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Ye Liu: Subdivided housing is "Hong Kong's shame". MTR should allocate the land above the railway to the government for housing construction.


Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, delivered a speech earlier, hoping that Hong Kong could say goodbye to sub-divided housing and cage homes in the future. Member of the guild and chairman of the New Democrat Party, Ye Liu Shuyi, this morning (25th) described subdivided housing as "the shame of Hong Kong" and hopes to pass it in October

Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, delivered a speech earlier, hoping that Hong Kong could say goodbye to sub-divided housing and cage homes in the future.

The guild member and New Democrat Party chairman Yeh Liu Shuyi described subdivided housing as "Hong Kong's shame" this morning (25th), and hopes that the regulations governing subordinated housing rent will be passed in October, so that rent increases will be regulated, and water charges will not be overcharged. And electricity charges, but agree that the government does not regulate the initial rent for the time being. I believe that the valuation will take time and can be considered in the future.

Suk-yee Ip believes that the Hong Kong government may consider using the MTR for housing in the future, because the MTR has high profits in building houses. She believes that the MTR should return some of the buildings on the MTR stations to the government. She also criticized the MTR for not making any commitments to the government. Even if there are two officials on the board of directors, they still have no influence. "The money is mine, and the responsibility is yours. There is a good business in the world?" She believes that if the best real estate part of the MTR is paid at cost To the citizens, immigration will also decrease.

She said she understood that Chief Executive Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor had difficulties in finding land. She believed that the Hong Kong government should discuss with the Central Government about the acquisition of land in the Greater Bay Area. She also mentioned that she suggested that the Kwai Chung Container Terminal should be moved to Guishan Island. Admonishment, even if there are many regulations that need to be amended, there is no problem. "And the family can amend it. The legislative council is under the control of the establishment."


Ye Liu emphasized on the radio program that there should be no more subletting houses in Hong Kong to increase rents frantically or cause fatal accidents. He emphasized that there is no problem with subletting houses, but they need to be safe, hygienic, and reasonable in rent.

Speaking of land supply, Ye Liu pointed out that the most important thing for Hong Kong in the medium and long term is to increase land supply. He believes that 1,000 hectares of land on Lantau tomorrow will be too far away, and that traffic infrastructure such as the construction of tunnels must be delayed.

She also pointed out that the government did not dare to make the idea of ​​"greening the land", but this time the land sharing plan did so because the former pan-democratic representatives in the Legislative Council such as the Land Justice Alliance and the Local Research Institute "like and dislike". The officials did not dare to consider.

She mentioned that in the future, the business community will have a lot less votes in the election committee. Unlike the previous election committee that was constrained by 1,200 people. "(Business votes) are much less. (The chief executive) can serve the citizens wholeheartedly without worry. Dora."


Appeals to Hong Kong government for owing fiscal discipline in recent years, calling for ways to increase revenue

The host pointed out that the wealth of the Hong Kong government mainly comes from land income, and asked Ye Liu how to balance the lack of income if the land supply is increased?

Ye Liu believes that the authorities are aware that once the land sales policy is adjusted, it will have far-reaching effects. He pointed out that although the Hong Kong government does not recognize it, Hong Kong has always pursued a policy of high land prices.

She emphasized that the Hong Kong government needs to increase revenue and reduce expenditures, criticizing the lack of fiscal discipline in the past few years and "making billions of funds."

She mentioned that she had stated that she had reservations about extending the discount for senior citizens to people aged 60 to 64, and that the discount would need to be registered in real name in the future and should not be abused, such as "long rides and short rides".

Criticizing Picture Books Poisoning Children's Mind

In addition, the "Hong Kong Speech Therapists General Union" was accused by the police of conspiracy to publish seditious publications. The former security secretary Ye Liu Shuyi said that the contents of the picture book provoked hatred against the government and mainlanders, especially affecting children and poisoning children’s hearts. I believe The police have sufficient evidence to investigate and prosecute, but in the end, the court decides whether it violates the law.

As for whether the case will affect the freedom of the press, Ip said that as long as the person concerned has no criminal intent and is not trying to provoke hatred or subvert the government, there is no problem. I believe that only a very small number of people have this mentality.

Ye Liu also pointed out that the Hong Kong National Security Law has dealt with four types of national security crimes, but there are still loopholes to be filled, and he agrees that the government needs to deal with them.

She pointed out that the draft of Article 23 of the Basic Law in 2003 was relatively lenient. She believed that the government’s legislation on Article 23 should be reviewed in line with the development of the situation. For example, the current official secrets regulations and espionage crimes are relatively backward and have not been dealt with in 2003.

Ip Liu Shuyi: New Democracy Party strives to secure two seats in direct elections. MIRROR has a red card. Public sentiment needs to be vented. Li Jiachao: 23 must be sufficient to deal with the most extreme situations. It is said to be vigilant against terrorist activities. Chen Fan: No plan


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