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Interview ︱ Jasper Jasper Groups Lam Cheng’s Inexplicable Attitudes to Housing


The current term of the SAR government is only one year, and there are many speculations about the next three important elections, especially the first choice in March next year. Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, put forward 5 requirements for Hong Kong governors earlier, including

The current term of the SAR government is only one year, and there are many speculations about the next three important elections, especially the first choice in March next year.

Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, put forward 5 requirements for Hong Kong governors earlier, including being a firm patriot, being good at solving various contradictions and problems facing Hong Kong’s development, being good at doing practical things for the people, loving the people for the people, and being good at uniting in all aspects. Strength and charisma, and good at performing duties and responsibilities.

In an exclusive interview with "Hong Kong 01", the chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of the Founding Party and former chairman of the Legislative Council, Jasper Tsang, pointed out that among the five requirements of Xia Baolong for governors, the second and fourth points are targeted around governors’ ability It is by no means a general discussion, and it means something to the current governor.

Xia Baolong’s speech emphasized the need to solve the housing problem. Zeng Yucheng pointed out that Chief Executive Carrie Lam said in response to the housing problem that "the whole society should be mobilized." The general public is also responsible. Criticism of this attitude is inexplicable. For example, Xia Baolong heard that "definitely Excited to death", "Smoke comes out."

Xia Baolong focuses on the political ability of governors

Jasper Tsang pointed out that Xia Baolong’s speech in February this year mainly explained the importance of "patriots ruling Hong Kong." The recent speeches, based on the above premises, indicated that Hong Kong needs a patriotic governance with "both ability and political integrity", and will make specific requirements. Let's start again.

According to his analysis, points 1, 3, and 5 are directed at the position and attitude of the governor. If it is not enough, the self-consciousness in this area should be increased; as for the second and fourth points, it is directed at the issue of the governor’s ability.

"He (Xia Baolong) has two sayings, "Every mountain can make a road, and water can build a bridge." In addition to this determination and a sense of commitment, you also need to have the ability. You don’t know how to open roads or build bridges. Isn’t it going to die?” Zeng Yucheng said that the ability Xia Baolong requires does not refer to whether technical or professional training is sufficient, but whether he is politically capable of removing social obstacles and dissolving social obstacles when he is in governance. Social resistance; unite the majority of society, know how to communicate with people of different backgrounds, different classes, and even groups of different interests, and turn resistance into assistance.

It is said that after many years of retirement, there are still citizens who report that it is not their turn to public housing

In terms of specific details, Jasper Tsang mentioned that the disparity between the rich and the poor, medical care, pensions, and the most important housing issues are all matters that the central government has already stated and must be dealt with. However, the government should do more, such as whether it is bold enough to make public The goal is to reduce the waiting time for public housing within three years within a certain period of time: "To make people feel that you are really anxious for the public. I have retired in the Legislative Council for many years, and I still have In the case, I met a citizen on the street and told me that he had been waiting for public housing for more than 7 years. How did the government explain it?"

Xia Baolong's five requirements for governors (excerpt)

-Be good at fully and accurately implementing the "One Country, Two Systems" policy in the practice of governing Hong Kong, and be a firm patriot-Be good at solving various contradictions and problems facing Hong Kong's development, and be a responsible patriot.

Have strategic thinking and broad vision, pay attention to investigation, research and scientific decision-making, take responsibility, dare to face tough, be good at doing things, open roads when encountering mountains, build bridges when encountering water, eliminate all kinds of diseases that affect the improvement of Hong Kong's social and political ecology, and break through the constraints of Hong Kong's economic development And the various benefits of improving people’s livelihood, effectively cracking down on outstanding issues such as housing, employment, medical care, and the disparity between the rich and the poor, and continuously improving the governance capacity and level of the special administrative region-being good at doing practical things for the people, and being a patriot who loves the people.

Establish the service consciousness of citizen supremacy, think about what the citizens think, worry about what the citizens want, and solve the difficulties of the citizens, always stick to the grassroots and grounded-good at uniting all aspects of the force and being an inspiring patriot.

Break through the doorway, communicate more, exchange more, understand more, and make more channels in case of trouble-be good at fulfilling your duties and be a responsible patriot.

With the spirit of being highly responsible to the country and Hong Kong, he seeks government in his place, is dedicated, works hard, and fulfills his duties. Speech by Xia Baolong, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, July 16, 2021

The statement that "the governors include the general public" affirms "Director Xia's death"

In addition, Jasper Tsang is also dissatisfied with Lam Cheng's attitude towards housing policy.

When the reporter of "Hong Kong 01" asked at the press conference before the guild last week whether the SAR government could hand over a specific plan on the housing issue, Lam Cheng responded: "I believe that when Director Xia said this, the "ruler" Not only the SAR government, but also legislators and the general public, including all sectors, especially on the housing issue. To truly "open up the world" to create land requires the mobilization of the whole society."

Jasper Tsang stated that members of the Legislative Council are certainly included in the "rulers", but Xia Baolong spent a lot of time explaining what kind of patriotic governance Hong Kong needs, and he has clearly distinguished the governors from the general public. Therefore, Lam Cheng's interpretation Not correct: "Is there any mistake? Then what Director Xia said is meaningless? I think that if Lin Zheng's remarks are heard by Director Xia, Director Xia will be agitated to death." He said that the housing problem is for the whole society. Solving together is right in principle, but the person who takes the lead and formulates the policy must be the government: "The government has the power. The law gives the government special powers. The power of governance is in your (government) hands."

When in power, it is "the chief executive's leadership" to do things, but when it is "full social responsibility"

Jasper Tsang criticized that when Lam Cheng refused to extend the scope of Articles 3 and 8 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance to the Chief Executive, he said that the special constitutional status of the Chief Executive should be taken into consideration, but when he did practical things, he said that everyone else was responsible: "When it comes to power, it emphasizes that Hong Kong is executive-led, and it is also the chief executive-led executive-led executive; when it is really necessary to do things, it says, "No, it's done by the whole society." Then yours Where is the chief executive? Where is the chief executive?"

Therefore, Zeng Yucheng pointed out: "So I find it inexplicable. I think Director Xia must be so angry that he will smoke. How can I say that? That is to say that I am not responsible? I hope she doesn't mean that. These are exactly the five that Director Xia said. The second requirement is exactly the opposite. How do you call it a commitment? How do you call it a way for the mountain?"

When Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor was asked about housing by a reporter from "Hong Kong 01" earlier, she pointed out that this is the responsibility of the whole society, including the general public.

Jasper Tsang strongly criticized this statement.

(Profile picture)

The "old problem" of the system is still unresolved

As for the current society, is there such a kind of "both ability and political integrity", but also responsible for the role of "ruler"?

Jasper Tsang believes that there is, but believes that the key is how the entire system provides suitable soil for these people to play: "He must have a clear political concept, a goal, and a vision. This is the political concept and will bring Hong Kong to the summer. What the director said-in the middle of this century, whether the several expectations that director Xia said can be realized, he will do so."

But this is also an "old problem" since the establishment of the SAR: the chief executive has no political background.

According to Jasper Tsang, this has led to the fact that those who are aspiring to politics cannot form a cabinet with like-minded people and implement policies with clear core concepts. Therefore, the Secretary-General is still a "combined army" and may not have a unified political concept.

He mentioned that in the report of the Fourth Plenary Session of 2019, in addition to the establishment and improvement of the legal system and implementation mechanism of the special administrative region to safeguard national security, it also mentioned the improvement of the central government's system and mechanism for the appointment and removal of the chief executive and principal officials of the special administrative region.

The former has already been done (that is, the "Hong Kong National Security Law" has been enacted), and the latter will depend on when the central government has made up its mind to deal with it, achieving the effect of "those who have the best and the inferior".

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