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Coupons|A full list of Octopus, AlipayHK, Tap and Go rewards, WeChat Pay offers in one article


[Electronic consumer vouchers / Octopus / AlipayHK / WeChat Pay HK / Tap & Go rewards] The government announced the details of electronic consumer vouchers earlier. Those who choose electronic registration can receive them as soon as August 1st.

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Written by: Ouyang Dehao Liang Huanmin

2021-07-03 20:28

The last update date: 2021-07-03 20:34

[Electronic consumer vouchers / Octopus / AlipayHK / WeChat Pay HK / Tap & Go rewards] The government announced the details of electronic consumer vouchers earlier. Those who choose electronic registration can receive the first installment of 2,000 as soon as August 1. Yuan consumer coupons.

In the past few months, four e-payment operators have used their best efforts to continuously launch discount registrations for consumer vouchers.

The following will continue to update the latest discounts related to consumer vouchers.

Click here to learn more:

Special page|5000RMB electronic consumer voucher July 4th, citywide registration, full view, application for discount lazy bag

Click here to learn more: How to

register for Octopus, Alipay, Take and Stay Reward, and WeChatPay on Sunday

▼Octopus discount details▼

1. Receive coupon discount

Offer 1: The first 2 million citizens who have completed the registration with an Octopus card in the central registration system of government consumer coupons and have added the card to the Octopus App can earn 18 yuan in Octopus value.

Offer 2: With a registered Octopus card, you can earn RMB 50 Octopus value-added value if you spend more than RMB 1,000 in a single month (required to accumulate a transaction of RMB 200 or more).

That is, during August and September, you can get a maximum of RMB 100 Octopus value-added value for two consecutive months. The quota is 1 million, on a first-come, first-served basis, while stocks last.

The promotion period of the above two offers is from July 4th to September 2nd.

Users click here to learn more: Octopus coupon registration discount




2. Welcome Offer for Huawei Mobile Phone Users

From now until July 31st, users of Huawei mobile phones who join Huawei Pay Octopus on designated Huawei mobile phones will receive a welcome reward of RMB 100 Octopus value added.

Using the Huawei Pay Octopus coupons, you can get an additional RMB 118 Octopus value, and you can enjoy more than RMB 3,000 merchant discounts.

It should be noted that if the registered place of the Huawei account is not Hong Kong, and the registered place is later changed to Hong Kong, this reward will not apply.

Users click here to learn more: Huawei mobile phone user welcome offers designated Huawei mobile phone models

3. Welcome offer for Samsung mobile phone users

From now until July 31, new users who join Smart Octopus in Samsung Pay for Samsung mobile phone users only need to register for the discount and use Smart Octopus to make purchases, including transportation and retail, to receive 80 yuan of Octopus value.

Users click here to register the discount: Samsung mobile phone user discount

4. Register for Octopus Mastercard welcome offer

Octopus Mastercard officially logged into Google Pay earlier. From now until July 31, users who newly apply for Octopus Mastercard will enjoy a 10% rebate on all purchases, up to a maximum of RMB 300 rebate, which can be used for online purchases or payment at retail outlets.

If users register before June 30 this year and spend on or before August 31, they will receive a rebate from October 1 to 31.

If users register from July 1st to 31st this year and consume from July 1st to September 30th, they will get a rebate from November 1st to 30th.

Users click here to register for the offer: Newly apply for the Octopus Mastercard offer

5. "FPS" welcome offer on Octopus App

From now until July 31, if you successfully set up a "FPS" bank transfer through the Octopus App, and complete at least one Octopus top-up value of RMB 100 or more through the bank transfer service, you will receive a RMB 30 reward.

The quota is only 40,000, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Users click here to learn more: Octopus App has "FPS" discount

6. Welcome Offer for Apple Users

From now until August 31, new customers who transfer their physical Octopus card to iPhone and Apple Watch, register and spend once, will receive a 100 yuan reward.

In addition, the above users will receive 50 yuan if they use Apple Pay, Octopus wallet or bank "FPS" to pay Octopus stored value and deposit.

Users click here to register the offer: Welcome offer for Apple users

7. ZA Bank account opening offer

From July 1st to August 31st, citizens who choose Octopus cards to receive consumption vouchers and complete the specified steps will have the opportunity to obtain ZA Bank plus vouchers, with a maximum cash reward of RMB 5,018.

However, qualified persons must become new users of ZA Bank and have not held any ZA Bank products before the promotion period.

Applicants only need to use the account opening invitation code [OCT5000] to open a ZA Bank account during the promotion period and receive a cash reward of 18 yuan.

And within 30 days after opening an account at ZA Bank, you can use ZA Card to spend once at any merchant, and you can draw a cash reward worth 100 yuan to 5,000 yuan.

8. Octopus App to buy MTR Monthly Pass discount

From now until July 7, registered users of MTR Mobile can use the connected Octopus to purchase via the Octopus App for the first time, and add the MTR Monthly Pass Enhanced Octopus to the MTR Mobile account to receive the convenience of 7-Eleven A $20 e-cash voucher in the store is only applicable to MTR stations.

Users click here to learn more: MTR Monthly Pass Enhanced Edition Offer

9. Octopus automatic value-added offer

From now to July 31, successfully apply for automatic value-added services for the mobile Octopus, namely iPhone or Apple Watch, Huawei Pay Octopus, Samsung Pay, the automatic value-added amount is 500 yuan or 1,000 yuan, and meet the promotion requirements, you will receive 150 yuan Octopus value added.

Every time you automatically add value to your Octopus, you can also earn credit card points rewards.

User form here to learn more: Octopus automatic value-added offers

▼AlipayHK discount details▼

1. "Special Reward for Beyond the Ground" six-fold rewards offer

AlipayHK launches the "Extra-Land Special Reward" offer. During the designated registration period, the first two AlipayHK eligible users who successfully register in the central government coupon registration system and choose AlipayHK to receive coupons can win AlipayHK's "Six Rewards".

The first bullet: Enjoy a multi-national cuisine tour reward with Chef Zhang Jinxiang, the registration date is July 4th.

Second bullet: McDonald's 365 Big Mac meal rewards throughout the year, the registration date is July 11.

Third bullet: Reward for meeting with Seven Master Tan Tsai, the registration date is July 18th.

Fourth bullet: 30,000 yuan AlipayHK easy-ride code ticket reward, registration date is July 25.

Fifth bullet: Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open VIP box admission ticket rewards, the registration date is August 1.

Sixth: Pearson Arena Invincible Cup VIP admission ticket rewards, the registration date is August 8.

Users click here to learn more: "Special Reward for Beyond the Ground" offer

2. Consumption coupon discount rewards


Successfully registered users can choose 5 enrollment awards.

Sign up for the great rewards. Nearly 100 merchants have cooperated to launch coupons with a total value of more than $1 billion. Each user can receive up to $5,000 of great rewards.

Friends Reward: After

successfully registered users share the designated coupon page, the first 10 users who have the most support from friends will receive an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

If you successfully share with 3 friends, you can select one more reward in the "Registration Rewards"; if you share with 5 friends, you can select one more reward; if you share with 8 or more friends, you can participate in additional rewards. .

Each registered user can receive up to 7 "Registration Rewards".

Coupon Double Up Reward: After

successfully registering a coupon, the first 10 users who spend the most times each month will receive an additional 5,000 yuan reward.

And successfully registered users can get extra stamps for consumption.

Even more discounts will be enjoyed during the "Double Eleven Shopping Festival" at the end of the year.

Users can click here to learn more: AipayHK coupon rewards

3. An early bird reward of 30 yuan for consumption coupons

From now until July 3, click "Subscribe Now" on the coupon early bird reward page in the AlipayHK App; and in the central government registration system, select AlipayHK to register. After confirmation, the 30 yuan coupon early bird reward ( 6 coupons of RMB 5), which will be automatically issued within 2 to 3 working days.

Users click here to learn more: Early bird reward 30 yuan for consumption vouchers

4. NWFB and Citybus offers

NWFB and Citybus announced that from now until August 31, two e-vouchers will be launched, which can be used in conjunction with government e-vouchers, including:

1) NWFB and Citybus exclusive welcome reward: New users can receive a $50 e-gift voucher as a welcome reward for taking NWFB and Citybus franchised routes, including 5 $4 gift vouchers and 10 $3 gift vouchers.

2) "NWFB and Citybus Reward Scan" offer: Users can use the App to scan in NWFB and Citybus facilities, including the "dynamic bus stop display" in the carriage, and the "real-time arrival electronic display" in the bus stop shelter , And the relevant promotional QR codes of individual bus stop poles, you will receive a 2 yuan and 1 yuan "Reward Scan" e-voucher each.

During the promotion period, each user can redeem the "Reward Scan" gift voucher once a month.

After using the "Easy Travel Code" to take NWFB and Citybus franchised bus routes, the gift vouchers can be automatically consumed to deduct the fare, and there is no need to open the gift vouchers.

5. Mall discounts

Hysan has also worked with AlipayHK to scan the QR code in the mall from July 6 and spend with AlipayHK to receive a gift certificate of RMB 50 and RMB 20 each.

After scanning the QR code, you must use Alipay to pay before you can use the voucher.

(Hysan Group)

▼WeChat Pay Hong Kong offer details▼

1. Merchant discounts

WeChat Pay HK recently launched the "Merchant Discount Topic". Users only need to subscribe to the coupon information to receive discounts from more than 100 stores, including HKTVmall, Yada Supermarket, OK Convenience Store, McDonald's, Café de Coral, etc.

WeChat Pay HK also pointed out that the discounts are continuing to increase.

2. "Invite relatives and friends to add more coupons" event

From now until September 1, any user who has participated in the "Early Bird Subscription Reward for Coupon Information" can invite relatives and friends to participate in the event through a variety of ways if they enter the "Invite Friends and Family Coupons to Add Code" event page.

When relatives and friends complete the subscription and choose WeChat Pay HK to register and successfully receive coupons, the invitation is successful.

Each user successfully invites a relative or friend to receive a bonus of RMB 20, and each user can invite up to 250 people during the promotion period, which is a bonus of up to RMB 5,000.

WeChat Pay HK also promotes the rewards of "Early Bird Subscription for Coupon Information". Users only need to use WeChat to scan the promotion poster of the event during the promotion period, enter the event page, and fill in the mobile phone number for verification. Subscribe to information related to consumer coupons and receive 12 yuan electronic cash coupons.

There are 40 participating merchants, including 7-Eleven, Sun Hung Kai Properties' malls, and Sasa.

3. "A Thousand Draws Every Day" Reward

Before the registration of coupons is accepted, that is, before July 4th, any WeChat Pay HK user who has previously participated in the "Voucher Information Early Bird Subscription Reward" event can log in to the "Daily Draw" event page and receive a direct gift 1 chance to experience the lottery.

After the coupons are accepted for registration, as long as the coupons are registered and approved with WeChat Pay HK, a lottery will be available every day, and the lottery will last until September 3rd.

Designated exclusive electronic cash coupons include: 1) HKD80 Columbia/Go Wild exclusive electronic cash coupon; 2) HKD20 Crocs exclusive electronic cash coupon; 3) HKD100 Chevignon exclusive electronic cash coupon; 4) HKD20 Cath Kidston exclusive electronic cash coupon.

Users click here to learn more: "A Thousand Draws Every Day" Reward

4. TVB Game Lucky Draw

Fu Rong Bank and WeChat Pay HK sponsored TVB games. From now until August 27, a total of four rounds of "Watch TV, draw WeFun, 5,000 Rongyi and 10,000" games will be held. Participants have a chance to earn 100% cash points. , That is, 5000 yuan consumer coupons, there is a chance that it will be doubled to 10,000 yuan.

Citizens register to receive coupons with WeChat Pay HK, and every time they spend over RMB 500, a lucky draw will be announced. Everyone has a prize and never fails.

For details, please pay attention to the exclusive QR code on the TVB Jade TV program screen.

Details of each round of registration are as follows:

The first stage (July 2-8): The first round of registration is on July 2 (Friday) at 8:00 pm TVB program; the deadline for registration is July 5 (Monday) at 5:00 pm .

The second round of registration is on July 5th (Monday) at 8pm TVB program; the deadline for registration is July 8th (Thursday) at 5pm.

The second stage (August 25-27): The third round of registration will start at 8 pm on August 25 (Wednesday) for TVB programs; the deadline for registration will be at 5 pm on August 26 (Thursday).

The fourth round of registration will start at 8 pm on August 26 (Thursday) for TVB programs; the deadline for registration will be at 5 pm on August 27 (Friday).

Tap & Go rewards (provided by Hongkong Telecom)

▼Tap & Go discount details▼

1. Never Give Up online charity concert e-ticket

From now until 12:00 noon on July 24, Tap & Go users who write down the referral code in the App and successfully register for DrGo for the first time will receive the "Never Give Up Online Charity Concert" e-ticket One sheet.

The concert was held on Saturday, July 24th at 8:30 pm, by MIRROR members Anson Lo, Edan Lui Lu Juean and Chen Zhuoxian.

In addition, users can also get two welcome gifts, including a DrGo 200 yuan e-coupon and a 30 yuan e-cash voucher for original homework.

Users click here to learn more: Never Give Up Online Charity Concert

2. UnionPay rewards

Reward 1: In the Tap & Go coupon program account, use a virtual UnionPay card through the cloud QuickPass App, Apple Pay or Huawei Pay. Any one of these ways to spend more than 50 yuan, you can get 50 yuan Tap & Go stored value Rebate.

The promotion period is from August 1st to October 31st.

Reward 2: Use the virtual UnionPay card of the Tap & Go coupon program account to spend through the cloud QuickPass App, and you can get a 5% reward of the consumption amount, and the maximum reward is up to 250 yuan.

The promotion period is from August 1st to January 31st.

Reward 3: After spending the designated amount via the QuickPass App, you have a chance to get a reward of up to RMB 3,888.

In addition, UnionPay International also cooperates with major merchants to launch exclusive UnionPay card discounts, details will be announced in succession.

The promotion period is during the coupon program period.

(Profile picture)

3. booking travel product discounts

Through the Tap & Go x page, users can use designated discount codes to book travel products, including hotel Staycation, and enjoy exclusive discounts for the specified amount.

The promotion period is from August 1st to September 30th.

Users who spend more than 500 yuan can enjoy a 30 yuan discount in Hong Kong; spend more than 1,500 yuan to enjoy a 100 yuan discount; spend 3,000 yuan to enjoy a 350 yuan discount; use all government coupons to enjoy a 480 yuan discount for more than 5,000 yuan.

There are also discounts on local tour packages and theme park tickets. Details will be announced in due course.

(Screenshot of webpage)

4. Meeting with MIRROR member Edan

From now until July 3, users can participate in the "Tap & Go Spending Fantastic" quiz game in their mobile wallet, and register to receive consumption coupons with Tap & Go from July 4 to July 8. Participated in the mid-July, met and took a group photo with the boy group MIRROR member Edan (Lu Jue'an) in Harbour City.

5. Discounts on stores in Pacific Place, Cityplaza, Citygate

With Tap & Go at Pacific Place, Cityplaza or Citygate, you can redeem up to $9,000 in shopping rewards with eligible spending, including mall cash vouchers and exclusive gifts. Places are limited, first-come-first-served. While stocks last.

Details will be announced later in each mall and Tap & Go website.

The promotion period is from July 30 to October 31.

6. Telecommunication service discounts

Users pay the designated 1O1O service plan bill with Tap & Go coupons, and can enjoy more than 9,000 yuan 5G package with 30GB (12GB + 18GB during the commitment period) of local mobile data (18 months) and Now E basic package (18 months) ), Now E European Nations Cup 2020TM 4K Tournament Pass and 1O1O 5G Fast Pass discount.

The promotion period is from now until July 31.

Users use Tap & Go coupons to pay the CSL service plan bill, and they can enjoy 5G package (24-month 5G service plan, 30GB per month), Now E basic package (24 months), Now E with a total value of more than 9,000 yuan European Cup of Nations 2020TM 4K tournament pass and 5G flagship mobile phone Fast Pass.

The promotion period is from now until July 31.

Newly registered online banking customers who pay via Tap & Go coupons can enjoy online banking broadband discounts worth up to RMB 9,576.

Apply to enjoy designated fiber-in-home broadband services, including Now TV designated selected channels, and 36 months of free home Wi-Fi service.

The promotion period is from now until August 24.

Newly registered Now TV customers, pay their bills with Tap & Go coupons, and enjoy an instant upgrade of a total of RMB 7,600 Now TV designated commitment period combination.

The promotion period is from July 2 to July 31.

▼How to use the coupon?

Click the picture to see the $5000 electronic coupon lazy bag▼




7. THE CLUB Electronic Cash Coupon Rewards

From July 7th to November 30th, users make purchases on the Club Shopping mobile app or webpage and spend the specified net consumption ((deduction of discounts, cash vouchers, gift certificates and/or rebates, excluding shipping and handling fees), and You can get Club Shopping e-cash coupons when you check out with the virtual Tap & Go Mastercard.

If you spend RMB 2,000 or more, you will receive an electronic cash coupon of RMB 100, you will receive an electronic cash coupon of RMB 300 if you spend over RMB 5,000, and you will receive an electronic cash coupon of RMB 500 if you spend over RMB 8,000.

8. Use consumer coupons to accumulate purchases of 2,000 yuan to participate in the lucky draw to give away iPhone 12

Tap & Go stated that during the promotion period from August 1 to September 30, users who have successfully registered to use the Tap & Go "Paid and Live Reward" as the designated stored-value payment tool account to receive government coupons will use virtual Tap & During the promotion period, the Go "Patch and Stay" Mastercard® card uses the coupons to accumulate over HK$2,000 for shopping payment, and you can get a lucky draw chance to win an iPhone 12 series mobile phone.

Receive consumer coupons with Tap & Go to win an iPhone 12 series mobile phone (not shown in the picture) in a lottery.

(Profile picture)

A total of 30 iPhone 12 series mobile phones will be given away in this promotion. Details are as follows:

First Prize (10 winners): One iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB (worth HK$10,199)

Second Prize (10 winners): One iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB (worth HK$9,399)

Third Prize (10 winners): One iPhone 12 128GB (worth HK$7,299)

Receive coupons with Tap & Go to win 30 iPhone 12 series phones in a lottery.

(Profile picture)

Other mall offers:

After successfully registering and receiving coupons with AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK or Tap & Go, go to the redemption counters in Harbour City and Times Square respectively to redeem a free shopping coupon worth 400 yuan each. There is no quota, that is, the maximum amount you can get 800 yuan coupon.

The promotion period is from July 5th to September 5th.


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