▼▼

Familiar with brakes can save your life

Novices may be afraid of "swimming fast", but as the road experience increases, "slowing" and knowing how to brake are the best way to save their lives.

Kelvin said that driving in urban areas does not matter how fast the vehicle is. In fact, the key is to control slowly so that there is plenty of time to observe the road and react.

He continued, both novices and veterans don't understand the importance of braking. They only know how fast the car can go, but they don't understand the braking speed after pressing the force, and they may even be afraid of pressing the force to the end.

He gave an example. If a motorcycle travels at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, it is actually equivalent to 27.7 meters per second, which is the distance of about 2 buses. "It's actually 10 meters later." What's more, the driver himself is not used to braking at high speeds. Therefore, it is especially important to understand the braking performance of your favorite car in the event of an accident.

It is not recommended for novices to follow the riders to practice the car

The "P" car may not have the courage to challenge the difficult roads immediately at the beginning. Many people choose to go out with riders to increase their experience on the road.

However, Kelvin pointed out that unless it is a river cruise, it is not recommended that riders go out in groups to practice, because everyone’s skills, vehicle types and experience are different, and riders may have to "show their skills" in front of their girlfriends. It will be more likely to lead to dangerous situations such as "car chasing"; on the contrary, as long as you follow your own pace and plan the speed, route, and goals of the day's training in advance, it is the most suitable training method for novices.

Whether the car is taken depends on the price/performance ratio

Although the laws of Hong Kong do not prohibit the taking of vehicles, the premise is that it must be carried out under safe conditions.

For example, Kelvin assumes that when the traffic is traveling at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the motorcycle only needs to continue to drive slowly; but once it slows down to 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers per hour, or does not move at all, then the camera will meet the "CP value" (cost-effective) , The speed of the camera is 10 kilometers faster than the speed of the traffic flow in order to save time. In other cases, there is no risk of taking the car.

5 bad habits of veterans

In addition to the above five bad habits of old friends, Kelvin also pointed out that although everyone knows not to use the "Huangquan right foot" during the driving test, it is a pity that most of the horsemen become "airplane feet" after the license test (double Feet on the ground).

He said that in fact, there is a principle behind the requirement to teach the left foot, because when the foot is placed, the driver forms a triangle with the vehicle body, and it is very stable with a small amount of force. On the contrary, the two feet land on the two legs to "hang sling". It's easier to fall off the car.

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