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Sabrina Frederic criticized the Chubut Police and they replied: 'You cannot stop a road block and you think'


Provincial Minister Federico Massoni reacted after his national counterpart repudiated the video with chants against the picketers.

07/29/2021 18:01

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Updated 7/29/2021 6:01 PM

The controversial video of the Chubut Police with chants against the picketers continues to add reactions and generate tensions.

Sabina Frederic repudiated

the police training

with a

strong official statement


And the Chubut Security Minister,

Federico Massoni,

came out with the end caps:

"He cannot stop a road block and he thinks

of the Chubut Police



The controversy began after

a 13-second video went

viral on social networks.

In the registry, aspiring infantrymen are observed trotting and singing stigmatizing and threatening verses towards the picketers.

"Piquetero, piquetero, be careful, one dark night I will enter your village"

, you can hear in the images.

Despite the criticism in the networks -which spoke of


-, from the Chubut police headquarters they justified the song: they explained that it

served as a "motivation"

before a training of great "stress".

Hours later, the Ministry of National Security sent

a letter

to Governor Mariano Arcioni to protest "anti-democratic practices" and the "intention to

spread terror


"Today, Gabriel Fuks, the Secretary of Federal Articulation of the Security of this Portfolio, sent a formal note to the Government of the Province of Chubut in the face of the facts of public knowledge

related to undemocratic practices

in the entrance to the Guard Corps of Provincial Police Infantry ", says the statement from Minister Frederic.

The crossing between Sabina Frederic and Federico Massoni due to the scandalous video of the Chubut Police.

From that portfolio, they assured that the training "transmits a message that is absolutely opposed to a democratic security policy and respect for Human Rights."

In addition, they described it as a "flagrant act of

discrimination and stigmatization of vulnerable sectors."

Fuks, according to the statement, also pointed to "the intention of sowing terror", which is

not consistent "with a democratic regime of government



The statement was shared by Fuks and Frederic on their Twitter accounts.


Federico Massoni

, the Chubut Security Minister and the Governor Arcioni's most trusted man,

came out

to the crossing


Sabina Frederic harshly criticized the Chubut government for the scandalous video of the provincial police.

Photo Guillermo Rodríguez Adami

"You cannot stop a road blockade and you have your opinion of the Chubut Police.

Come help us sweep the drugs out of Chubut, ma'am!"

, replied the provincial official, who is


for the 2021 elections, in which he seeks to enter as a


Massoni, with a high public profile and

denounced on multiple occasions for abuse and mismanagement

, had already expressed himself a while before about the controversy.

It is that he was at the center of the scandal, because the video shares the tone of his multiple publications on social networks.

And far from qualifying the repercussion, he himself redoubled the bet.

Federico Massoni, Minister of Security of Chubut.


piquetero is a criminal.

When he cuts the road he is committing a crime and deprives people of their freedom. And the police must ensure the freedom and safety of citizens," Massoni said, with a tone that raises his exacerbated profile in proselytizing key.

It is not Massoni's first short-circuit with the national government.

He was caught in the eye of the storm last March, when Alberto Fernández was attacked by anti-mining militants

when he was leaving a visit to a cultural center in Lago Puelo.

Vaccination of Federico Massoni, the controversial Minister of Security of Chubut.

From La Cámpora they targeted Massoni and even demanded the resignation of the minister from Arcioni.

The governor clung to his most trusted official in the provincial cabinet.

And Massoni blamed the Military House of the Presidency for the incident.

He accused them of changing the route without warning: "They sent him to the wolf's mouth."

Crossfit, tattoos, networks and a strong hand

In recent months, with the approach of PASO 2021, Massoni reinforced his communication through social networks.

There, where

he identifies himself as MS1 (an acronym of military inspiration),

 he shows off his physical preparation and his electoral workhorses: a strong hand and police defense.

Police personnel walk around, pointing long guns at the camera from different angles.

There is no lack of video that shows Massoni himself in

a dozen military positions

: with bulletproof vests, about to shoot with a pistol, with a rifle, pointing straight at the ground, lifting weights and even with

a baby disguised as a policeman


For this, it has a

communication battery

, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok, where it shares videos in which it participates in police training.

He also has a YouTube channel, where he posted his

crossfit sessions


The tattoos of Federico Massoni, the controversial Minister of Security of Chubut.

In the networks,

his vaccination

against the coronavirus

became viral a few weeks ago

: he took off his shirt and exhibited

his muscles and his almost 30 tattoos


In addition to exposure, the minister also accumulates

complaints of repression

against teachers (he had to resign as coordinating minister in 2019) and of

police abuse

in isolation centers installed in gyms.


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Source: clarin

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