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First National Security Law Trial|Tang Yingjie sentenced to 9 years in prison for inciting secession and terrorist activities


Just one year after the "Minato National Security Act" was established, the High Court recently tried the first case indicted by this case and ruled that Tang Yingjie, a man riding a motorcycle with "Recover Hong Kong-Revolution of the Times", ignored the police many times. Persuade to rush towards

Just one year after the "Minato National Security Act" was established, the High Court recently tried the first case indicted by this case and ruled that Tang Yingjie, a man riding a motorcycle with "Recover Hong Kong-Revolution of the Times", ignored the police many times. The act of persuading the police to rush to the police line and knock down three police officers, convicted him of inciting others to split the country and terrorist activities, has also become the first case to be convicted under this new law.

The case was sentenced in the High Court this afternoon (30th). The judge considered the case to be serious and believed that Tang had premeditated, and repeatedly challenged the police line of defense and caused harm to public safety. He sentenced him to 9 years in prison.

The 24-year-old Tang Yingjie was taken into court at 3 pm, and he seemed relaxed.

However, after the judge read the sentence, some female relatives and friends were embarrassed and hugged. Some observers called: "Fight against innocence." Others said: "Chongjia (Tang's nickname), hold on."

Dozens of police officers are on guard outside the High Court

Some observers had already lined up in the court at 9 o'clock this morning, hoping to attend the court hearing. By 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the court on the 3rd floor had dispatched more than 50 auditoriums, and the open court on the 5th floor had also dispatched about 90. .

At noon, the police also sent dozens of police officers to wait outside the high court, but no officers from the anti-terrorist special forces were seen.

The defendant Tang Yingjie, (24 years old, waiter).

Was convicted of 1 count of inciting others to split the country and 1 count of terrorist activity, of which the maximum penalty for terrorist activity can be sentenced to life imprisonment.


The judge said in his ruling on Tuesday (27th) that the display of the "light time" banner in this case can instigate others to split up, and the defendant understands the meaning and conveys the message to others.

The defendant did not stop at the police line and ran into a police officer. He deliberately challenged the police and used serious violence against others, seriously endangering public and social safety, and was convicted of two crimes.

The defense lawyers pleaded yesterday that the defendant was only involved in waving a flag in the case, and there was no evidence that anyone was affected, nor did it require foreign sanctions; and although the crime of terrorist activity is punishable by life imprisonment, the defendant’s behavior was not At this level, it is believed that the sentence should range from 3 to 10 years.

The defendant also apologized to the police officer during the plea through his lawyer.

The incident happened.

(See the picture below for details)


The defendant rushed to the police line and citizens clapped his hands

According to the case, after the "Hong Kong District National Security Law" came into effect on June 30 last year, citizens demonstrated on Hong Kong Island the next day.

The defendant, who was still holding the "P license", drove a motorcycle with the "Recover Hong Kong Revolution" flag at 3 o'clock that day from the Eastern Harbour Crossing to Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai, passing through three police lines of defense. He was stopped by the police on many occasions, but the defendant ignored him. Some people present cheered and clapped at the sight.

When the defendant rushed to the police in Wan Chai several times, a police officer fired a pepper ball, but failed to hit the defendant. When the defendant rushed to a line of defense with about 25 police officers, he speeded up and took three of them. The officer knocked down.

The defendant also fell and was subdued by police officers on the spot.

The dispute between the prosecution and the defense over the slogan of Guangshi.

(See the picture below for details)


The prosecution points to the slogan of the Guangshi flag with the meaning of Hong Kong independence

One of the most controversial aspects of the case is whether the "Light Time" flag on the defendant's backpack carries the meaning of Hong Kong independence.

Experts on the prosecution believed that this slogan meant to separate Hong Kong from China, and that the defendant’s display of the slogan was a message of slogan to incite others to split the country, and pointed out that the defendant’s display of the "Time of Light" banner had political propositions. , And his driving behavior also seriously endangers society.

The defense believes that the meaning of the slogan should be open

Defence experts believe that the slogan "light time" has different interpretations in society. Although revolution can solve the overthrow of the regime, it can also solve major changes.

Their research has even found that some social activists think that this slogan is just about fighting for freedom.

Furthermore, Hong Kong has never been an independent country, and there is no political power to take back.

They believe that there are divergent views on "light time" in society, and they should be open to the meaning behind it.

In the recent ruling, the judge did not further explain what the two parties said about "light time", but believed that both sides agreed that "light time" could be divided into division, and at the same time believed that the defendant had the same idea when displaying the flag. , So the defendant was found guilty.

Case number: HCCC280/2020

First National Security Law Trial | The official reprimands the defendant for stressing that challenging the law against the police is also harmful to society. The first National Security Law trial | Judge believes that Guangshi's slogan can relieve the Hong Kong solitary defendant. The first National Security Law trial was ruled on that day. Incitement to secession and terrorist activities became the first national security law trial | News: Suspicious phone calls threatened the three judges and threatened to put human bombs


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