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Eduardo Duhalde: 'Alberto is not well, he sleeps little, I sent him a WhatsApp at 2am and he replied'


The former president stated that "when presidents are in a critical situation, they have many psychological impacts."

06/19/2021 16:02

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Updated 06/19/2021 4:36 PM

In a new media appearance, former president Eduardo Duhalde reawakened controversy this Saturday by stating that President Alberto Fernández

"is not well"

, and warned that heads of state "when they are in a critical situation have

many psychological impacts.

" .


Alberto is not well

. Presidents when they are in a critical situation have many psychological impacts every day. And there is no human being who can endure that without having help, and he does not have it or wants it," Duhalde said in an interview with radio


Then, the former president tried to clarify the reasons why the head of state is not going through his best moment: "One when he is so demanding, with so many problems, without sleeping ... and

he does not sleep, he sleeps little

. I have sent him a message WhatsApp at 2 AM and he answers me ".

Along these lines, the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires described Alberto Fernández as his "friend," and continued: "He

is a friend who makes me feel very sorry.

I feel sorry when presidents who are not well and start to make fun of him, as happened to (Fernando) De la Rúa who was wrong ".

In another section of the interview, Duhalde questioned

who makes the decisions

in the national Executive: "The issue

is half confused.

In presidential systems, the decisions are made by the President, who draws on whoever he wants, the legislators, the advisers.

"It is nourished by those who believe that they give it the best information, the best advice. Sometimes one is wrong about this

. There is no leader, no matter how painted he is, he has not been wrong,

" he stressed.

In this vein, the former president added: "Sometimes they believe that the greats, when I speak of greats I think of (Juan Domingo) Perón, they are not wrong. The greats are also wrong, we are all wrong. We are human beings."

The vision on the post pandemic

Duhalde assured that

"Argentina has the potential

to get out of the problems that it is immersed in," and specified: "I see the future of the country well. Unfortunately,


shitty plague that has touched us has generated a lot of problems."

"We need a basic consensus on the main issues, which is what I have been demanding from the president. In Argentina all the political parties, without exception, know that we produce less than we could. We have to talk and agree to find the way out." he said.

In reference to the management capacity of the national government in times of pandemic, he justified: "

It has diverted us from the only issue that takes countries out of poverty, which is work and production


"I do not know why

the political leaders do not have productive DNA

. The

justicialistas have remained, I do not, with the withered one.

Perón was a man of work, the man who did everything that can be done around work", he pointed.

Finally, he considered: "From '83 until now,

all of us who have governed

, by action or omission, 

are absolutely responsible for how Argentina is doing

. No one can be exempt from blame, what we have done is too serious."

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