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Müller reveals gaps in knowledge - Lanz: "thinks that as head of government you should know that"


“Markus Lanz” debates the compulsory test for those returning to travel with Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller. The fact that he does not know exactly about one point increases the host's pulse.

“Markus Lanz” debates the compulsory test for those returning to travel with Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller.

The fact that he does not know exactly about one point increases the host's pulse.

Hamburg - Because the holidays in Berlin will soon be over, “Markus Lanz” asked Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) what he is more afraid of: returning travelers or going to school? “Returning travelers, definitely”, he replies and explains: “I see that with concern. I see the pictures from abroad and see how the wave of travel is coming back. ”Müller therefore advocates“ at least random testing ”of return travelers and outlines the quarantine question:“ Those who have to come back from the riskiest areas Quarantine, but it can be shortened with a correspondingly negative test result. Unless you come from these virus variant areas, you will be in quarantine there for longer. "

People who have already been vaccinated twice do not have to be in quarantine: “People who have been vaccinated twice do not have to be in quarantine.” Children are also excluded from the regulation: “Children have no vaccination offer. So I can't tell the children that they have to be quarantined. The children come to school on the first day of school and they are tested three times a week in school. "This explanation comes as a surprise to journalist Christina Berndt and talk show host Lanz. Berndt says:" In my opinion, that's not true. Anyone who returns from a high-risk or high-risk area can test themselves freely. In a risk area, you can test yourself immediately, even as a child. But in a high-risk area only after five days. So it is the case that the children have to be quarantined. "

Obligation to test for those returning to travel: Berlin's mayor Müller reveals gaps in knowledge in “Markus Lanz”

“But it's also done in school for the children,” says Müller, and says: “That means that the first test results are checked in the school.” “Only,” says Berndt, “when the freest is first after five days when I return from a high-risk area, then I can test as often as I want before, I am only free from the fifth day. "" Correct, "says Müller, but justifies the measure:" I believe that which is an important protective measure.

We drew attention to the situation in the countries beforehand. "

Talk host Lanz has a suspicion: “Have I caught you on the wrong foot right now?” Müller admits that he is unsure of the details: “I can't tell you exactly how it works with children in the high incidence countries . I don't know for sure whether they can actually go to school on the first day and be tested at school, or whether this test will take place at home or at the doctor's. "

“That is exactly part of the problem,” states talk show host Lanz, and says: “I think that as head of government you should know exactly.” “Is that really the problem?” Müller asks back and explains that it is for him too The state of affairs is constantly changing: “We are also changing things based on the situation we have on site. It can be different in Lower Saxony than in Thuringia, in Berlin different than in Hamburg. And we are actually constantly adapting and getting advice. ”In this respect,“ everyone knows that we are in a situation at the moment where we have to live with these changes during the vacation months ”. The group does not want to reproach Müller for his ignorance, Berndt states: “I think it is forgivable. Because it is not just politics that keep confronting us with new facts.It's actually the virus that does that. "

"Markus Lanz" - these were his guests on July 29th:

  • Michael Müller

    (SPD) - politician

  • Yasmine M'Barek

    - journalist

  • Christina Berndt

    - journalist

  • Claudia Pahl-Wostl

    - systems scientist

Müller would like to change the recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission * (STIKO): “We have approved vaccines. The vaccines are checked via several test procedures, both at European and national level, and all the approval authorities say: It's okay, you can use it to vaccinate children. "Talk host Lanz critically reiterates:" Who are all the approval authorities? " Agency, the EMA, that does it. And in Germany it is also the Paul Ehrlich Institute, there are scientific studies from various institutions. We also have assessments from scientists who specifically deal with it and say: These are vaccines that are available for those aged twelve and over and you can vaccinate them. "

Michael Müller targets young people as pandemic drivers in “Markus Lanz”

“Then dissolve the STIKO”, exclaims talk show host Lanz “just say: watch out, your expertise doesn't suit me, we will dissolve you.” Müller replies that he respects the STIKO's vote, politics is just doing it about creating a common ground.

If this does not change the STIKO's assessment, he will respect it. Christina Berndt, on the other hand, argues: “Politicians simply have no place in this process.

The STIKO decides independently on the basis of scientific data. ”When politicians then say:“ Well, look at these data, if you can't recommend it otherwise, then I think it's an intolerable interference.

That can't be, I don't need an independent commission for that. "

Müller then waves it away and explains that the children in his city-state Berlin are not the decisive pandemic factor anyway.

There “the biggest problem is the 20 to 25 year olds, for whom I have a vaccination recommendation and they now have a 90s incidence in Berlin.

And I have to deal with how I can get as many of them as possible to have the vaccination.

The children are not the biggest incidence problem. "

“Markus Lanz” - the conclusion of the show

Berlin's Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) lurches through the show with "Markus Lanz". The politician is doing himself a disservice with his ignorance of the test regime for returnees. The journalists Yasmine M'Barek and Christina Berndt strongly oppose him in several places, and talk show host Lanz is also critical of Müller. The systems researcher Claudia Pahl-Wostl completely stays out of the vaccination and corona discussion, describing the overuse of groundwater in Germany and the resulting water shortage towards the end of the program. The appeal of the professor at the University of Osnabrück: "We need careful use of water as a resource - holistically."

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