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Coronavirus disease. News|News: Elderly people's injections will start on Thursday at the press conference without the epidemic


The government announced today (today) that starting from Thursday (29th), 24 community vaccination centers (except private hospitals) will distribute "same-day funds" to senior citizens aged 70 or above for those who have not made an appointment to distribute funds.

The government announced today (today) that starting from Thursday (29th), 24 community vaccination centers (except private hospitals) will distribute "same-day funds" to elderly people aged 70 or above for those who have not made an appointment to distribute their numbers. The new crown vaccine will be vaccinated at the center during the designated period of the day.

The epidemic situation in Hong Kong has stabilized. The Centre for Health Protection announced yesterday (26th) that there were no new confirmed cases. This is the second time in the past seven days.

A pair of children of the Saudi consul in Hong Kong who arrived in Hong Kong from Saudi Arabia was diagnosed with the diagnosis. The 13-year-old sister (#11971) is still in critical condition.

In addition, the number of vaccinated people broke the 3 million mark the day before (25th), but the number of appointments began to slow down, and it was less than 30,000 for 4 consecutive days.

The government will announce arrangements to facilitate the vaccinations for the elderly, and set up a special day for elders aged 70 or above and accompanying relatives and friends for injections. It is estimated that each community vaccination center will have 200 places per day.

Special page|5000 yuan electronic consumer vouchers July 4th, registration in the whole city,

apply for discount lazy bag

Government consumer voucher registration website:

▼Click to see the vaccine discount▼

Vaccine lottery discount.

Continuous update|Sino Huazhi gave away 10 million yuan of Kaihui unit Changjiang Group gave 5 million yuan gift voucher to buy Changshi Building

Vaccine Lucky Draw|With a link to register the strategy, the manufacturer will give a total of 3.1 million free credit

Click to enter the registration website of Vaccine Sampling

Click to enter the vaccination and draw 300 tael fund registration website

Click to enter the 7-round grain needle draw of the General Chamber of Commerce

Click to enter the Chinachem Group Lucky Draw

Click to enter the manufacturer will be free to find a lot of big draws

Click to enter the Bank Association's 100,000 yuan free lottery draw

▼The last day of 7.26 Anime Video Game Festival▼


Variant virus | He Boliang urges Hong Kong to inspect the airport outsourcing company's epidemic prevention

[11:44] He Boliang, director of the Infection and Infectious Diseases Center of the University of Hong Kong, said on a commercial program today (27th) that there was an outbreak of the Delta variant virus at Nanjing Lukou Airport, involving nearly 100 patients, and it has reached 5 in a short time. 8 provinces and 8 places.

He believes that the airport outsourcing company may be a gap in epidemic prevention, and that Hong Kong should review whether the airport's epidemic prevention measures against outsourcing companies are implemented in place.

[00:01] Two new places in Hong Kong were included in the mandatory test announcement yesterday (26th), including Quarry Bay Park Phase I and Cityplaza. They were last Saturday (17th) and this Sunday (18th). Japan) A person who has been diagnosed with a variant virus has visited.

The two elder brothers who arrived in Hong Kong from Saudi Arabia who were diagnosed last week lived in Tanggong Pavilion, Taikoo Shing, and had repeatedly “stolen” from hotel quarantine exemption orders to go shopping in the city center. Today, the two new places in the same district are believed to be on the list. Related to the two.

According to the list of the whereabouts of the confirmed cases in the past week, the two have repeatedly reported their whereabouts by "toothpaste squeezing", so that Taikoo Shing Center and Quarry Bay Westland Center were included in mandatory testing many days after they were diagnosed.

▼From July 8th, measures to maintain social distancing generally under the framework of the "vaccine bubble"▼


Yesterday's overview: new coronary pneumonia.

7.26|Today's zero confirmed case for the second time within 7 days, no local cases for 49 consecutive days

New Coronary Pneumonia|No new cases have been confirmed in 49 consecutive places in Japan, and the initial confirmed cases are less than 5

New Crown Vaccine | 66,000 people get injections on Monday, 26,000 people make appointments for 4 consecutive days, less than 30,000 people

New Crown Vaccine | The number of appointments has been reduced, and the results of the lottery draw for experts have dropped

New Crown Vaccine|He Boliang: the vaccination rate will reach 90% in November as soon as possible

New Crown Vaccine | Pushing the Elderly to Raise the Same Day, Need to Increase Civilian Manpower, Operators Promote Commercial Buildings to Set up Vaccination Centers

New Coronary Pneumonia | Hong Kong University Jiefang Anti-cancer Drug Effectively "Lung Down" The Effect Is Equal to Redecive

Vaccine Lucky Draw|The Association of Banks promotes the steps to register for the free amount of spending

Coupons|K11 MUSEA launches 2 million lucky draw to give hotel accommodation package and iPhone 12

▼On the night of 7.26, the public went to the mall to watch Zhang Jialang win the Olympic gold medal after the epidemic ▼



▼See the details of the scheduled vaccination and side effects of Kexing and BioNTech in the three pictures▼

New crown pneumonia | There are no new cases of 49 consecutive cases in Japan. The initial diagnosis of new crown vaccines is less than 5 in Japan. The number of appointments has been reduced. Experts have reduced the effectiveness of the lottery. At the end of the month, it is difficult to reach 70% vaccination rate. Tickets and iPhone 12 Vaccine Lucky Draw|The Association of Banks recommends the steps to pay attention to the registration steps for the new crown vaccine|He Boliang: The vaccination rate will reach 90% in November as soon as November. Refund arrangements, but only a few people will be refunded on site


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