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Fear, anger, anguish: 10 books to explain emotions to children


The second week of winter break kicks off, a good opportunity to enjoy readings and tackle sometimes complicated topics.

Paula Conde

07/26/2021 10:00

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Updated 07/26/2021 10:00

A hippo with a quarrel;

a depressed panda bear;

a baby in a hurry and bored to get anywhere;

another angry baby when things don't go his way and the classic fear of the dark.

In recent years, writers and publishers have turned to the publication of books that address the subject of feelings and emotions in short and playful stories, with the intention of offering a gateway to a topic that, at times, can be difficult to explain.

Here are some options. 

1. How does Lolo feel?

Verónica Podestá.

Illustrations by Héctor Borlasca

Lolo is a monkey that is sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes scared or has a sore belly.

In this book, for two-year-olds, the author presents the first emotions and raises questions about what to do when they appear.

"What does Lolo feel?", By Verónica Podestá, with illustrations by Héctor Borlasca (La Brujita de Papel, $ 620).

2. When do we arrive?

Carolina Tosi.

Illustrations by Carlos Higuera

Luca loves to travel, but it always happens that halfway through he gets bored and starts to ask, intensely, over and over again: “Is there a long way?

When we arrived?".

A story to work on patience from a young age.

"When did we arrive?", By Carolina Tosi, with illustrations by Carlos Higuera (Edelvives, $ 570).

3. Calamitous

Naomi Fly

This bear comes one day to stay and there is nothing to do.

It is a metaphor of things, feelings, thoughts that appear and do not go away and with which you have to live.

And it is something that happens to all of us at any age.

"Calamitoso", by Noemí Vola (Limonero, $ 1,250).

4. The calm of León

Victoria Conte.

Illustrations by Polly Boyle

The author is a psychopedagogue, specialized in Positive Discipline and respectful parenting, and she set out to explain emotions through stories for the youngest children.

"For a long time, I have been advising schools and parents. That is how my books emerged, as tools for families and educators, with a respectful look at childhood," says

Victoria Conte,

who also opened Perinola, a children's bookstore in Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe. 

In this case, León is a child who gets annoyed and frustrated when something doesn't go his way.

Mom put water glitter in a jar and said, “When you are angry, your head is like this shaken jar.

All the sparkling water moving doesn't let you think clearly.

If you can calm down, the glitter will go down to the bottom and the water will be transparent.

So your mind will be ready to think of a solution ”.

The calm of León

, a self-managed book, was a success, it sold more than 20,000 copies, since its appearance in May 2019.

"Leon Calm" by Victoria Conte, with illustrations by Polly Boyle ($ 590).

5. Fear of the dark

Fita Frattini

The fear of the dark is a classic in childhood.

Here it is Bruna who confesses this feeling and tells what her grandmother and her parents do to calm her down.

"Fear of the dark", by Fita Frattini (Lecturita Ediciones, $ 980).

6. My tongue hurts

Margarita Mainé.

Illustrations by Héctor Borlasca

Mariano is 6 years old and a charlatan.

One day at school, he trips up the stairs and bites his tongue.

It hurts a lot and is ashamed to say it.

So ashamed that he stays very quiet, something rare for him.

Until the teacher calls him up front.

"My tongue hurts," by Margarita Mainé, with illustrations by Héctor Borlasca (AZ, $ 520).

7. ABC of Emotions

Mercedes Rodrigué.

O'Kif Illustrations

Anxiety, anger, jealousy, depression ... a whole alphabet of emotions to introduce the youngest to those sensations and incidentally an approach to the letters: Nieves the squirrel bites its nails because it is nervous;

Helena, the meerkat, is very homey and Bruno, the rhinoceros, is angry that his friends did not invite him for a walk.

O'Kif's illustrations are always attractive.

"Especially in these times of pandemic," says the author, "I would like to think that if we put a name to our anguish and joy, and explore together with young readers the wide range of feelings that human beings are capable of experiencing, it will be more easy to grow, know and love, and even go through what we have to live ".

Are there feelings that begin with the 27 letters of the alphabet?

"It was a great challenge to associate some animal behavior with learning the alphabet, playing with onomatopoeia and at the same time telling a little story that strings everything together and allows the children to fly, identify and be surprised," says Rodrigué. 

"ABC of emotions", by Mercedes Rodrigué, with illustrations by O'Kif (La Brujita de Papel, $ 690).

8. Face of what?

Ivanke and Mey

“Francisca is happy when she crosses the mountains.

How is your face of joy? '”This is how this very successful book begins as soon as it was published.

These two talented cartoonists, a couple in life and at work, propose different points of view of the world in each book, offering the youngest a window to imagine other possible universes.

Time will tell if it becomes a classic.

"Face of what?" By Ivanke and Mey (Junior Catapult, $ 1,490).

9. As if it were so easy

JAL (Juan Augusto Laplacette)

Simón feels small even though everyone tells him that he is already old.

It seems to him that the world is huge and that things are not as easy as finding something quickly when Mom and Dad are in a hurry.

Or as if patience is easy on long car trips.

Or when you have to choose a single toy as a gift - and not as many as you would like.

What goes through Simon's head?

"As if it were so easy", by JAL (La Brujita de Papel, $ 950).

10. Everything that happens (where nothing happens)

Eleonora Garriga.

Illustrations Ana Sanfelippo

Curiosity, amazement, joy, excitement.

Lara lives all that when she goes out for a walk with her mother, even if it is to go to the greengrocer: a pool of water, a flowerbed with dirt, a wooden staircase, a brick wall, they are not boring if you look at them in detail .

"Everything that happens (where nothing happens)", by Eleonora Garriga, with illustrations by Ana Sanfelippo (Lecturita Ediciones, $ 980).


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