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Mayan New Year 2021: what the energies of the Mayan Synchronary say for the coming times


On July 26, 2021, the Mayan calendar begins a new cycle, called Yellow Electric Seed. What's next.

07/26/2021 6:00

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Updated 07/26/2021 6:00 AM



synchrony or


is a synchronization tool with the natural energy of the Sun, the Moon and the planets, as well as other tools, such as traditional astrology or numerology.

Every year in the Mayan synchrony, on

July 26 they

begin their new cycle and the Mayan New Year is celebrated.

Prior to this, on July 25 the

"day out of time"

is celebrated

, a day of inner reflection, in contact with nature and meditation on the cycles we go through. 

What is the Galactic Mayan Synchronary?

The Mayan calendar is a conception of time based on natural cycles.

It is a solar, lunar and galactic synchronization tool.

It is


because it considers the terrestrial cycle around the sun (365 days and nights);

it is


because it considers the cycle of the Moon around the Earth (28 days and nights);

and it is


because it begins each year with the heliacal rise of the star Sirius in the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacán (Gregorian July 26). 

This "oracle" tells us about the energy that will accompany us collectively,

on a planetary level


It represents a change of frequency, of vibration from lunar tones, solar seals and "wavespells".

This change of cycle that the Mayan New Year proposes is a change in frequency, a change in energy.

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Welcome the Yellow Electric Seed

We bid farewell to a

Blue Lunar Storm


 that completely transformed us with its irruption and movement of chaos, which coincided with a planet in quarantine, with unexpected social changes that still have us in suspense. 


July 2020

until now we have had a year of

cutting with the old

, of discernment, where the invitation was to leave mental and physical sacrifices to live our own life.

From these questions and this chaos we move on to a year that is a little more material, where the land is fertile - and well

turned up

- to



new thing

that we want to give birth to.

We are going to see specifically beginnings and we will have news about the world to come. 


Yellow Electric Seed

proposes that our own creativity, our gifts and talents, are expressed in the world.

The task is to grow in our own and thus contribute to the environment.

Does this coincide with the fact that many people can finally dedicate themselves to what they really love and let go of automatic tasks?


The seed also reminds us that we must take care of the Earth (and its

original seeds

) because it is our common home, so that the care of the planet will be one of the fundamental themes of the year that begins. 

The seed asks to

sow one's own dreams-desires

even without the given conditions, because the correct action is the


for that desire to take shape.

To register the desire and feel it, you have to go deep and create a dialogue with your own essence, spirit, soul. 

Seeds organized in community

This year he will challenge us to "turn off the external TV" to navigate our own internal waters, focus and hit on our original planting. 



speaks of a sense of "community" where it is very vital and important that each member can grow and develop, and be happy both for the community they inhabit and for themselves (and vice versa).

It is the recognition of "being part", but without losing one's own form, it is making one's own grow and that personal flourish to nurture the whole.

If the task we do does not nourish us, or the whole, then it will be time to leave it behind. 



of this year are those programs, patterns and forms that condition us when it comes to growing up.

Leaving places that we believe are safe but that in themselves block our own creativity and expansion.

We will also be challenged to rethink the sense of abundance.

The seed tells us: "Free yourself from the illusion of security (false comfort zones) and enter the manifestation of your emerging powers."

Growth is something that cannot be stopped, breaking what covers the seed is necessary for a new power to come to light. 

The seed speaks of a sense of "community" where it is very vital and important that each member can grow and develop.

Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

The year of the seed feeds the


from the shadow, to go into deep communication and listen to one's own voice, the one we only hear when outside there is silence.



will be the creative power if we dare to look and investigate fears, they will lead us and give us the opportunity to know ourselves in depth.

The 13 stamps of the Mayan New Year of the Yellow Electric Seed

1. What is the mission of this year?

 White Magnetic Wind, communicate with the depths of our being.

2. What is the challenge this year?

 Blue Lunar Night, recognize fears to grow up and trust revealing dreams.

3. What is the service this year? 

Yellow Electric Seed, sow your own desires and offer them to the world, we are fertile land.

4. What is the shape of this year?

 Red Self-Existing Serpent, the body integrates our entire being, from feeling to creating.

5. What is the command this year?

 White Overtone Linker, letting go, letting go.

6. Where will the balance be this year?

 Rhythmic Blue Hand, to do, to perform today, without leaving for tomorrow.

The shadow of this year are those programs, patterns and forms that condition us when it comes to growing up.

Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

7. Where will the connection be this year?

 Yellow Resonant Star, art as a way to bond.

8. Where will integration be this year? 

Red Galactic Moon, purify the emotions that deserve to be seen and healed, the cyclical in us.

9. Where will the intention be this year?

White Solar Dog, love.

10. Where will the demonstration be this year?

Blue Planetary Monkey, creation is a new and unforeseen form.

11. Where will the release be?

Yellow Spectral Human, in connecting with the magic of the human being.

12. What is the cooperation this year?

Red Crystal Skywalker, in exploring my known world to create.

13. Where is the significance this year?

White Cosmic Magician, in thinking with the heart and growing at the same time. 

By Carla Battaglini, facilitator of the Mayan synchronic, reader of Akashic records.

On Instagram: @ therapiasparaelalma12.

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