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There are no less than 50 people in the Legislative Council’s review of the rules and regulations, and the silence must be approved before the meeting.


The general election of the Legislative Council will be held in December this year, and the number of members in the next term will increase to 90. The Committee on Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Council once again consulted all members of the Legislative Council on the proposal to amend the Rules of Procedure and the House Rules.

The general election of the Legislative Council will be held in December this year, and the number of members in the next term will increase to 90. The Legislative Council Rules of Procedure Committee once again consulted all members of the Legislative Council on the proposal to amend the Rules of Procedure and the House Rules.

After Pakatan Harapan Chairman Lu Weiguo suggested that the composition of the House Committee and the Finance Committee should be revised, it is suggested that the two committees should be composed of no less than 50 members, and the previous regulations that compulsory members to join the internal and financial accounting should be changed.

Proposed amendments to the internal accounting and accounting portfolio Lu Weiguo: Can represent the majority of the opinions of members

Lu Weiguo proposed to amend the composition of members of the internal and accounting committees. He believes that considering that the next Legislative Council will increase to 90 seats, and the members may have different work priorities, it is no longer mandatory to stipulate all members except the President of the Legislative Council. , Must serve as members of the accounting and internal committees, and believe that the proposed number of members can ensure that the decisions or opinions expressed by the committee members represent the majority of the opinions of the legislative council members, while maintaining the number of members at a manageable scale.

According to the documents provided by the Rules of Procedure Committee, some members of the Rules of Procedure think that the method is reasonable, but some members believe that there is no need to specify the number of members of the two committees. The Rules of Procedure believe that the opinions of members should be consulted first. Promote specific recommendations.

Since the internal council is an important part of the Legislative Council, the composition of the internal committee members has been revised, and the operation details of the relevant committees will also need to be revised.

The Council of Regulations recommends that any member, whether or not a member of the House Committee, intends to seek the approval or suggestion of the House Committee on matters related to the affairs of the Legislative Council, he should submit a written request to the Chairman of the House Committee for consideration at the House Committee meeting. The chairman of the internal meeting also has the right to invite non-members to speak at the meeting, report on bills or the work of the subcommittee, etc.

Direct voting after the election day or within a limited time

In the Legislative Council last year, there was a turmoil in the internal meeting, and the chairman of the internal meeting was not elected for half a year, triggering a political turmoil.

The Rules of Procedure Committee agreed to amend the current election procedures to ensure that the election of the chairman and vice chairmen of the committee can be carried out smoothly and completed within a reasonable time.

The Council recommends adopting other subcommittee procedures for electing the chairperson, including that the election must be completed within the specified time limit, all nominations for the chairman and vice chairpersons must be submitted electronically before the specified deadline, and direct voting must be conducted, and no procedural issues or acceptance must be heard. Any motion.

The Committee also recommends that the requirement for silence be revised to stipulate in accordance with the current way of doing things: "The President of the Legislative Council may order or allow a silence, which usually lasts for one minute, in order to provide for the incumbent members, persons closely related to the Legislative Council, or those who have made a statement to Hong Kong. We express our condolences for the deaths of those who have contributed significantly.” Under the new regulations, if a member of the Legislative Council intends to propose a silent tribute at a meeting of the Legislative Council, he must obtain the approval of the President of the Legislative Council before that meeting, and the silence can only be observed at the Legislative Council meeting. It is done at the beginning, which means that Members will no longer ask for silence during Legislative Council meetings in the future.

Members can return the questionnaire to the secretariat of the Council on or before August 11; if the committee chairman Xie Weijun agrees, the secretariat may make necessary and appropriate changes in response to the opinions received from members and operational needs; if the rules of procedure The committee agreed that the proposed amendments that received sufficient support would then be submitted to the House Committee for approval or approval.

Rules of Procedure|The Legislative Council will not compulsorily join the accounting and accounting, and the internal meeting will make up 50 people "enough." The Legislative Council passes amendments to the rules of procedure to limit the number of committees and exhibits. Only Zheng Songtai opposed the first meeting of the Candidate Qualification Review Committee. All members attended


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