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Gerardo Morales exploded: 'Horacio Rodríguez Larreta is responsible for the attacks on Facundo Manes'


The governor of Jujuy pointed hard against the mayor of Buenos Aires: "He thinks he is the owner of Together for Change."

07/29/2021 18:21

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Updated 7/29/2021 6:21 PM

Since the campaign for the next elections began, the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, has had an

open war

against his partner from Together for Change, the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

He had already said that "he put on the President's suit before becoming one" and now accused him of

leading a dirty campaign

against Facundo Manes, the UCR's pre-candidate who will compete against Diego Santilli, of the PRO.

"Just that we have always convinced a radical to enter politics, he is attacked. The problem is that

if he had entered politics through the PRO, there is no problem

, the issue is that he enters through radicalism," Morales shot.

Speaking to

Radio con Vos


He said that it is a campaign "that has a single person in charge, who is Horacio Rodríguez Larreta."


He thinks he is the owner of Together for Change

and has put on the suit of the president before becoming one," he accused.

Morales criticized what he called a "very complex construction logic" of Rodríguez Larreta.

"I would say that it should be reviewed, because this way we are going to weaken and put JxC at risk," he analyzed.

Manes had lit the fuse when he questioned the financing of Santilli's campaign from the other side of General Paz.

Then Elisa Carrió and Cristian Ritondo came out to cross it harshly.

The Jujuy said that from the radicalism they are going "to bank and support Facundo."

"He is not only an excellent professional, I think he is the

faithful expression of the average Argentine

. In addition, the expression of the culture of effort and work," he sweetened it.

Regarding the chances that JxC will break with all the darts that do not stop between candidates, he said: "I hope not."

"But until they stop with this barrage of attacks against Facundo, at least as governor,

I do not sit at the JxC table

. Let the president of the party they see take care of it. I don't know how they are going to do it, but

since the stop with Facundo


And he continued: "If not, in what way do we expand;

This whole slogan of expanding

Let's change ends up being a verse

. "

District changes, the genesis

Morales also took the opportunity to criticize again the district changes of María Eugenia Vidal and Santilli.

"The origin of all this is

the desertion of Vidal

from the province of Buenos Aires.

Vidal's campaign

is somewhat strange

because it turns out that she is a candidate in the City but she has to be answering and the speech is from the province," he ironized.

He immediately turned his gaze to the Buenos Aires head of government: "But it also has to do a bit with

Larreta's logic, who believes that the electorate is naive

and we can get him out of there and put him here."

Then he analyzed that this "creates a void" because, in his opinion, Vidal should have fought the battle in the Province, "defending his management and strengthening JxC", which "would be aligned".

For all this, Morales believes that when radicalism made the decision "to

stop being a caboose

" and to look for a man of prestige, "it received this type of attack."

"I hope

they stop it

and that in any case we confront ideas. What I say may sound harsh, but what I do is an analysis of the politics and the logic of construction that a person has who until now is responsible for how the

economy deteriorates. link

within JxC ", he hit Larreta again.

When asked about Elisa Carrió and her sayings against Manes, Morales ran Lilita back from the scene to point at Larreta: "It's

not Lilita, it's Horacio who is behind


"It is not her, it is not by chance either. There is a whole

strategy by Horacio

. That also got quite involved in radicalism, in the armed forces, in closing lists in the country to divide radicalism," he insisted.

Finally, he said that this is also something that has generated a quite



in radicalism.

"It will generate problems in the future," he predicted.

"I believe that the responsibility for deepening the confrontational climate within JxC has

a single person in charge

who has a first and last name, who is Horacio Rodríguez Larreta," he concluded.


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