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Two leaders of United Republicans denounce Alberto Fernández and a model for the night visits to Olivos


They assure that they breached the isolation established at the strictest moment of quarantine. The Government claims that there was no crime because Sofía Pacchi was an 'essential worker', Fabiola Yañez's assistant. Victoria Tolosa Paz came out to defend her.

Alexander Alfie

07/29/2021 8:22 PM

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Updated 07/29/2021 8:22 PM

Two leaders of Republicanos Unidos denounced before the Justice President Alberto Fernández and the model Sofía Pacchi

for their nocturnal visits to Quinta de Olivos during the past year

, for "failing to comply with the isolation measures" at the strictest moment of the quarantine by the coronavirus pandemic.

The case was in charge of federal judge Sebastián Casanello and federal prosecutor Ramiro González, who will

have to decide whether to promote the investigation or dismiss it.

"Our intention was to show the privileges of politics and show that we can take actions so that they do not go unpunished," Marcos Longoni told



And he added: "If you look at the dates there are night visits by Pachi

on April 2 and July 14 of last year, which are Alberto and Fabiola's birthdays

, at the strictest moment of quarantine where people were detained for anything. ".

Marcos Longoni studies at the Law School of the UBA,

is 20 years old and presides over the Electoral Board of United Republicans

in the city of Buenos Aires, the party that has Ricardo López Murphy as the first candidate for deputy, in the board of Juntos por the change.

And he presented the complaint together with Abril Fernández Soto, who is running as a candidate for the Buenos Aires legislature.

Fabiola Yañez and her assistant Sofía Pacchi.

On April 2, 2020, the Télam news agency announced that President Fernández was going to celebrate his 61st birthday with his partner Fabiola Yañez and his son

Estanislao, "who accepted his father's invitation to stay in Olivos during the quarantine



The celebration was at the Olivos Residence, from where the President "directs the actions against the coronavirus," the state news agency announced.   

However, it was revealed that the model

Sofía Pacchi was also in the Quinta de Olivos that same April 2,

between 10 p.m. and 11 a.m.

And he went there again during Fabiola Yañez's birthday, on July 14, between 9:46 p.m. and 1:44 a.m.

Then a journalist showed the records of income and expenses of the Quinta de Olivos, which he obtained with a request for access to public information.

And he said that there

were more than 60 visits by the model Pacchi

to the Presidential Residence of Olivos during 2020.

The model Sofía Pacchi, in a hot production of Hombre magazine.

Sofia Pacchi is a model and actress who worked as a "personal assistant" for Fabiola Yañez, whom she has known for about 15 years, according to government spokesmen to


, who highlighted her training in

Ceremonial and Protocol issues

, as well as in social networks from the Siglo XXI University, along with his studies in social communication at UADE. But they clarified that now his work is "remote", since he no longer goes to Quinta de Olivos as before.

Pacchi is 32 years old and has been

 working in the Undersecretariat of Institutional Management

since December 2019, in the orbit of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, which is headed by Julio Vitobello. However, she is popularly known for

her hot productions for Hombre magazine

, in which she posed naked and in her underwear, as well as for her participation in the "Préstico" sketch on the Duro de Domar program. 

The presence of Pacchi on the birthdays of Yañez and Fernández was officially explained by the tasks of assisting the first lady, who

was considered an "essential worker" in full quarantine

due to the coronavirus pandemic. "If she were not blonde and pretty, this would not have taken the flight she had," government sources told


. And they assured that the judicial complaint "will go directly to a file, since there was nothing illegal here."

The candidate of the Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, came out to defend Pacchi.

"I have shared work situations with her.

I met Sofía Pacchi and she impacted me a lot when the news came out," said the leader close to Alberto Fernández, referring to the questions that circulated on social networks.

"Sofía was already working in Fabiola's communication team.

In some media they put subtitles like 'cabaret in Olivos' and it hurt me a lot, "said Tolosa Paz in statements to América 24.

It must be remembered that while President Alberto Fernández and his partner had their birthday celebrations, with the assistance of other people at Quinta de Olivos, most of society

had to stay at home with a strict quarantine.

At that time, little more than a month had passed since the hardest phase of quarantine. In fact, in April of last year the retired Sara was almost arrested for going to the forests of Palermo to sunbathe. And she 

was notified of breaching article 205 of the Penal Code,

which represses "with imprisonment from six months to two years anyone who violates the measures adopted by the competent authorities to prevent the introduction or spread of an epidemic." Something similar happened with a young surfer who on March 25 was arrested in Ostend, for violating the quarantine.

Now there are two young people who denounced Alberto Fernández and the model Sofia Pacchi for violating that same article of the Penal Code. Although from the Government they defend themselves saying that

essential workers could circulate and work in person

without restrictions during the phase of Preventive and Compulsory Social Isolation (ASPO). 

"We did not make the complaint for a matter of persecuting what Fernández does at home, if not

so that the double standard is seen in compliance with the law

," Longoni told


. And he added: "That is why we chose 205 of the Penal Code, the article that is imputed to people who were arrested for quarantine violations. The idea is to treat Fernández like anyone who had held meetings that were not allowed in his home. ".

"We have been working on these issues with the legal team of the Apolo Foundation, led by José Magioncalda," stated Longoni. And he clarified that

the position of his party was always against the "irrational restrictions of quarantine



But "the general feeling is that they make the laws and we comply with them," said the young leader of United Republicans. 

Source: clarin

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