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Cyclist cools off at Waldsee - and films bloody attack on his toes


A shadow, a shock, a pain: When Ewald Groß (74) cools his feet from a footbridge in the Ebersberger Forst, a fish snaps so that blood flows. The victim has long been able to smile at the attack.

A shadow, a shock, a pain: When Ewald Groß (74) cools his feet from a footbridge in the Ebersberger Forst, a fish snaps so that blood flows.

The victim has long been able to smile at the attack.

Ebersberg -

"The monster is still in there," says Ewald Groß.

Then he has to laugh.

The 74-year-old Zornedinger has long since mentally processed his painful encounter with the beast from Antoni-Weiher, and his foot no longer pinches the next day.

What remains is a whole bunch of bite marks on the toes.

And a video that shows the surprise attack from below.


Ewald Groß got bloody toes while resting at the Antoni-Weiher in the Ebersberger Forst.

It was probably due to a pike that caught the 74-year-old's toes as bycatch while hunting for smaller fish.

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Fish snaps in the Ebersberger Forst - attack filmed by chance

It was not the first time that Ewald Groß was sitting at Antoni-Weiher in the Ebersberger Forest last Thursday, which some people nicknamed the magic lake. From the boardwalk he lets his feet and soul dangle. On his bike tours, the stop is a welcome refreshment and a moment to pause and enjoy nature. As usual, rudds swarm around the retired man's bare toes like little cleaner fish, their nibbling tickles.

The angry thing films the curious swarm with his cell phone.

A thigh-thick silhouette shoots into the picture from the bottom left, going straight to his toes - and snaps.

When Ewald Groß, frightened, pulls his feet out of the water, blood drips into the Antoni pond.

"I'm still stunned now," says the 74-year-old about the painful moment.

The wounds are neither bad nor deep, but because of the razor-sharp fish teeth it looked like a bloodbath at first glance.


The pike snaps: Ewald Groß happened to be filming the predatory fish in the Antoni pond, shown in the picture on the left.

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The first explanation that the victim of the bite rhymes: A larger predatory fish, attracted by the small prey fish, snaps - and gets the toes of the cyclist as an unexpected bycatch in its mouth.

Predatory fish in the forest lake near Ebersberg: Local experts confirm the first assumption

Groß carefully slips on socks and shoes and cycles as if bitten by a wild fish - that is, bewildered, but quite relaxed - from the lonely spot in the forest to a friend who lives nearby.

She provides him with bandages.

The 74-year-old does not go to the doctor, the wounds seem to be healing perfectly.

“It doesn't hurt, but I can still feel it,” he says.


Treated: The pike battered foot.

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“That could only have been a pike,” says Josef Pfaller.

He is the leaseholder of the lake and as such knows that the spawn of predatory fish is carried by birds into remote waters like his.

This is not the first time he has heard of fish bites.

The pike once caught his wife in the arm that she had the wound treated by a doctor.

The risk exists in such a body of water.

The little rudds are keen on breadcrumbs that some visitors throw into the water, and therefore come to swim when someone makes themselves comfortable on the jetty.

The pike, on the other hand, is keen on the rudd - and not always unerring in its rabid attacks.


The healing bite wounds the next day.

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Ewald Groß did not spoil the painful experience of the lake.

He'll put his toes in the water again when he cycles past there.

“I have no concerns about that,” he says.

But visitors should know that there is a toe-biter lurking there.

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