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The exposed mask of “change” - By: Aref Al-Ali


As Arabs, we throw almost all our mistakes, setbacks, and frustrations on the Zionist entity, which is a newly implanted entity in the body.

As Arabs, we throw almost all our mistakes, setbacks, and frustrations on the Zionist entity, which is a newly planted entity in the Arab body.

Of course, the occupying entity is not innocent of the above, but at the same time, the entity itself is not that “strong”, “immune”, “cohesive”, “internal harmony”, “the upper hand” and “the owner of the first and last word” and in his hand is the end of any decision in peace And the war, which he claims, is even weaker than the spider web, and recent years have exposed that.

The recent Zionist elections came to drop the last fig leaf on the nakedness of this usurped entity. It does not matter here whether the outcome was an elaborate and agreed upon play between the financier, the writer, the producer, the director, the main actors, the extras, and even the audience of cheerleaders, and this is likely? As for why this confidence weakened this entity, its shallowness, and its exposure, after years of lying, deception, fabrication and coloration. We have what strengthens our point of view and our argument.

It does not mean the existence of a new Zionist government in the name of “Change” alternating between “Lapid and Bennett” the racist extremist right-wingers that wears the mask of change only to prolong its life for days and months. This is also the reason behind the introduction of an “Arab-Palestinian” player to supplement the number only to their main team only to polish the face of “Israel “Dirty that it is “democracy” in front of the world falsely and slanderously?

But this will not change its character, because nature prevails over nature, and its policy will remain based on aggression, murder, deportation, and erosion of legitimate Arab rights, as well as support for terrorism and everything that would undermine Arab countries.

Isn’t this overt tactic consistent with the so-called “Jewish State” Law, which is based in 2018?

This leads to saying that the lifespan of this government, which came after a Caesarean section with the consensus of eight extremist and right-wing racist parties, will not be long.

A government that hates the Palestinians and Arabs the most, which came by one vote, 60 to 59, and four early elections in less than 3 years, and removed Netanyahu from power after 12 years, which is the longest period in the history of the Zionist entity, and even longer than the period spent by the so-called founder of “Israel” David Benn. Gurion, and this indicates that the majority’s obsession that secured this “orphan” voice in the lost time before the end of the play may also be a reason to bring down this already fragile government because it does not achieve consensus and harmony as it claims, and its main goal is to remove Netanyahu from power after this “sharish” The long rule is not based on a broad partisan and popular base that guarantees its long steadfastness. It is also threatened by the adherence of a wide group of Zionists to the racist and populist Netanyahu, even though the prison doors have been waiting for him for years on firm and confirmed charges of betrayal of trust, bribery and fraud that wear him as his name because, frankly speaking, their true face .

This is what will prompt Netanyahu to entrench himself and do anything to stay in the Likud leadership and fabricate anything to return to power, as he did recently by instigating a war on Gaza and threatening to expand it towards Lebanon sometimes and Iran at other times to invest it to stay in power so as not to be imprisoned and meet the same fate as his rival yesterday, Ehud Olmert after he He came out of power in a few days, but Netanyahu's calculations were a failure, so he came out of the aggression on Gaza defeated and losing. Rather, the resistance stick cut all the ropes Netanyahu was climbing on.

As for the so-called fragile “change” government, it will also try to pre-empt Netanyahu and get rid of him early by introducing a new “law” that prevents him from staying in power for more than two terms to block the way for him in the future, declaring at the same time that it is at odds with Netanyahu and not with the “Likud” so as not to open a front. Additional with him and with Netanyahu's supporters.

Netanyahu's madness and his love for power and blood on the one hand, and on the other hand, to escape the charges that are pulling the rope around his neck day after day will push him to do anything or even buy the voice that he removed from the government in any way and means, and this will increase the confusion of cards and violence, and this will make The Zionist entity is sinking more and more into the quagmire of dispersal and violence and makes the Zionist house burn from within.

This imbalance and imbalance may cause the new government to fall, because its homogeneity is fragile and loose, despite their extremism and racism, imbued with hatred for everything that is not Zionist.

Gaza won thanks to the support of the axis of resistance and stunned the world as a whole, and this accelerated the defeat of Netanyahu and his successor “Israel” and the situation in the Zionist entity indicates instability and the presence of more injections and boiling due to shipping from the right-wing parties among them, and this decay will accelerate its fall with the first storm, albeit light Because it lives defeat from within.

So will the printmakers learn and learn from the West’s support for the Zionist entity and appeasement of its lobbies in their capitals at the expense of the legitimate Arab rights... especially after the achievement of the axis of resistance and its victory in confronting the fourth war of the Israeli entity on Gaza and returning everything that Netanyahu brags about over the past 12 years to ground zero..!

Source: sena

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