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Barbecue: the North American sauce that renewed our grill


Although the traditionalists resist, more and more Argentines incorporate it. Recipes and tips to use it.

Gimena Pepe Arias

07/29/2021 6:02 AM

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Updated 7/29/2021 6:02 AM


BBQ sauce is one of the most popular worldwide


And as such a place was made at our tables.

It is no longer that foreign preparation

that we get used to seeing in the US series while sausages and hamburgers were grilled on mobile grills where no one ever asked for "a round of applause from the grill."

Time passed, tastes changed: this

tomato-based sauce

, similar to ketchup, but

with a smoky flavor, is already widely used as a garnish for certain meat-based dishes

, even on the sacred Argentine grill. 

Just go to a supermarket to see its proliferation

: national barbecue sauces, imported, classic, smokier, spicier, even made with whiskey.

Exclusive formulas from renowned American venues, such as Kansas, are also marketed. 

The origin of barbecue sauce


roots are

believed to

be pre-Hispanic


But the original "barbecue sauce"

was developed

over time in the United States, based on the introduction of ingredients and the

mixture of

different sauces for meat and smoked, such as ketchup, vinegar,

mustard and

Worcestershire sauce. .

The barbecue sauce can be prepared at home.

Just as in our land the weekend barbecue is a classic that is accompanied with chimichurri sauce or Creole sauce, in the

United States the BBQ (barbicue) is the queen of the meetings.

That's what they call the barbecue, not just the sauce.

The meats they use are soaked in the dressing and grilled over the coals


To concentrate the smoked flavor, the grills are of the chulengo style, with a lid that closes and allows the smell of smoke not to escape and penetrate the meat.

Barbecue sauce in Argentina

How did we get to include it in our grills?

Felicitas Pizarro, the cook and host of Fuegas, a program dedicated to providing secrets and innovative recipes in front of the embers, considers that it

comes from the landing of North American food stores.

Ribs, the preferred cut for pairing with barbecue sauce.

Photo: Antares.

The so-called

family dinners

, which are not just hamburger fast food places, but also have roasted meats, sandwiches and other preparations, suitable for the whole family. “This is how the barbecue rage was born. Well earned because it

has everything to be tasty: sugar, salt, fat, all the perfect seasoning, much more than a ketchup that is very sweet

”, says Felicitas.   

Felicitas declares herself "


barbecue" but clarifies that it

is important to understand when and where to apply it.

“You have to know how to use it.

I wouldn't smear a vacuum with barbecue.

It goes for the pork ribs, with fatty cuts.

A half-played variant would be to do it with a roast strip ”, he explains and

recommends that a small pot be served at the table so that each diner can add it to their liking


In the North American grill, barbecue sauce is a must.

Photo: Rock and Ribs


The Taliban of the Argentine barbecue is not going to adopt it, and the gaucho should never do it

," the cook says with a laugh.

A way of admitting that sometimes, when the preparations are very foreign, they stray too far from what we traditionally call asado.

The proposal is to indulge in a game, open the palate to new flavors on the grill and in the kitchen in general.

A good BBQ sauce goes well with the

chicken with which you can then prepare cakes or empanadas,

with the ribs or baked breast, with


and with



And for those who prefer not to consume so many industrialized products, 

the barbecue sauce

can be cooked at home


It is a simple preparation, slow cooking.

Formulas there are thousands.

The truth is that it always has tomato sauce.

The game started, move your token and

adopt barbecue as an ingredient and not just as a topping with these recipes. 

1. Barbecue sauce recipe

It has many ingredients, some are sure to be in your home and others are easy to find.

It requires a slow and gentle cooking.

The longer it cooks, the more dense and concentrated it will be.

See the step by step of the barbecue sauce

Pork ribs with barbecue.

Photo: Néstor García.

2. Barbecued pork ribs

Baby back ribs to eat with your hand and lick your fingers!

Being finite, they do not take long to cook on the grill.

See the step by step of the barbecue pork ribs

3. Beer Braised Pork Ribs Recipe

In addition to the flavors of the barbecue, there is also the Scotch beer, a full-bodied species, made with caramelized malt, almost sweet.

Watch the step by step of the braised pork ribs with beer

4. Pork breast recipe with barbecue sauce

Another cut of pork to smear and enjoy the barbecue marinade, it is the pork breast, a meatier option than the ribs.

Watch the step by step of the pork breast with barbecue sauce

5. Recipe for barbecued bondiola empanadas 

Grilled bondiola empanadas Photo: Fernando de la Orden

A long cooking that is well worth it.

The meat melts and mixes with the barbecue creating a spectacular filling to make empanadas.

Watch the step by step of the barbecued bondiola empanadas

6. Recipe for a bondiola sandwich with barbecue sauce

Like empanadas ... to achieve meat with a lot of flavor, cooking is slow.

Besides, it has a previous maceration.

Watch the step by step of the bondiola sandwich with barbecue sauce

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