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Elections 2021: minute by minute of the closing of lists and everything you need to know about the PASO


The political fronts have until midnight to register their candidates. Surprises, rumors and more.

07/24/2021 2:57 PM

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Updated 07/24/2021 5:11 PM

LIVE News in Development

The political spaces with aspirations to compete in the

open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (PASO) of September 12

rush the definition of the last places in their lists of candidates to contest the 127 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and the 24 seats in the Senate that are at stake, in front of the closing this midnight of the term to make official the payrolls before the electoral justice.

Each party, front and coalition finalizes the details of their lists: the candidates who will head the ballots, the positions in the lists of each district, the last minute agreements and the statements of the protagonists.

In Clarín you will be able to follow the minute by minute of the closing of lists for these elections STEP 2021.



Pedro Gianello

An old chief from the suburbs returns

We already have the list prepared and signed.

I am going to take the serious responsibility of leading it and will be accompanied by the prestigious doctor, Ana Daud and Jorge Blanco Schmidt, a well-known militant and businessman in the district.

- Raúl Othacehé (@RaulAOthacehe) July 24, 2021



Raúl Othacehé, who lost the Intendance of Merlo after 24 years, will present a list within the Frente de Todos.

In 2019 he also competed but they only gave him the short ballot in that district of the West of Greater Buenos Aires.

"We already have the list prepared and signed. I am going to take the serious responsibility of leading it and will be accompanied by the prestigious doctor, Ana Daud and Jorge Blanco Schmidt, a well-known militant and businessman in the district," said the former mayor, facing the communal chief Gustavo Menéndez, still president of the Buenos Aires PJ.



Federico Mayol

In Chubut, Cristóbal López won

Finally, the businessman prevailed in the political bid with his partner Fabián de Sousa and his candidate will lead the ballot to the Senate: he is the former mayor Carlos Linares, head of the provincial PJ.

Linares had the blessing of Cristina Kirchner to the detriment of Julián Leunda, presidential adviser, who will not be on the ballot for Deputies either.



The first photo on Santilli's list

Santilli's candidates

National Deputies Together:


1- Diego Santilli - PRO

2- Graciela Ocaña - CP

3- Juan López - CC

4- Marcela Campagnoli - CC

 5- Gerardo Millman- PRO


6- María Sotolano - PRO

7- Hernán Lombardi - PRO

8- Gabriela Besana - PRO

9- Alejandro Finocchiaro - PRO

10- Victoria Borrego - CC



Pablo Javier Blanco

Facundo Manes is officially a candidate

Facundo Manes signed his nomination as the first candidate for national deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires.

In the signature of the minutes, he joked with his nickname.

"Nickname: Goropo," said the neuroscientist.

It is as they say in Salta, their city. 



#LaVidaQueQueremos, campaign slogan of the ruling party

The slogan K.

They confirmed it moments ago by putting the preview of the act in Escobar, where the candidates will present. 



Pablo Javier Blanco

Confirmed: Margarita Stolbizer will be a candidate with Manes

Margarita Stolbizer.

Margarita Stolbizer is on the charts.

After several days without a concrete definition, the leader of the GEN will be part of the list of candidates of Facundo Manes, according to sources close to the neuroscientist confirmed to Clarín.

Thus, empty boxes are being cleared in the front of the UCR, the Emilio Monzó sector, and part of the progressivism in the Province of Buenos Aires. 

So far the confirmed ones on the list are: 1. Facundo Manes / 2. The great unknown /.

3. Emilio Monzó / 4. Margarita Stolbizer.

Follow the thread in the Buenos Aires radicalism.



Pedro Gianello

A former civil servant, environmental candidate

Environmentalism will have a pre-candidacy for Congress by the City.

Silvia Vázquez, head of the university diploma in Climate Change and Transition to Ecology at the University of Salvador and former Director of Environmental Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, a position she obtained through Felipe Solá, presented her list for the Green and Social space, after an agreement with the Authentic Socialist Party.

"With active participation in the legislative elections, the green movement will start in Argentina what already in other countries represents a true wave that is helping to put an end to the worst practices of the old politics," said Vázquez.



Federico Mayol

Santoro signed and went to Olivos

Leandro Santoro.

After signing as head of the list of the Front of All in the City at the headquarters of the Buenos Aires PJ, Leandro Santoro went directly to Olivos, where President Alberto Fernández was waiting for him.

The legislator, a former radical militant, had the approval of Fernández and Cristina Kirchner to head the list, and will be presented in Escobar along with the main leaders of the ruling party and the candidates of the Province.



Jasmine Bullorini

Randazzo presented his list with a photo

From La Plata, Florencio Randazzo presented his candidates.

With an outdoor photo from La Plata, Florencio Randazzo presented the pre-candidates for national deputies of Vamos con Vos, with whom he will contest in the Province, as an option to crack.

"We want all sectors of society to have their representation in Congress and that this is the first step to go to the Argentina we want." 

As was already known, he was accompanied in second place on the ballot by businesswoman Carolina Castro, political scientist at the UBA and leader of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

The third place goes to the accountant and former mayor of Marplante for the neighborhood, Gustavo Pulti, who commanded General Pueyrredón for two terms, 2007 and 2015. More information here.



Marina Devita

Tolosa Paz, Gollan have already stamped their signature on Casa Rosada

Victoria Tolosa Paz signed her candidacy.

At hours of the closing of lists, the president of the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies, Victoria Tolosa Paz, and the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Daniel Gollan, were the first to stamp their signature before a notary public at the Casa Rosada to make their official candidacies in the province of Buenos Aires, according to

official sources

indicated to



After the signing, Tolosa Paz was officially designated as head of the Buenos Aires list of the Frente de Todos, as well as the Buenos Aires minister who will be his running mate for the PASO on September 12.

After 3 p.m., the first candidates began to arrive at the Government House to make their candidacies official, despite the fact that the scheduled time for the signing ceremony was stipulated around 8 p.m.



Guido Carelli Lynch

Act K spoiler

The behind the scenes of the act of candidates of the FdT.

In addition to Alberto Fernández, Cristina Kirchner, Sergio Massa and Axel Kicillof, the four highest-ranking leaders of the Frente de Todos, in act K there will be only the heads of the list of the City of Buenos Aires and Province.

It will not be a very large act by protocol. 



Gerardo Puig

Pitrola confirmed that he will go with Del Caño in the Province

Néstor Pitrola confirmed this Saturday that he will be part of the list of candidates for deputies of the Left Front (FITU) that will be headed by Nicolás Del Caño in the province of Buenos Aires and in which Romina del Pla will also be.

Well at this time, when the Left Front candidates are loaded, I can happily announce that I will accompany @NicolasdelCano and @RominaDelPla on the list of national deputies for the Unity list in the Province of Buenos Aires.

Come on the PO!

Come on the FITU!

- Néstor Pitrola (@nestorpitrola) July 24, 2021

"Well at this time, when the Left Front candidates are loaded, I can happily announce that I will accompany @NicolasdelCano and @RominaDelPla on the list of national deputies for the Unity list in the Province of Buenos Aires. Come on the PO! Let's go the FITU! "Pitrola wrote on Twitter.

In the internal they will compete with the list of the MST that will have Alejandro Bodart as the first candidate.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the


will lead the list to Myriam Bregman, while the MST to Celeste Ferro.



Pablo Javier Blanco

Who will be the N ° 2 of Facundo Manes?

As the hours go by, the boxes on the lists are filling up, but an unknown continues to grow in the Province of Buenos Aires: who will accompany Facundo Manes on the list that the Buenos Aires UCR designs to fight the PASS to Diego Santilli?

After the "no" of Isela Constantini and an unsuccessful poll with María Eugenia Estenssoro, several names of radical women sound to go topping the list with the neuroscientist.

One of them is that of

Danya Tavela

, accountant, university professor, and vice-rector of the National University of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, National University of the Northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires (UNNOBA), who responds to the Radical Evolution sector of Martín Lousteau .

Another name that was heard was that of

Alejandra Lordén

, current vice president of the National UCR, graduated in medicine and specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Buenos Aires legislator, whose stronghold is Saladillo. 

Other women who would make the lists?

The current deputy

Josefina Mendoza

, one of the youngest in the Lower House, who aspires to renew her bench after four years.

Elsa Llenderroza

, Director of the Political Science Career, UBA.


Margarita Stolbizer

, head of the GEN, who confirmed her support for Manes, but not her participation in the lists.

Everything remains a mystery. 



Guido Carelli Lynch

Long stay of Sergio Massa, a governor and a parade of candidates at Casa Rosada

Buenos Aires: President Alberto Fernández today asked the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, that Congress debate and sanction a program of improvements for monotax and fiscal relief, by leading a meeting that took place this afternoon in the Pink House.


The fewer hours until the closing of lists, the more leaders circulate at a rapid pace through the Casa Rosada.

Hermeticism is the constant in the ruling party.

Sergio Massa

spent five hours in Balcarce 50. In the meantime, the head of Deputies met with Interior Minister

Wado de Pedro

and had lunch alone with President Alberto Fernández, after a new incursion by the President in the suburbs, this time in Florencio Varela.

Massa intends to keep three of his own legislators on the list of the Front of All in the Province.

In the Renewal Front they avoid talking about names, but everyone discovers that Marcela Passo, current official of the Ministry of Transportation has a guaranteed place on the ballot - possibly the third - that the President aspires to be headed by Victoria Tolosa Paz.

The main collaborators of the president maintain that for Fernández it was a priority for a candidate of his own to go to the top of the ballot and, also, to have resisted the offensive so that Santiago Cafiero leaves the head of the Cabinet.

Paradoxically, in some of the Rosada's dispatches, they pointed to Massa and La Cámpora behind the attempt to clear the head of the Cabinet or the Ministry of Public Works.

The details of everything that happened




Federico Mayol

Darío Lopérfido candidato

El ex funcionario de la Alianza y del macrismo volverá a probar suerte en la política: fue oficializado en la lista encabezada por Ricardo López Murphy en el puesto 13 de candidatos a diputados nacionales.

De esta manera, el ex agregado cultural en Berlín de Cambiemos -estuvo menos de un año, y se fue rodeado de polémica- se suma a la apuesta del “Bulldog” en la interna frente a la lista de María Eugenia Vidal.



Jazmín Bullorini

La pulseada legislativa

En esta elección se pone en juego el esquema de poder del Congreso. En Diputados, el Gobierno busca sumar bancas para acercarse a la mayoría propia que le permitiría destrabar los proyectos frenados. En el Senado -donde el bloque de Cristina Kirchner ya tiene esa ventaja - su desafío es no restar senadores y sostener esa superioridad.

En Diputados se vencen 127 de las 257 bancas. Juntos por el Cambio renueva 60 de sus 115 y el Frente de Todos 51 de las 119 con las que cuenta. Los bloques del medio suman 23 diputados y vencen sus mandatos 16.

En el Senado, renuevan 24 de los 72 legisladores. El oficialismo pone en juego 15 lugares y Juntos por el Cambio 9.



Vidal presentó a sus compañeros de lista

La ex gobernadora bonaerense y actual precandidata a diputada por la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal, presentó este sábado a sus compañeros de lista con una sesión de fotos en Barrancas de Belgrano, el mismo lugar en el que Mauricio Macri relanzó su campaña presidencial después de la dura derrota en las PASO de 2019.

Vidal posó con Martín Tetaz, Paula Olivetto, Fernando Iglesias, Carla Carrizo, Fernando Sánchez, Sabrima Ajmechet y Pablo Walter.


With everything we learned, today we have a great future ahead in which we are going to work to continue listening to the voice of each porteño and porteña and defend them in Congress.

- María Eugenia Vidal (@mariuvidal) July 24, 2021



Florencio Randazzo shot "Bali" Bucca for his pass to the Front of All: "I feel ashamed of others"

After the national deputy Eduardo "Bali" Bucca - who until now presided over the Federal Interblock - sealed a political agreement with the Frente de Todos, Florencio Randazzo questioned it harshly.

The candidate for national legislator for the "Vamos con Vos" front in the province of Buenos Aires affirmed that the decision of his former electoral partner in 2017 generates "someone else's embarrassment."

​​"Me da vergüenza la actitud que ha tenido Bucca. Son de esas actitudes que no se comprenden. Siento vergüenza ajena, hace tiempo que había tomado ese camino", apuntó Randazzo al referirse al diputado nacional, quien llegó a su banca en 2017 como parte de la lista del ex ministro del gobierno de Cristina Kirchner. Más información acá.



Pablo Javier Blanco

Perotti se planta contra Rossi y presenta lista propia

No hay unidad en Santa Fe, tampoco paz. Es que el gobernador Omar Perotti dejó trascender que no acatará la unidad pretendida desde la Casa Rosada y presentará lista propia para competir contra Agustín "el Chivo" Rossi. A menos que el ministro de Defensa de Alberto Fernández decline su postulación, habrá PASO, confirmaron a Clarín

La lista del gobernador será encabezada por el senador provincial Marcelo Lewandowski, secundado por Ángeles Sacnun, muy cercana al Instituto Patria, y en Diputados irá Roberto Mirabella, actual senador por Santa Fe (terminando el mandato de Perotti, que renunció dos años antes a esa banca para ser gobernador).

Lewandowski es ex periodista deportivo, que se convirtió en la revelación de las últimas elecciones provinciales al conseguir una senaduría por el departamento de Rosario, ingresó a la política de la mano de Perotti y María Eugenia Bielsa en 2019.

"Se espera que Rossi finalmente baje su candidatura, sino habrá internas", sentencia el mensaje que hicieron circular desde el PJ santafesino.

Ayer, Agustín Rossi lanzó su candidatura a senador con Alejandra Rodenas, actual vice de Perotti, como compañera de lista. "Nos unimos para frenar a Macri. Unámonos para defender a Santa Fe", fue el breve mensaje en redes sociales.

Nos unimos para frenar a Macri.
Unámonos para defender a Santa Fe.#SantaFeDePie

- Agustín Rossi (@RossiAgustinOk) July 23, 2021



Pablo de Leon

The Frente de Todos presents its candidates with an act and Cristina Kirchner puts the bank Sergio Palazzo on the list of Deputies

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner

The Frente de Todos will present its list of national deputies for the province of Buenos Aires this afternoon, with a ceremony in the town of Escobar.

From 5.30 pm, President Alberto Ángel Fernández, Vice President Cristina Kirchner, Governor Axel Kicillof, President of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner will be there.

Será en una fábrica de cloro que se instaló en ese municipio hace un año y que fue auxiliada por el Estado nacional en medio de la pandemia, en un mensaje de la reactivación económica que pretende mostrar el Gobierno. Más información acá. 

Source: clarin

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