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Yuen Long 721 White Clothes Case | Seven defendants in prison for three and a half to seven years after hearing the verdict, they abused the judge


A white-clothed man attack occurred at Yuen Long West Rail Station on July 21 the previous year. Seven men were convicted of rioting and intentional wounding. They were sentenced in the District Court today (22nd). When Judge Ye Zuowen heard the plea earlier, he pointed out that

A white-clothed man attack occurred at Yuen Long West Rail Station on July 21 the previous year. Seven men were convicted of rioting and intentional wounding. They were sentenced in the District Court today (22nd).

When Judge Ye Zuowen heard the plea earlier, he said that in the incident that night, someone indiscriminately attacked the subway platform and passengers in the carriage. Even if there were defendants who claimed to defend their homes, some people were ready to leave, but the white-clothed people still did not. He stopped fighting and continued to fight, reiterating that the case was serious and that some defendants with a higher degree of involvement may be sentenced to higher prison terms.

When Ye Guan was sentenced, he directly denounced some of the defendants for acting out of reason, which was an indiscriminate attack. Seven defendants were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from three and a half to seven years.

Some observers were dissatisfied, yelled at them when they left the court, and some called "Judge Dog".

Of the 8 defendants in the case, only Wang Zhirong (55 years old) was found not guilty after interrogation. The remaining 7 people include Lin Guanliang (48 years old) and Lin Qiming (43 years old) who had pleaded guilty of riots before the trial, and the other 5 people , Including: Huang Yingjie (48 years old), Deng Huaichen (60 years old), Wu Weinan (57 years old), Deng Yingbin (61 years old) and Cai Liji (40 years old) were convicted of riots and wounding after interrogation.

(See the table below for the sentence of each person)

After the judge sent the sentence, some observers were dissatisfied. When he left the court, he kept yelling. The environment was once chaotic, and the police officers also pulled up an orange belt outside the court.

(Photo by Zhong Yan)

Observers scolded the police officer for pulling the orange belt outside the court

Some observers felt dissatisfied after hearing the sentence and said after they stepped out of the courtroom, they cursed: "I'm not as good as a dog" and "I'm going out to fight the drain." Some observers holding a national flag were agitated by intelligence, yelled and almost stumbled in the court. In fact, some people yelled at the "dog judge" and "sooner or later there will be retribution."

There were also people outside the District Court who used loudspeakers to make a verdict, claiming that they were wronged, and scolding other citizens for "no tutoring." There was a conflict and was stopped by police.

The police pulled up the orange belt.

Dozens of people in white clothed banners outside the court before the trial

Dozens of people in white clothed outside the District Court held up banners with the words "Sorry for the injustice" and chanted "Yuen Long injustice." Some wore T-shirts with the words "Xiang Jiang Qing Chinese Heart" printed in red on a white background. Some people even have a national emblem embroidered on their chests.

There were more than a dozen policemen stationed at the scene. They once warned people in white clothes that they had the opportunity to violate the gathering restriction order. After they dispersed, they did not issue a ticket.

Dissidents had conflicts 5 days before the incident

Five days before the incident, that is, July 16, 2019, some anti-revision demonstrators held a screening in Yuen Long. Dissidents had clashed that night, and then someone called on the Internet to gather in Yuen Long on Sunday night. , To defend the Yuen Long homeland.

On the evening of the 21st of the same month, men in white clothes gathered in Yuen Long District. They had beaten people in the district.

After 10 o'clock in the evening, a group of people in white went to the Yuen Long West Rail Station. Many people were holding wooden sticks and canes. They had entered the toll area. A woman was attacked and bleeding on the head.

Lin Zhuoting came to live broadcast the night

Lin Zhuoting, a member of the Legislative Council at the time, received the report and broadcast the situation. Lin told the people present that he had called the police, but the man in white outside the toll area did not leave and scolded the people in the toll area.

Later, the white-clothed man entered the toll area and attacked the platform and passengers in the carriage. Someone was beaten to his head and fell to the ground.

No police were present during this period.

In addition, people in white clothes also gathered at Yinglong Wai, not far from the West Rail Station. They also attacked others. Later, some people in white clothes returned to the West Rail Station.

When the incident reached nearly zero, the police sent officers to the scene to understand the incident before it ceased.

What happened.

(See the picture below for details)


Some defendants claimed to have changed their minds and insisted on useless violence

The defendant Lin Guanliang, who had pleaded guilty before the trial, pleaded that he had changed his mind and apologized to the victim; the defendant Lin Qiming, who also pleaded guilty, said that he knew his mistakes and had remorse, and admitted that he could not explain the day and hoped to correct himself as soon as possible.

Five defendants were convicted after interrogation. The second defendant Huang Yingjie insisted that no violence was used at the time when he interceded. Defendant Wu Weinan, who fainted at the scene that day, said that he was hit by "something" before fainting that day and was almost killed; he was photographed in Yue Yue The defendant, Cai Liji, who attacked on stage, said that his behavior was different from usual when the case happened; Deng Yingbin, the village head of Ha Lek Pui Village, Yuen Long, pleaded with him and explained that he heard the neighbourhood accuse someone of entering Yuen Long to engage in trouble, and he was worried that some villagers would be involved. I went to Yuen Long West Rail Station alone to find out, and held a stick to protect himself.

As for the defendant Tang Huaichen, who was found to have participated in the riots at Yuen Long Station and Ying Lung Wai, he claimed that he had driven off the assailants before picking up the stick and entering Yuen Long Station.

Officially described as indiscriminate attack

Judge Ye Zuo raised questions when he heard the plea. For example, he said that Wu Weinan was not seen in the film before he passed out, and that the defendant Cai Liji and others attacked indiscriminately inside the station that day. Several people beat one person on the stairs. This is a good description. difference.

In addition, he also questioned that Deng Yingbin, the village chief, had heard that someone had entered Yuen Long and did not report to the police. He asked whether Deng had no confidence in the police. He even described Deng's performance that night as "very brave."

Regarding both Deng and Tsai's claim that the wooden sticks were found on the ground that day, Ye also couldn't help but wonder: "How many sticks were held that night? D7 (the seventh defendant, Deng Yingbin) was stuck again, and all the places tied the sticks?"

Case number: DCCC 888/2019, DCCC 11, 734/2020

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