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Motorcycles|Defensive driving is more than just "seeing far". Driving experts point out 2 key factors to reduce accidents


[Motorcycle Craze/Iron Rider/Iron Horse/Defensive Driving] "When you "drive" the real effort, you will be a master." When driving the smallest motorcycle on the road, how to avoid traffic accidents is very important. Want to be in horse

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Written by: Lu Jinyang and Li Kain

2021-06-19 10:30

Last update date: 2021-06-19 10:30

[Motorcycle Craze/Iron Rider/Iron Horse/Defensive Driving] "When you "drive" the real effort, you will be a master." When driving the smallest motorcycle on the road, how to avoid traffic accidents is very important.

Want to avoid bad luck on the road, many people will refer to "defensive driving", but what is defensive driving actually?

Many people have no idea.

Driving safety expert Su Hualong (Kelvin) pointed out that defensive driving is more than just "seeing far".

The two key points are actually "seeing and being seen", and the small size of a motorcycle also has other special considerations.

He emphasized that in addition to driving skills, it is also important to wear suitable safety equipment to reduce injuries in the event of an accident.

Driving safety expert Su Hualong (Kelvin) said that defensive driving is not just about looking a little farther, but also about "watching, watching, and watching."

(Photo by Lu Jinyang)

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Defensive driving, eat well?

Every time defensive driving is mentioned, it will more or less be referred to as synonyms of the words "Wang Duo 啲啰", "Looking far 啲啰", "Brightly 啲啰", "Careful 啲啰" and so on. .

Su Hualong (Kelvin), a tactical driving instructor certified by the Ohio Police Academy and the chief instructor of the On-Road Driving Safety Education System, pointed out that the two key points of defensive driving are "seeing and being seen". In the latter case, the latter is to be seen by other drivers. For example, if you are in the blind spot of other vehicles, you will naturally not be seen by other drivers, which increases the risk of accidents.

In addition to "seeing and being seen", "Situation Awareness" is also a part of defensive driving, but it requires a combination of driving experience and awareness of road risks.

Situational awareness requires drivers to be able to clearly understand the surrounding conditions on the road, such as whether nearby cars pose a danger to themselves and the impact of road conditions on traffic flow, etc., and continue to respond.

Discussion forums or Facebook groups often say that "looking far away" is defensive driving. Kelvin believes that this insight is not wrong. He explained that vision is the most predictive effect of the human body’s five sense organs, but the problem is "looking far away." At the time of the day, "look at it, look at it when, and take a look at it." For example, you can divide the road into 3 parts and pay attention to whether there is any potential crisis in the distance within 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and 2 seconds.

He said that it is difficult to specify the meaning of "seeing far" in a few words, but defensive driving is a driving technique with systems and methods, and there are also special classes.

From time to time, motorcycles are caught by large vehicles, but Kelvin believes that the situation between the two is not one-sided.

(Photo/Photo by Luo Huanlin)

Motorcycles often encounter "big prawns", so it will erode?

The point is mentality

There is often a saying that "who is big and who is evil is right" on the road. The size of a motorcycle is at the bottom of the "vehicle food chain." Any vehicle on the road will be "smashed" by a prawn.

On the contrary, Kelvin believes that the iron knights should not have the mentality of "big prawns". They should deal with vehicles larger than their own with a normal mind. They should first assume that the other party just can't see themselves, and even the situation between large vehicles and motorcycles. It's not one-sided.

Kelvin pointed out that Hong Kong’s road width standard is 3.7 meters, and the width of large vehicles such as buses and trucks is only 2.5 meters. In other words, there is about 1 meter of space left next to large vehicles, and the width of motorcycles is generally only 0.6 to 0.7 meters, which is the widest. It is only about 1 meter, "there is room to walk."

In the event of an accident, motorcyclists can find space to avoid accidents in addition to braking, but they must first predict defensive driving so that they will not be frightened by accidents.

Kelvin said that in addition to the helmets required by the law, the Iron Knights can also wear other equipment to protect themselves.

(Photo by Wang Jintu)

Kelvin wears a variety of protective equipment when driving a motorcycle [click the image below to enlarge it ▼ ▼ ▼]

Safety equipment to protect yourself, peace of mind, family rest assured

According to Kelvin’s analysis, there are two types of injuries to the body caused by motorcycle accidents, including “grinding” and collisions, commonly known as “bringing” between the body and the road surface when sending a car. The former rarely causes death, but the latter is very dangerous. .

He said that wearing armor on important parts of the body, such as joints, can reduce impact damage. Even if it feels hotter, it will feel worth it when an accident occurs.

He pointed out that the most efficient place for heat dissipation of the human body is the forehead. The law requires that the helmet worn has already covered the forehead. Wearing protective clothing on other parts of the body does not have much difference in heat dissipation. If you wear more natural habits, you can also compromise in other aspects. , Such as wearing thinner clothes.

He emphasized that the discomfort of armor is only the price of safety. He suggested that all iron knights can spend some money to buy safety equipment to protect themselves and make them feel at ease, and to make their families feel at ease.

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