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Father's Day|Worry about being attacked and not going out with her daughter Zhang Guojun: Afraid of wrong values, also afraid of becoming a little pink


Fathers always have the responsibility to stand up and protect their families. However, in the social atmosphere of anti-regulation incidents, the DAB’s double-member Mr. Zhang Guojun discovered that the best protection for his family is not to go out with them.

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Written by: Zhou Lixi

2021-06-20 07:00

Last update date: 2021-06-20 07:00

Fathers always have the responsibility to stand up and protect their families. However, in the social atmosphere of anti-regulation incidents, the DAB’s double-member Mr. Zhang Guojun discovered that the best protection for his family is not to go out with them. In order to avoid family members being harassed by "pointing".

In an interview, he said that there are still people publishing the information of his two daughters on the Internet recently. He believes that these things are inevitable in the "great age" and he can only insist on it. Fortunately, his wife forgive me.

Social events have made people reflect on education issues. In addition to worrying about her daughter being affected by the extreme values ​​of the "opposite family," Zhang Guojun was also worried that her daughter would become the "little pink" of the "glass heart", and he did not deny that he had been criticized by Deep Blue people.

Hong Kong is undergoing tremendous changes. Zhang Guojun believes that Hong Kong today is still the best place for her daughter to grow up, and when she thinks about policies, her daughter will definitely think about the longer term. For example, he supports the ban on e-cigarettes and heating cigarettes, otherwise he will be in the future. If you see your daughter smoking on the street, you will blame yourself for this situation.

Recently, someone disclosed the full names and schools of Zhang Guojun's two daughters on social media instagram.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

The two women used to appear in DAB activities and are not participating now

Zhang Guojun's two daughters, "Da Qiao" and "Xiao Qiao", have appeared on the DAB's Facebook from time to time. They have appeared in various regional events with their father Zhang Guojun. They will go to the office to ask other councillors for sweets on Halloween.

Zhang Guojun said that the two women attended DAB activities with him since they were young, but because of the aftermath of social incidents, they need to be protected temporarily.

He recalled that when he held the "Little Lawyer Training Course" in the district, his daughter participated as a trainee, and his eldest daughter still volunteers as a lawyer in the future.

He believes that there are many benefits for his daughters to participate in political activities with him. They train them to avoid stage fright and show desire for performance, but now they cannot be allowed to participate until their daughters know how to protect themselves.

He said that although no bad things have happened to his daughter, he is also worried that when someone treats her daughter badly, they don’t know how to protect themselves. He also expects that the appearance of the two girls will be made public sooner or later. He hopes that they can face it calmly when they enter middle school. , Learn how to face challenges.

Recently, some people made public the full names of Zhang Guojun's two daughters and the school they attended on social media Instagram, which made the family quite angry.

He mentioned that his personal information and address have always been posted on ig from time to time. Although he is used to it, his family members are always worried. The father-in-law and mother-in-law are also worried after learning about the incident. , Think "you shouldn't do the same.""

Zhang Guojun, who himself studied kendo, once considered putting the Japanese sword on the bedside for self-defense.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

Worried about being attacked and not going out with his family for 19 years wearing bullet-proof vests to participate in the election

During the social incidents, officials, police officers, and establishment members were all targeted by supporters of the anti-amendment legislation. Zhang Guojun pointed out that during his most stressful period, he must first see the corners of the corridors on both sides every day when he goes out, even when he goes out and picks up the car in the parking lot. Will also pay attention to everything.

He also pointed out that many of the wives of the establishment "brothers" are very alert. The two daughters used to see his propaganda banners on the street, and they would be excited to recognize "Daddy," but now they have been trained by their wives. Even when he saw him, he would not speak out, nor would he mention his work in school.

He remembered that an eldest girl "surrendered" to her mother when she came home from school, saying that Zhang Guojun was named a member of the Legislative Council by her friendly classmates. At that time, her daughter was worried about being blamed by her mother.

Zhang Guojun said that when the situation was the worst, he thought about putting his Japanese sword on the bedside, but when thinking about how to protect his family as much as possible, he found that the best protection was not to go out with them.

He recalled that the youngest daughter drove her to school on her first day of primary school because he was happy. When she stopped at a light spot, there were a lot of people in black along with students building a chain of people on the outskirts of other schools. Worried that after he was recognized, he and his family would be attacked, and later decided not to go out with his family.

"I have no one in the world who have tried to avoid bulletproof vests in elections?" Zhang Guojun pointed out that the district council election in 2019 was at the peak of the anti-amendment incident, and he needed to wear bullet-proof vests and stab-proof collars at the time. And the colleague in charge of driving also prepared fire extinguishers and fire blankets to prevent being attacked by petrol bombs. On election day, he was arranged to protect him by four guards, "like in Iraq."

He believes that with these experiences, there will be nothing to fear in the future. He also admitted that he has never considered resigning from politics. The past two or three years have been exercised to test whether they are responsible.

Zhang Guojun pointed out that it is rare for him to accompany the two princesses to school under the epidemic.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

Work under the epidemic reduced and increased parent-child time

As a member of the guild and the Legislative Council, he has a heavy workload, but Zhang Guojun said that the epidemic has instead given him more time to go home for dinner, to reunite with his family, and to accompany his daughter to review studies is like a small fortunate, but as the epidemic eases, he expects to be with his family The time may be reduced again, "only able to make up for the "quality" as much as possible."

For example, he pointed out that when he and his daughter were together, they would not play iPad and watch TV separately, but would buy time to talk. The second and third daughters would talk to him if they were unhappy at school.

He also insisted on sending two women back to the room to sleep every night, leaning for a while before going to bed, and finally kissing him before leaving.

He also shared that he would accompany his daughters to play Monopoly or puzzle games on weekends. The two daughters have recently become obsessed with the variety show "Legend of Star Dreams". As a father, he must also seriously accompany them, discussing with them, commenting on top quality, and even To answer the question about the origin of nostalgic songs, "Is Hacken Lee who are you? They really didn't know it at the beginning."

To protect the two daughters, Zhang Guojun can only provide family portrait paintings that the family drew together during their travels.

(Provided by Zhang Guojun)

In addition to worrying about her daughter being affected by the wrong political values ​​in his eyes, Zhang Guojun also worried about her daughter's growth into a "little pink", frankly also very vigilant about this.

(Photo by Liang Pengwei)

Be wary of daughter becoming "little pink"

Regarding social incidents, many parents are struggling to explain the inextricable political pattern. Zhang Guojun pointed out that he knew that some families would turn off the TV during the live broadcast of anti-regulation incidents, but he would not deal with it in this way, but tried to answer his daughter’s questions; Even if it is not a social incident, it is a matter of dating, abortion, etc., the wife will not avoid talking about it, believing that positive education is better than living in a greenhouse.

In addition to worrying about his daughter being affected by the wrong political values ​​in his eyes, Zhang Guojun also worried that his daughter would become a "little pink", and he was very wary of this.

He bluntly said that he also tried to comment on current events and was criticized by "Deep Blue" people. Afterwards, he still believed that he was not wrong: "I don't even hope that my two girls will be like that in the future. I think he needs to have his own analytical power. Of course, I think I have instilled the correct values ​​and moral bottom line, and the rest is up to him to judge." Zhang Guojun hopes that by instilling his own values ​​in daily life, his daughter may not accept everything. When they grow up, they may not agree with their own set, emphasizing that these things cannot be prevented, and they can only do their best to give them the value they think is right.

A good relationship with her daughter helps her learn to "choose boys"

Speaking of how to get along with his daughters, Zhang Guojun recalled that this year he had a good meal with a social leader who also had two daughters. The person taught him to spend more time teaching girls and cultivate good relationships with them. "Because on the first day, you two women need to know a boy. What is the standard point for choosing a husband? It is actually the relationship between you and Abba before. If you have a good relationship with Abba, you are a good person in Xiqu. If a boy doesn’t have enough tin, he won’t want a boy.” On the other hand, if the relationship with the father is not good, the future daughter’s standard for choosing a mate will be lowered. Therefore, his bonding with his daughter is very good. I hope Let her know how to "choose boys."

He said with a smile that it is no longer possible for parents to prevent their daughters from socializing or marrying someone. They can only work hard to "fortify the line of defense" under the subconscious mind of their daughters.




Said Hong Kong is still the best place for her daughter to grow up

Zhang Guojun believes that today Hong Kong is still the best place for the two daughters to grow up. They will not be discriminated against in Hong Kong, and they must develop the best, especially after the society is "corrected."

He said that when thinking about policies now, he would take longer-term considerations. For example, he supported the ban on e-cigarettes and heating cigarettes. However, if he supports the standardization of two types of cigarettes today, he will blame himself if he sees his daughter smoking on the street in the future. Part caused.

Regarding social tearing, Zhang Guojun believes that it will always take time to settle, it is difficult to "great reconciliation" in a short time, and it is necessary to clarify the misconceptions of "one country, two systems." It may eventually take a generation to achieve.

He understands that anti-revision demonstrators also have people who are sincere in Hong Kong. He just thinks that the methods are contrary to the goal. "When you find democracy in your mind in the future, when there is no morality and the rule of law in this world, you won it, and Hong Kong is How about it? I don’t think so.”

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