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Tokyo Olympics. Hong Kong team's latest ︱ Zhang Jialang successfully made gold in Hong Kong to win the second Olympic gold in history


The 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally officially opened due to the postponement of the epidemic for one year. "01 Sports" reporters went to Tokyo-Hong Kong for a continuous period of time to provide you with the latest news of the Hong Kong team. The Hong Kong men's foil team representative Zhang Jialong, in the Olympic gold medal

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally officially opened due to the postponement of the epidemic for one year.

"01 Sports" reporters went to Tokyo-Hong Kong for a continuous period of time to provide you with the latest news of the Hong Kong team.

The representative of the Hong Kong men's foil team, Zhang Jialang, faced Italian Daniele GAROZZO in the Olympic gold medal match and won the gold medal with 15:10.

Keep up to date with real-time updates of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics schedule

📺July 26 (Monday) Hong Kong team update:


Hong Kong men's foil team representative Zhang Jialang, in the Olympic gold medal match against Italian player Daniele GAROZZO, won the gold medal with 15:10.


Zhang Jialang, the representative of the Hong Kong men's foil team, faced Czech CHOUPENITCH Alexander in the top four of the Olympic Games. He advanced 15:10 and won the gold medal match and hit the gold medal at 8:10 tonight. .

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Zhang Jialang bravely defeated the Czech swordsman in the finals and won the Hong Kong team's first medal


Hong Kong team swimmer He Shibei competed in the women's 200m freestyle preliminary round. Group 3 finished second. Taking into account all the players entered the semi-finals tomorrow morning in 8th place.

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He Shibei competes in the 200m freestyle preliminary and advances to the semi-finals tomorrow morning in 8th place

He Shibei will strike again in 200 tomorrow morning and hope to enter the finals to create history for Hong Kong

[18:00] The

Hong Kong windsurfing generation continued to attack on Enoshima. Among them, Zheng Junliang and Chen Xiwen were ranked 8th in the windsurfing men's and women's RS:X respectively, and Luo Yayi was ranked 35th in the women's laser single-handed boat.

Learn more:

Tokyo Olympics.

Windsurfing | Chen Xiwen ranks second in Asia the next day, Zheng Junliang keeps 8th

[15:30] In the

top 32 table tennis men's singles, Huang Zhenting lost to Chinese Taipei Zhuang Zhiyuan with a total score of 1:4.

Lin Zhaoheng also lost to Japanese player Tomowa Chang Ben in the same number of rounds.

Learn more:

Lin Zhaoheng defeated the Japanese prodigy Hong Kong table tennis first brother Huang Zhenting.

[14:50] In the

men's foil quarterfinals, Zhang Jialang met Russian swordsman Paul Dadeev and fell behind 3:9 in the game.

Zhang Jialang was behind 9:14 at one point and was on the verge of being out.

At this time, the Sword God showed his might, chasing after 13:14 to finish the first quarter.

He chased 14:14 in the second quarter, and finally won 15:14 to qualify!

Zhang Jialang will play in the semi-finals at 18:20 in the evening, against Czech player Alexander CHOUPENITCH.

Learn more:

Zhang Jialang made a big reversal and scored 6 points in a row to reach the top four and strive for medals

We are Hong Kong! (Photo by Gao Shiqi)


Men's foil round of 16, Zhang Jialang fights world champion Kogoni.

Cai Junyan wants to fight against the host swordsman Shigen Chongyu.

If a Hong Kong will win, it will be the first male member of the Hong Kong team in fencing history to enter the Olympic quarterfinals.

Zhang Jialang played at a high level, leading his opponent early, winning 15-3, setting a record.

The top 8 will be held at 14:50 and will meet Russian swordsman Kirill BORODACHEV (Kirill BORODACHEV).

Cai Junyan was eliminated by 6:15.

Learn more:

Tokyo Olympics strikes

The myth of Cai Junyan's first Olympic game, the threshold for top swordsmen is actually on social media

Zhang Jialang played a wonderful battle and defeated the world champion Kogoney.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[12:30] In the

top 32 men's foil, Cai Junyan, who played for the first time this year, played against Canadian swordsman Maximilien van HAASTER. The first quarter fought brilliantly and the score was high.

Cai Junyan scored points again and again in the final stage and won 15:10 to advance.

Details of the battle:

Men's foil Zhang Jialang first defeated French swordsman Cai Junyan and defeated Qi Jin to the top 16

Cai Junyan fought fiercely with his opponent, and the result was "fighting in one session."

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)


Badminton mixed doubles combination Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue and German combination Linsfuss/Isabel Herttrich (Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich), the number of rounds was 1:1.

In the end, he won 21:16 by the deciding game, and qualified for the top 8.

The detailed situation:

Deng Junwen Xie Yingxue fights 3 qualifying to be drawn to determine the top 8 opponents

Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue are fighting for the right to qualify.


[11:43] In the

top 32 men's foil, Zhang Jialang played against the French opponent Julien MERTINE, leading by 8:6 in the first quarter, finally winning 15:12, reaching the top 16 and tying the previous results.

Hong Kong team swordsman Zhang Jialang (left) made it to the top 16 men's foil.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[11:20] The

badminton mixed doubles combination Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue played in the final round of the group match against the German combination Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich (Mark Lamsfuss/Isabel Herttrich), fighting for the right to qualify.

The Hong Kong team narrowly won 22:20 in the first game and lost 20:22 in the second game.


"Flower Boy" comes out!

The men's foil individual competition started. The 36-year-old swordsman Zhang Xiaolun, who made his first step on the Olympic stage, played against Germany's Andre SANITA in the top 64 in the first lap.

The first quarter ended, 6:7 behind.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Zhang Xiaolun turned back 8:7 and repeatedly used defensive counterattacks to get points.

The two sides once rested due to the collision, Zhang Xiaolun continued to take points after the rest, once leading to 14:8, leading to 14:10 at the end.

The third quarter started. After Zhang Xiaolun lost two points in a row, he was fined one more point because of the complaint and was tied to 14:14. He finally lost 5 points in a row and was out at 14:15.

Learn more:

"Big Brother" debuted in the first lap of the Olympic Games and regretted losing the German player

Post-match report:

Chasing for half a lifetime and embarking on the fifth ring kendo Zhang Xiaolun does not give up: I have not given up, I can fight

Analysis | Zhang Xiaolun's two key points from winning to losing

Zhang Xiaolun made his first Olympic appearance.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

[08:00] The

Hong Kong team's triathlon represented the Oscars in the first Olympic Games. They performed well. In the men's triathlon held this morning, 33 of the 51 players were won, which was completed in 1 hour, 48 minutes and 55 seconds.

Learn more:

Oscar creates the best triathlon record in the history of the Norwegian athlete

✨Badminton mixed doubles group match

Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue Vs LAMSFUSS Mark/HERTTRICH Isabel (Germany)

✨11:05am Women’s windsurfing RS:X 4th to 6th round Chen

Xiwen✨11:35am Men’s individual flower Top 32 swords to the final

Zhang Jialang Vs MERTINE Julien (France)

✨12:05pm Men’s individual foil top 32 to the final

Cai Junyan Vs van HAASTER Maximilien (Canada)

✨1:35pm Women’s laser laser single boat 3rd to 3rd 4 rounds Luo Yayi

✨ 2:05 pm Men’s windsurfing RS:X 4th to 6th round Zheng Junliang

✨ 2:30 pm Table tennis men’s singles top 32 Huang Zhenting

vs. Chuang

Zhiyuan (Chinese Taipei)

✨ 3:30 pm Ping Pong Men's singles top 32 Lin Zhaoheng vs. Zhang Ben Chiwa (Japan)

✨6:09pm Women’s 200m freestyle preliminary round He Shibei

The Hong Kong team's triathlon team and men's foil team made their debut on Monday. Oscars will participate in the men's triathlon event at 5:30 in the morning; the 36-year-old sword god Zhang Xiaolun, who made his first Olympics for the first time, will play in the individual round of 64; Cai Junyan will play later. If the three have been promoted, they will have the opportunity to play in the finals at 8pm.

In badminton, the mixed doubles combination Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue will play in the final match of the group stage. As long as they defeat the German combination, they will qualify for the top 8.

In the same day in table tennis, the top 32 men's singles will be staged. Huang Zhenting, who just lost in the mixed doubles, will play against the Chinese Taipei players. Lin Zhaoheng, who has won 7 games in two consecutive days, will fight the Japanese prodigy Tomowa Zhangmoto.

In addition, Zheng Junliang and Chen Xiwen will continue to participate in the men's and women's windsurfing RS:X; Luo Yayi will compete in the women's laser laser solo.

As for the focus at night, 15 Hong Kong record holder He Shibei will compete in the 200m freestyle preliminary.

She reached the top 16 in this event in the last Olympic Games and became the first athlete in Hong Kong swimming history to reach the Olympic semi-finals.

And its 200m freestyle Hong Kong record (1 minute 54.89 seconds) is the fifth fastest in the world since 2021 and is expected to advance again.

Summary on July 25:


"Mermaid" Ou Kaichun competed in the women's 100-meter backstroke preliminary round. She was placed on the 6th line of the third group. She swam the first 50 meters in 29.38 seconds and finished in 1 minute 01.07 seconds, ranking first in the group. 4. Failed to rank among the top 16 in the total score and missed the semi-finals.

Learn more:

Ou Kaichun's 100-meter backstroke team is fourth out "I will continue to work hard"

Ou Kaichun competes in the women's 100-meter backstroke.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)



Three windsurfing representatives from Hong Kong made their debut on Jiangzhidao. Zheng Junliang and Chen Xiwen played windsurfing men and women RS:X; Luo Yayi participated in the women's laser laser single-handed boat.

Zheng Junliang's performance is temporarily outstanding. After the first day of the game, he is temporarily ranked 8th, ranking the highest among Asian players.

Learn more:

Zheng Junliang of Hong Kong Windsurfing Team once occupied the top three, Chen Xiwen temporarily ranked 12th


Hong Kong table tennis representative Su Huiyin played in the women's singles round, facing Spanish player Xiao Yaoqian, after 55 minutes of fierce battle, the number of games was 2:4, and the top 64 was eliminated.

Learn more:

Hong Kong Ping Pong floret Su Huiyin's pink match with women's singles regrets defeating Spanish golfer in the second circle

Su Huiyin.


[14:00] The

Hong Kong team's table tennis men's single Lin Zhaoheng won 7 games in the first lap yesterday. Today, there was a "7 grab" in the second lap.

Lin Zhaoheng played vigorously, chasing 3 rounds to win.

In the next lap, the Japanese "prodigy" Tomowa Zhangmoto will be shaken hard.

Learn more:

"Seven Games" Lin Zhaoheng's disadvantage broke out 32 tough to shake Japanese prodigy

Lin Zhaoheng played 7 games again before advancing.


[12:20] The

Hong Kong team badminton mixed doubles combination. Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue lost in straight sets to the Chinese team Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping in the second game of the group match. The group match was 1 win and 1 loss.

Tomorrow morning, the two will compete with the German team Mark LAMSFUSS/Isabel HERTTRICH (Mark LAMSFUSS/Isabel HERTTRICH), which is also 1 win and 1 loss.

Learn more:

Xie Yingxue and Deng Junwen lost to China's world's 3rd Mingdou German War of Life and Death to enter the top 8

The Hong Kong team's mixed doubles partner Deng Junwen/Xie Yingxue lost to the Chinese combination in the second game of the group stage, 1 win and 1 loss in the group stage.



Hong Yongzhen played in the first group of the women's single scull semi-finals. It finished in 8 minutes and 36.37 seconds. The 6 contestants will accompany the last seat and will enter the ranking competition and miss the medal.


Hong Kong team medal hopes, table tennis mixed doubles Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiqin are out of the top 8.

They lost 3:11 in the first game against the French combination Nibonson/Yuan Jianan, and won 11:6 and 11:7 in the second game.

After the French combination pulled back 11:8, the two teams clenched in the 5th game. The Hong Kong team won 11:9 "Called Hu", and was tied by the French combination 11:7 to 3



In the deciding game, the Hong Kong team was behind 4:7 for a time. At this time, they made a continuous effort to catch up to 7:7, and then fell behind by 7:10.

The Hong Kong team saved 3 points in a row, and even chased it to 11:10. Unfortunately, they couldn't grasp it, and France went ahead again.

The last ball served, Huang Zhenting caught the ball and pointed to the opponent to serve and touch the net.

However, the opposition was invalid, the final game lost 11:13, and the total score was 3:4 out of the game.

Details of the



Huang Zhenting Tingdu Kaixuan Table Tennis Mixed Doubles 8 finals fierce battle in 7 rounds of controversial decision, regret to lose

Follow-up after the game:

Ping-pong mixed doubles card competition dream broken Huang Zhen Tingdu Kaiyan did not cry regret

The mixed doubles of the Hong Kong team played in the top 8.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)

Summary on July 24:


Shi Weixiong played in the vault qualification earlier and scored 14.274 points after two jumps.

After other players appeared on the stage in the afternoon, he had fallen out of the top 8 and missed the finals.

Learn more:

Shi Weixiong jumped out of the most difficult action but failed to make it to the top 8 and missed the final

The Hong Kong team was eliminated from the 4X100m freestyle relay preliminaries.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

[20:25] The

Hong Kong women’s swimming team competed in the 4X100m freestyle relay preliminaries at night. Because He Shibei stayed on the main event to prepare for the 200m freestyle, the Hong Kong team sent Tan Kailin, Zheng Limei, Ou Kaichun and Ho Nanhui to participate in the competition today. The result was 3 points and 43.52. Seconds, the team is out of the package.

Learn more: The

Hong Kong team won the 7th in the 4X100 self-relay, and the new Olympics take on the heavy responsibility: so nervous

Xie Yingxue and Deng Junwen won in the mixed doubles of badminton.



Hong Kong badminton mixed doubles Xie Yingxue and Deng Junwen played in the first Olympic group match, defeating Malaysian players Chen Bingluo/Wu Liuying with a total number of 2:1 at 21:18, 10:21 and 21:16.

Learn more:

Xie Yingxue and Deng Junwen win the first match of the Hong Kong team and defeat the Malaysian combination

Badminton mixed doubles Deng Xie with the first Olympic game is to win a wave and a victory in two meanings


Table tennis representative Lin Zhaoheng played in the men's singles first lap, facing the world ranked 90th Puerto Rican player Brian Afanador.

He fought fiercely with the opposing team for 7 rounds, fell behind twice, and entered the second lap with a 4:3 victory, and met Sathiyan Gnanasekaran of India (Sathiyan Gnanasekaran).

Learn more:

Hong Kong's Lin Zhaoheng lags behind twice and wins the men's singles table tennis lap


Cai Xiaofeng failed to complete the men's road cycling race.

Cai Xiaofeng (fourth from right) failed to complete the men's road cycling race.

(Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee)


Jiang Mingan was in the top 16 women's epee against Russian swordsman Metasha Eva, but unfortunately lost at 10:15.

War report:

Jiang Min Jiang regrets losing the Russian teenager to the top 8 and still set the best in history of the Hong Kong team

Tokyo Olympics hits directly | Jiang Minjiao is out three times and apologizes after smiling sword, and then he forcibly endures tears and promises to Hong Kong people

Jiang Mingan (left) was thrown away in the middle of the quarterfinals and was regrettably lost.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)



] In the men's gymnastics qualifying competition, Hong Kong general Shi Weixiong strives to reach the vault finals.

He did not have any accidents in the two jumps, and had a forward or backward movement correction on both landings, with a total score of 14.274 points.

He has to wait for all the players to finish and calculate the scores before he can make it to the final.

Shi Weixiong went to vault.



Jiang Mingan was in the top 16 women's epee, 15:8 Renata KNAPIK-MIAZGA, reached the top 8.

The opponent will be Aizanat MURTAZAEVA (Aizanat MURTAZAEVA), the Russian swordsman who eliminated the Hong Kong general She Shanyan.

Details of the battle: Tokyo Olympics direct attack|Jiang Mingan takes the Polish swordsman and breaks into the top 8 to create the history of Hong Kong's fencing Olympics

Jiang Minjian reached the top 8 and was the best result ever in fencing for the Hong Kong team in the Olympics.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

[10:48] The

table tennis competition started, the Hong Kong team hoped for medals. The mixed doubles combination of Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiyan faced the Hungary combination in the first game and won 4 straight games in just half an hour.

Advance to the top 8 to face the French combination Nibonson/Yuan Jianan.

Huang Zhenting/Du Kaiyan faced the Hungarian combination in their first match and won in 4 straight games in just half an hour.

(Associated Press)

[10:25] The

Hong Kong team's women's epee Jiang Minjian wins!

She faced Peruvian swordsman Maria Luisa DOIG CALDERON in the top 32, leading the middle stage and winning 15:11.

At 13:05 local time, Jiang Minjian will compete with Polish swordsman Renata KNAPIK-MIAZGA to enter the top 8.

Tokyo live direct



Fencing | Jiang Minjian wins 32 strong against Peruvian swordsman to advance

Jiang Minjian played in the women's epee.

(Photo by Yang Yuqiao)

[10:00] In

badminton men's singles, Ng Ka Lang easily won the first round of the group stage, beating Mexico's Lino MUNOZ with 21:9 and 21:10.

[08:27] The

Hong Kong team's women's epee player played.

She Jinyan and Lian Yixi were eliminated in the top 64, and the "Smiling Sword Queen" Jiang Mincuo will be in the top 32 against Peru's opponents, and see if she was eliminated in the last 16 round, whether she can achieve good results this year.

Learn more:

Women's heavy port will go out to be a disadvantage to She Shanyan and Lian Yixi stop at the top 64




Two defeats, one loss Swordsman Xiaohua can resist tears

Tokyo Olympics|Jiang Minjiao's rivals to fight for the cards one by one, the five-nation swordsman's track record does not lose|Swordsmanship

Lian Yixi (right) lost to the Singaporean and was out of the top 64 in the first round.

(Getty Images)


Hong Kong team boatman Hong Yongzhen won the second place in the single scull resurrection competition, and the defeated team was resurrected to advance to the semi-finals tomorrow morning.

Learn more: The

Hong Kong team's rowing female athlete Hong Yongzhen has been resurrected successfully!

Advancing to the semi-finals

Hung Wing Zhen was resurrected from the rowing single scull, and competed for the finals.

(Getty Images)

Summary on July 23:

At the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Stadium (formerly known as the New National Stadium) on Friday (23rd) evening, the Hong Kong team entered the stadium with flags from Xie Yingxue and Zhang Jialang.

Zhang Jialang said frankly that "it was shocking," but he was afraid of one thing.

The Hong Kong team entered the arena with flags from Xie Yingxue (left) and Zhang Jialang (right).

(Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee)

learn more:

Zhang Jialang Xie Yingxue enters the stadium with the flag and the flying fish of the Hong Kong team is caught excitedly

Tokyo Olympics | The final opening ceremony, three people in different time and space, what touched you

Naomi Osaka becomes the last torchbearer, surprise re-emergence of the Japan costume contest

The opening ceremony admission music has mystery Final Fantasy supersound mouse is hidden in it


The first port in the Tokyo Olympics will be staged. Hung Wing Zhen competed in the women's single scull preliminary competition, finishing the event in 8 minutes, 17 seconds and 79 seconds, ranking fourth in the group and falling into the wild card competition.

learn more:

Hung Wing-Chen's team is 4th in the wildcard match and advancement is not desperate

Direct hit丨Hung Yongzhen’s 22-year-old Olympics prelude has a stress lesson and re-emerges

Hong Yongzhen finished in 8:17.79, ranking fourth.

(Photo by Gao Shiqi)


Guide to Tokyo Olympics Free Live Broadcast|3 TV Station Apps Competition Conveniently With Website Link

📺July 27 (Tuesday) Hong Kong team schedule:

✨時間未知 乒乓球 女單第3輪
杜凱琹 Vs 申裕斌(韓國)
✨早上11時05分 女子激光鐳射型單人艇第5至6輪 洛雅怡
✨早上11時40分 羽毛球女單分組賽
張雁宜 Vs POLIKARPOVA Ksenia(以色列)
✨晚上6時09分 男子100米自由泳預賽 何甄陶



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東京奧運.江旻憓|我們記掛的江旻憓世一 膝頭傻了還是再堅持

東京奧運.歐鎧淳|四段奧運篇章告訴我們 堅持從來不止一個模樣




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讀得又打得! 香港「學霸」運動員: (按圖放大)


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