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Consumer vouchers|The first round of 2,000 yuan will be issued next Sunday, Octopus merchants will increase 20,000 yuan, and Alipay will increase 1.3 times


Electronic consumer vouchers will be issued on August 1st for the first 2,000 yuan, and citizens can shop through 4 electronic payment methods. Representatives of Octopus and Alipay respectively stated in the "Millennium" of Hong Kong and Taiwan that merchants using Octopus from April to July

Electronic consumer vouchers will be issued on August 1st for the first 2,000 yuan, and citizens can shop through 4 electronic payment methods.

Representatives of Octopus and Alipay respectively stated in the "Millennium" of Hong Kong and Taiwan that the number of merchants using Octopus increased by more than 20,000 from April to July, and the number of merchants of Alipay has increased by 1.3 times since April.

Some taxi industry said that the promotion of multiple payment tools to taxi stands and gas stations in recent months has increased the use of electronic fares by drivers by more than 20%.

Only small merchants stated that they had applied for the commercial Octopus as early as half a month ago, but they have been unsuccessful. Calls or emails have not been answered. "Every (business) Shui Jing Ge Fei and other consumer vouchers are dispatched, and they don’t have any copies." .

Li Yuer, Director of Sales and Marketing of Octopus Card Co., Ltd., said that from April to July, more than 20,000 new merchants applied for it. She described the situation as a positive one, which can make it convenient for the public to use consumer vouchers.

From August 1st, citizens can go to convenience stores and transportation subsidy collection stations to pick up consumer vouchers by tapping cards. Li Yuer said that a large number of customers have been expected to receive them on that day, and the system has sufficient numbers to meet the demand, but if there are a large number of citizens with the same Minutes to collect, there may be a queue on the system, and ambassadors will also be arranged to assist the citizens near the pickup station on the same day.

Only Ms. Ni, the person in charge of cosmetics and beauty shops, called "Millennium" and said that he had registered for the commercial version of Octopus half a month ago and received an email confirmation, but it has not been successful for two weeks. She has contacted Octopus in various ways. There was no reply, and the Octopus had no communication channels.

She has another branch opened in a department store. She had requested the department store to arrange Octopus charges for her as early as June, but she did not receive it until yesterday, questioning whether the Octopus is under-staffed.

She said that a promotional plan for consumer vouchers has been prepared, and customers have also been notified that they will not be able to use electronic payments.

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Li Yongshi, general manager of Alipay for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, also pointed out that after the announcement of Alipay as one of the payment tools for electronic consumer coupons in April, the number of merchants using Alipay increased by 1.3 times. At present, merchant codes are also promoted to small merchants, and there is no threshold for registration.

Consumer vouchers can also be used to pay for taxi fares. Wu Kuncheng, the permanent president of the Taxi Dealers Association, said that the number of drivers installing electronic payment tools has increased by more than 20% in recent months. The gas station, etc. advertise and provide rewards to drivers. It means that taxi drivers are not charged for temporary payment tools. Drivers are more willing to use them. However, whether the coupons can be maintained in the future depends on the preferential policies and policies of the payment tool company. .

He said that Octopus is more widely used by Hong Kong people, but the rate of payment for taxi fares is not high. Instead, when mainland tourists came to Hong Kong in the past, they often asked drivers if they could use Alipay or WeChat to pay.

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