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Söder becomes clear in “Markus Lanz” and puts pressure on those who refuse to be vaccinated


"Markus Lanz" asks Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder about his latest proposals in corona policy. In the current election campaign, Söder is plagued by a very specific concern.

"Markus Lanz" asks Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder about his latest proposals in corona policy.

In the current election campaign, Söder is plagued by a very specific concern.

Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) comments on his latest advances in vaccinations and tests with “Markus Lanz”. Connected via video from Munich, he demands: “We have to massively increase the vaccination rate and the vaccination rate can only be increased if you do not want to be vaccinated, and we do not want that by making it clear that the tests are no longer free in the long term. And secondly, by granting the fully vaccinated again maximum freedom and thus also creating an incentive for vaccination. "

In the debate about compulsory testing for those returning to travel, Söder also called for speed: “I am very much urging that this be done now.

The federal government had originally planned that on 11.9.

put into effect.

That doesn't really make a lot of sense, because on 9/11.

all holidays are over, even in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. ”In order for the school to run as desired,“ also from the RKI need clear guidelines.

How about the incidence?

We will certainly need them further.

But the question is: what is the relationship like?

At what incidence does so many vaccinated people threaten to overload the health system? "

Markus Söder on "Markus Lanz": "It is not mandatory to have a vaccination through the back door"

Söder contradicts the accusation that this involves compulsory vaccination through the back door: “This is not pressure or compulsory vaccination through the back door, but it is personal responsibility. Everyone has to decide what they want. Vaccination: Yes. Those who do not want to be vaccinated must then be responsible, for example paying for the tests themselves. ”According to Söder, the decision“ from when and how ”the tests are no longer free must be made before the general election.

The vaccination conflict with his Bavarian coalition partner Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters), who publicly stated why vaccination was not yet an option for him, has meanwhile been resolved, according to Söder: “It's about the choice of words.

It's not about saying I won't vaccinate.

The choice of words was utterly disturbing.

But we have cleared that up.

I made this clear to him: to speak of vaccine apartheid is a completely inappropriate choice of words.

It doesn't work that way either. "

"Markus Lanz" - these were his guests on July 28th:

  • Markus Söder

    (CSU) - politician

  • Herbert Diess

    - Manager

  • Lamia Messari-Becker

    - civil engineer

  • Frank Schätzing

    - author

In terms of the Bundestag election campaign, Söder would like more substance at the moment: “I think that the election campaign as a whole suffers a little from the fact that we talk about trivialities. So whether a resume is perfectly styled, whether a laugh is appropriate or not. At the moment that is a bit inadequate for me in the overall debate when it comes to the future of Germany. ”He also criticizes the Union election campaign for not emphasizing enough“ what we actually stand for. If you want to have a decade of modernization, you have to show this modernization. "

“The last few weeks have shown that the political competitor is weakening,” Söder continues to analyze the election campaign, but warns not to rest on it: “You know what worries me: it is now splashing somewhere, everything is leveling itself out. Christian Lindner, whom I appreciate, but who is also very clever, says: 'Man, the choice has already been made. Don't worry, Black wins and it's all about who with. ' And in the end, if you look at the numbers like that, a traffic light is possible at any time. And there is one thing I know for sure about the FDP: it wants and has to govern and, in case of doubt, will also turn off a traffic light. "

The author Frank Schätzing can apparently understand this concern, because at the end of the video slot he says: “What I get from the CSU, I find more ambitious than what comes from the CDU.

I believe that Armin Laschet is a friendly and affectionate man, but I don't see any profile in what he does and what he says. "

Volkswagen boss Diess at "Markus Lanz": "Cars will play an even bigger role than they do today"

The future visions of Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess are also ambitious. Although the switch to electromobility is a big project in itself, he sees far greater changes on the horizon: “The car will be much more intelligent, it will be able to do things itself. It will be able to drive parts of the route autonomously, it will drive us. There will be taxis without drivers. To do this, you need new skills. We will experience the car in a completely new way in the next decade or at most in the next 15 years. "

The times for his industry are therefore rosy, as Diess describes: “We will not need fewer cars.

Cars will play an even bigger role than they do today because they lose many of their drawbacks.

They will make a significant, sustainable contribution to climate protection through electrification.

You will be much safer, we will hardly have any more accidents.

And that makes it an incredibly attractive means of transport. "

“Markus Lanz” round debates the role of raw materials for the future of mobility

The civil engineer and city planner Lamia Messari-Becker shares the view that more vehicles will be on the road in the future and explains why: “The city of the future, if we remodel our cities wisely, will be a city of short distances.” The assumption that This means that cars will disappear is a fallacy: “With electromobility and autonomous driving, we will not have less traffic in cities and rural areas, but much more. That's simply because it becomes a computer. And suddenly older people and disabled people can also drive. "

Schätzing expresses the hope that the empty trips that will be eliminated through autonomous driving will lead to a reduction in the number of vehicles: “We have to get away from the mass of cars.

Simply for reasons of the raw materials that we have to use for it. ”Diess counters this by saying that a“ big boost ”is currently necessary, but once this has been done, one will“ get into a completely sustainable raw material cycle that is less environmentally damaging than today's. "

“Markus Lanz” - the conclusion of the show

Talkmaster Lanz finds it difficult to grasp the politician Markus Söder (CSU), who is connected via video. Not least because of this, he announced on Wednesday evening that Bavaria's Prime Minister had promised a studio visit on the Thursday after the federal election (September 30). The subsequent discussion about electromobility and climate protection is controversial and based on many figures. VW boss Herbert Diess explains why he is assuming complete electrification of the automotive industry; Civil engineer Lamia Messari-Becker expresses skepticism about feasibility; and the author Frank Schätzing explains why he considers the electric car to be “the dairy cow of the automotive industry”.

Source: merkur

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