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With the elections in sight, the Government increases social spending: it rose to almost $ 1 billion per day


The rhythm of funds to two key programs of the Ministry of Social Development increased, which handle the delivery of the Alimentar and Empower Work cards, run by La Cámpora and the Evita Movement.

Bernardo Vazquez

06/19/2021 23:30

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Updated 06/19/2021 11:30 PM

Less than three months before the elections, in the midst of a pandemic, with the tension of the piqueteros sectors on the rise and in the face of inflation that reached 21.5% from January to May, the Government seems determined to increase social spending, mainly the one referred to food assistance and plans related to job creation.

This is clear from the analysis that


made of the last movements of the execution of the budget of the

Ministry of Social Development

, that as of June 19, in the first 170 days of the year, it had

already spent 64% of the funds it had planned for everything 2021

, as reported by the official Open Budget website.

In total, the portfolio headed by Daniel Arroyo

accrued $ 161,294 million to date, at a rate of $ 948.7 million per day


The almost complete expenditure is based on two determining items in the ministerial structure: Food Policies and Actions of the National Program for Socio-Productive Inclusion and Local Development.

In January, an average of $ 600 million was drawn every 24 hours;

in May, it was $ 800 million.

These are the areas from which the resources for the

delivery of the Alimentar Cards and the Empower Work plan come out

, which account for 90% of the entire ministry budget and which are administered by leaders from La Cámpora and the Evita Movement.

Emilio Pérsico, one of the leaders of the Evita Movement and a government official.

The evolution of the

Food Policies

game has

been exponential.

Initially forecast at $ 114,249 million, $ 90,387 million have already been spent, that is, 79.1% in less than one semester, which suggests that the level of spending will continue to rise for the rest of the year.

In charge of it is

Laura Valeria Alonso, a key leader of La Cámpora

, with a lot of influence within the ministry, where she works as secretary of Social Inclusion. From the millionaire cash that it manages, there are payments destined for "actions linked to the Alimentar Card, which consists of a monthly accreditation of funds" to holders of the Universal Child Allowance and other plans. And from there, there are also resources to assist school canteens, as stated in the message of the 2021 Budget.


other predominant item within Social Development is the one that administers the money from the Empower Work

, which is directed by the reference of the Evita

Emilio Persico


from the Secretariat of Social Economy.

The pace of spending execution has been slower than "Food Policies", although also too accelerated taking into account the course of the year.

Laura Valeria Alonso, secretary of Social Inclusion, with the mayor of Quilmes Mayra Mendoza.

Both from the group La Cámpora.

In five and a half months, 53.6% of the $ 112,047 million planned for 2021 was spent, that is,

exactly $ 60,115 million

, destined to social organizations, but also to religious institutions, governments and municipalities that locally articulate the Empower Work.

Between the two aforementioned programs, they have already exceeded $ 150.5 billion in spending, almost all of the $ 161.294 million for the entire ministry.

The growth of the games of both programs occurs at the beginning of the electoral calendar, less than a month after the closing of the lists and after some polls were known that generated concern about the performance of the Government in the province of Buenos Aires in the next election.

The dilemma between welfare and employment support has been the reason for a constant push within the structure of Social Development. Since last year, the minister Arroyo has been raising the need to "transform social plans into work", and Persico expressed himself along the same lines, who had thought about the Alimentar Card that "it is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow." None other than Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had also warned President Alberto Fernández: "The plans are not enough."

But there



dissonant voices, which not only support policies such as the Alimentar Card, but also demand for the return of the Emergency Family Income (IFE)

, the $ 10,000 bonus that was paid throughout 2020 to the sectors most vulnerable to the pandemic.

Andrés Larroque, Minister of Social Development of the province of Buenos Aires, declared last month that it was "an indispensable tool."

From the Government, this Saturday, they ruled out the return of the IFE.

It was the Undersecretary for Integration and Training Policies of the Social Economy Secretariat,

Daniel Menéndez

-referential of Somos Barrios de Pie-, who denied the possibility.

"It was a juncture," he argued.

The other social 'petty cash'

Outside the structure of the Ministry of Social Development, but under the aegis of the

Presidency of the Nation operates a "petty cash" that manages a staff member

whose actions have been growing strongly in recent weeks and is emerging as a

possible candidate for the province of Buenos Aires in the next elections.

It is the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies, which is in charge of Victoria Tolosa Paz, who captured flashes in the last week for having had a furious reaction in the Buenos Aires Legislature.

The funds received by the Council are $ 1,069 million, of which to date $ 274 million have been drawn, which motivates a low execution compared to the tranche of the current year: just over 25%.

Tolosa Paz is also part of the so-called Table Against Hunger, which is made up of other political actors and which had its last meeting in May.

Initially announced by Alberto Fernández as a key axis of his Government, in a pandemic it was losing space and its meetings are held quarterly

Victoria Tolosa Paz, the head of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies.

Source: clarin

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