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Fight in the Front of All because they went down to almost all the lists that competed against mayors: 'It looks like a Soviet party'


It was decided by the Electoral Board. The only one who will have rivals is Mario Ishii, in José C. Paz, who is still hospitalized for coronavirus. In Merlo, they objected to the former mayor Raúl Othacehé, who will denounce Hugo Curto.

Pedro Gianello

07/30/2021 5:12 PM

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Updated 07/30/2021 5:12 PM

The closing of lists of the electoral fronts tends to injure both the armed forces and those who sought to compete against the pre-candidates blessed by the mayors. A few hours ago, the Electoral Board of the Frente De Todos made official the lists that will compete on September 12 in the municipalities of the Province and in that administrative procedure it

canceled the payrolls that had been presented to compete in the STEP

against the lists of the communal chiefs.

There will only be inmates in José C. Paz, the district governed by Mario Ishii,

still in intensive care


While in Merlo, they rejected the list of former mayor Raúl Othacehé, who appealed the decision and also announced that he will denounce the former mayor of Tres de Febrero, Hugo Curto, president of the Electoral Board of the Buenos Aires PJ.

The idea of ​​unity in the districts for the PASO had come down from the Nation, but several communal chiefs had lists flourished on Saturday night.

One of the most resounding cases was that of Hurlingham, where the mayor himself Juan Zabaleta -who is about to take over as Minister of Social Development in place of Daniel Arroyo-, signed up to compete against a list headed by Martín Rodríguez, executive deputy director of the PAMI and local reference of La Cámpora.

That internment was corrected with a unit list, Zabaleta's departure to a ministry and the promise not to touch the mayor's cabinet in Hurlingham, but other communal chiefs sought that the party Electoral Board remove their rivals from the PASO.

"We have proceeded to control the fulfillment of the constitutional and legal requirements of the pre-candidates; the presentation of the adhesions to said candidacies and the personal sworn declaration of meeting the aforementioned requirements," said the Buenos Aires Electoral Board of the Frente de Todos chaired by Hugo Curto.

Thus, for example in Moreno, where seven lists competed in the PASO of 2019 and Mariel Fernández, today mayor, won, now

only the payroll set up by the communal chief remained


The Board objected for "insufficient guarantees" the lists of Ramón "Nene" Vera, that of José Luis Barreiro, or that of Eduardo Raúl Russo.

In Merlo, the mayor Gustavo Menéndez put Karina Menéndez, secretary of Development and Social Integration of the municipality, and her sister at the top of the list.

The one who appeared to compete was the former mayor Raúl Othacehé, who was

challenged for "insufficient guarantees."

Dear colleagues, colleagues, neighbors and neighbors of Merlo.

Yesterday they observed the list to prevent us from participating in the elections.

The excuse they gave us was that of insufficient guarantees.

This is an outright lie, as we present double the necessary endorsements.

- Raúl Othacehé (@RaulAOthacehe) July 30, 2021

After having governed the municipality for 24 years, a couple of years Minister of Government of the Province, Othacehé knows about the armed forces of Peronism for the Province and exploded with the resolution.

"We appealed the resolution. The party Electoral Board by regulation has to verify the legal precautions but does not have the power to lower the list. It is naturalized but it is wrong," said "El Vasco" Othacehé to



And he added: "I am going to denounce (Hugo) Curto for the crime. I am not going to bank the same trap twice. We fight a lot so that there is an open Peronism.

It looks like a Soviet party


In 2019, "El Vasco" appeared within the Frente de Todos to return to govern the municipality that lost in 2015 to Menéndez.

At that time, the Party Board objected to the list for the same reason, appealed and competed with a short ballot: he obtained 41,316 votes (21.33%).

Now he assures that he will compete again even with a short ballot.

"How can it be that it has 41 thousand votes of its own and does not have 200 endorsements,"

he complained, with anger, in messages via Twitter.

La Matanza, Merlo, Avellaneda and the Ishii case

Sabina Frederic with the mayors Leonardo Nardini (Malvinas Argentinas), Juan Zabaleta (Hurlingham), Gustavo Menéndez (Merlo) and Fernando Espinoza (La Matanza).

Another important district in which several lists were presented is La Matanza, governed by Fernando Espinoza.

In this closing, the mayor himself took the lead of the ballot to "plebiscite the management", just as his predecessor Verónica Magario did in 2017.

In a nod to the communal chief, the party Electoral Board lowered the list of the "La Matanza Neighborhood Front" headed by Daniel Dauria, from the San Justo Merchants Center, supported by the local UOCRA leader, Heraldo Cayuqueo.

He also objected to the one registered by the provincial deputy María Laura Ramírez, a former official of Social Development of the Municipality during the Espinoza and Magario administrations.

In Avellaneda, the list of the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat and mayor in use of license, Jorge Ferraresi, had also germinated a list headed by Jorge Calzoni, rector of the National University of Avellaneda (UNDAV).

The Junta lowered it and

cleared the way for the list of councilors that leads in the first place to Magdalena Sierra

, former national deputy and wife of Ferraresi.

While all the lists of Peronist opposition were lowered, the only one who asked that they be enabled was Mario Ishii, in José C. Paz.

Since the intensive care and before going into a coma he

had remarked that he wanted to face all the lists that were written down


"He had also remarked that he wanted the same thing in the provincial and national positions," they point out today in his environment although the request was not taken into account.

After the decision of the Board, in José C. Paz there were three lists, two "sponsored" by the mayor who showed an improvement in his health and in a few days he could return to his home.

On the one hand, one is headed by Roque Caggiano, president of the Deliberative Council, and the other by Mariana Andrea Avila, wife of the provincial camper deputy José Pérez.

While the third is from Rodrigo Barrios, a reference for social movements that is outside the municipal structure. 

With the path clear for the PASO and the generals, as



on Tuesday, the mayors are now studying the legal loophole by which before December 10 they could request a license to run again in 2023 and skip the law that prevents indefinite re-elections.

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Source: clarin

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