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One Media Case. Latest|Zhang Jianhong and Luo Weiguang mention the prosecution against the defendant's bail


The National Security Office of the police raided the "Apple Daily" building the day before and arrested 5 Next Media and Apple executives. Among them, Zhang Jianhong, Chief Executive Officer of Next Media, and Luo Weiguang, Editor-in-Chief of Apple, were charged for violating the "Hong Kong National Security Law".

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Written by: Chen Jiayi

2021-06-19 10:32

Last update date: 2021-06-19 12:12

The National Security Office of the police raided the "Apple Daily" building the day before and arrested 5 Next Media and Apple executives. Among them, Zhang Jianhong, Chief Executive Officer of Next Media, and Luo Weiguang, Editor-in-Chief of Apple, were charged with conspiracy to collude with foreign forces in violation of the National Security Act The case for the crime of endangering national security was brought before the West Kowloon Magistracy this morning (19th).

The defense lawyer wanted to apply for bail for the defendant, but the accuser would object. The judge adjourned the case for a while and reopened the court at 11 o'clock in the morning. The prosecution requested that the case be adjourned until August 13.

Apple Daily Printing and related companies are also charged

Defendants Zhang Jianhong (59 years old), Luo Weiguang (47 years old) and the three companies: Apple Daily Co., Ltd., Apple Daily Printing Co., Ltd. and Apple Internet Co., Ltd. were charged with the crime of conspiring to collude with foreign countries or foreign forces to endanger national security.

The charge alleges that between July 1, 2020 and April 3, 2021, they conspired with Li Zhiying and others in Hong Kong to request foreign or overseas institutions, organizations, and personnel to impose sanctions on Hong Kong or China. , Blockade or take other hostile actions.

The defense revealed that it wanted to apply for bail

The defense barrister Chen Zhenglong said in court that he had only received Dadi's documents this morning and wanted to apply for bail for the defendant. He learned that the prosecution would object and asked for a postponement to obtain instructions. So Guan Su declared the court adjourned for one hour.

Zhang Jianhong raised his arm to the public gallery. When the court was adjourned, the observers said, "Hold it up."

Media are not allowed to report on bail procedures

When Su Guan re-opened the court session, he first handled the media application for exemption from reporting on bail procedures. However, he cited the High Court’s Court of First Instance v. Li Zhiying, stating that the defendant must be protected from unfair trial in the future, and only the bail conditions are allowed to be reported. limit.

The charges were read out in court, and the defendants all stated that they understood the charges.

The prosecution applied to adjourn the case until August 13th to test 40 computers.

Zhang Jianhong and Luo Weiguang mentioned the situation outside the court on the day.

(See the picture below for details)




Chen Peimin waited in court this morning

The National Security Office recently arrested 5 senior officials of Next Media and Apple. In addition to Zhang Jianhong and Luo Weiguang, Next Media Group Chief Operating Officer Zhou Daquan, "Apple" Vice President Chen Peimin, and Apple News Platform Director Zhang Zhiwei were allowed to go out on bail yesterday. The three of them and the Next Media Union Chairman Pan Bailin attended the courtroom.

Apple 3 company was frozen in assets of 18 million earlier

The National Security Department froze a total of 18 million yuan in funds from the three companies related to Apple Daily, and then sent a prosecution statement to the three companies to accuse the above crimes, stating that the company must appoint a representative to appear in court.

The case was tried by the National Security Law designated judge and Chief Magistrate Su Huide. The prosecution was represented by the Acting Deputy Criminal Prosecutor Zhou Tianxing, the defense was Senior Counsel Chen Zhenglong on behalf of Zhang Jianhong, Barrister Li Shuhuan on behalf of Luo Weiguang, and the three companies were represented by Barrister Xu Qili.

Case Number: WKCC 2379/2021

Luo Weiguang and Zhang Jianhong were arrested this Thursday, and the police also sent officers to search the One Media Building.

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