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He wants to see Kaamelott 200 times in a row, Alexandre Astier will accompany him in his challenge!


Arnaud Klein, 33, has decided to beat the Guinness Record for the most views of the same feature film in the cinema. The director has promised to accompany him during a session this summer.

Four sessions a day for more than a month and a half: no doubt, there is no greater fan of Kaamelott than the young Arnaud Klein.

The 30-something will try to beat the world record for the greatest number of screenings of the same film in the cinema, by going to see 200 times the first part of the adventures of King Arthur.

Alexandre Astier reacted on Twitter to this somewhat crazy challenge, by promising Arnaud Klein to accompany him in one of these sessions.

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The idea of ​​beating this record was born over a drink with my friends,

” laughs the young man, who is already at more than 35 sessions.


We were all

impatiently awaiting



, and I said that I would be able to see him 200 times because I had been waiting for him for a long time,"

he recalls


We looked to see if there was a record for the most views of the same film, and it was


In 2019, the American Ramiro Alanis indeed broke the record by traveling 191 times to see

Avengers: Endgame

. “

That's where I said to myself, why not try to beat this record with


. I knew I could see the movie 200 times because I must have seen the show about that many times. And I said to myself that it would be cool to have a Frenchman attempting a world record on a French film,

”enthuses the one who dreams of being an audiovisual editor.

On June 2, Arnaud Klein took the leap and entered the Guinness World Records.

“The procedures are hell!

It takes three months for them to study the file.

And once I have their approval, I have to send them all the evidence in photos and videos.

After that, there are twenty weeks of waiting to validate the record, ”he


Since the film's release last week, he has watched the first part of the adventures of King Arthur seven days a week.

I do four daily sessions, because more that would be too psychologically.

If I continue at this pace, I should arrive at the 200th session on September 7th or 8th.

I saved myself a day of margin in the event that my second dose of vaccine knocked me out


Because Arnaud Klein had not planned the establishment of the health pass in places of culture from July 21. Not yet vaccinated, the young man had to hurry to receive his first dose. But while waiting for the second, on August 5,

“it's antigenic test every two days,” he


Another downside is the drop in cinema attendance, which could cost

Kaamelott a

few weeks


“The bet is very risky because I don't know how long the film will be in the theaters.

That said, I am reassured because there was a great enthusiasm the first week with a million spectators.

But it may be that I arrive at 150 sessions and that I can not go to the end ”

, worries the young man.

Fortunately, no worries on the financial side for Arnaud Klein, has an unlimited pass.



therwise it could soon cost me dearly!"

, he admits.

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If after about thirty sessions, the thirty-something admits that it is not always easy for morale, sharing his adventure on social networks helps him not to let go.



challenged me. For example, finding out how many times Léodagan and Dame Silva are going to argue, how many shots are there outdoors or indoors… It helps me a lot because it allows me to focus on something different at each session. and therefore time passes a little faster. For the moment, there are 81 challenges, so I have enough to take care of until the 200th session, ”

says Arnaud Klein.

And above all, it is thanks to Twitter that he will realize one of his biggest dreams. From July 16, the young man shares his plan to see the film 200 times in his community. Two days later, Alexandre Astier, very active on social networks, replied with humor:

“You know he was not studied for that, eh! You won't come and complain if the last 60 are boring! ”

An already unexpected response:

“I was very surprised and very happy. I didn't expect it to get so big. I was doing the challenge especially for my friends and I. ”

Then, on July 23, during his twelfth session, his adventure took a new turn when, like every day, he shared a photo of himself in front of the cinema, his tickets in hand.

"But did you like it at least?"

, asks Alexandre Astier in comment. "

Enough to see him 188 times, Sire,

" replied Arnaud Klein. “

Good. So it passes. I will come and do one with you in the summer to support you in the operation

”. An answer that the thirty-something still cannot digest:

“Ah that tweet! It's totally crazy. I had expressed the idea in one of my videos but it was a bottle in the sea. I believed in 1%. Alexandre Astier in person, it is not nothing. I haven't had more info since, but I'm still young in the project so I think I will have contact around the 150th session to see if I hold up

, he believes.

This session with him is a big motivation to keep going until the end


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