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Analysis|Xia Baolong's speech reflects that the Hong Kong government has not "getting it done"; governors must improve execution


Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, delivered a speech at a seminar on the first anniversary of the implementation of the “Hong Kong National Security Law” on July 16.

Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, delivered a speech at a seminar on the first anniversary of the implementation of the "Hong Kong National Security Law" on July 16. It’s done.” The

government’s ability to resolve deep-seated social conflicts has always been unsatisfactory. Problems such as sub-divided housing and the disparity between the rich and the poor have become more serious. Xia Baolong and other central officials’ speeches on Hong Kong affairs have become more and more detailed.

Political circles and scholars agree that Xia Baolong's remarks show that the government's ability to do things is insufficient, and there is plenty of room for improvement.

In fact, it has been one year since the implementation of the Hong Kong National Security Law, and Xia Baolong’s speech also reflects the central government’s focus. It has begun to shift from the National Security Law to the search for talents for governing Hong Kong, further clarifying the requirements for Hong Kong governors.

He Jianzong: Strategic thinking, investigation and research are the current weaknesses

He Jianzong, director of the National Hong Kong and Macao Research Association and founder and chairman of the One Country, Two Systems Youth Forum, pointed out that the current government has been inadequate from the policy gestation period.

Xia Baolong said that governors should "have strategic thinking and broad vision, focus on investigation and research and scientific decision-making." He Jianzong believes that it is precisely the weakness of the current government. "Even the central policy group has been cancelled." The epidemic prevention measures are also being changed day and night. It seems that The citizens cannot understand that the government's decision-making is based on investigation, research and scientific decision-making.

He said that the decision-making process is like a "life cycle." First of all, there must be investigations and scientific decisions before a good policy can be issued. This is the "upstream", the "midstream" is the consultation and communication with the public, and the last is the "downstream". It was passed by the Legislative Council. Now, both "upstream" and "midstream" are not enough. "Even if it passes, it may not be a good policy."

"If you do a good job of strategic thinking and investigation and research, the policies will be correct, and the policies will be easier to convince the public, and it will be easier to pass the Legislative Council."

After the turmoil of the amendments, there are few consultations in the district, "Policies must be felt by the public"

He Jianzong specifically pointed out a passage from Xia Baolong’s words: "In particular, we must focus on the concerns of the general public, and devote great efforts to solve them in pragmatic and effective ways. The actual facts obtained will win the people’s trust with the performance of the government.” He said that the government’s original strength is to consult the citizens, but since the legislative amendments in 2019, policy consultations have been interrupted, and the government has not been able to discuss policies with the citizens in the districts.

He said that even the Central Committee now sees the problem. Even Luo Huining, director of the Liaison Office of the Central Committee, visited the grassroots citizens on October 1, 2020. The Liaison Office of the Central Committee visited 18 districts in Hong Kong on July 1 this year. Grassroots households reminded the government to make policies "It's not just a bunch of policies, a bunch of numbers, a bunch of funding, but it really wants the public to feel it."

He Jianzong thinks that the central government is impatient and the Hong Kong government should reflect

He Jianzong said that the content of Xia Baolong's speech on July 16 was linked to the speech on February 22. At that time, he said that the principle of "patriots ruling Hong Kong" was a question of "who will manage", and that in mid-July it was "what to manage." "And "how to manage".

As for what the governors should "manage", He thinks that Xia Baolong is very concerned about the housing problem and must be determined to solve the sub-divided housing.

From Xia Baolong’s remarks and He Jianzong’s analysis, it can be seen that the central government "is not impatient" with Hong Kong's governance. Five of the requirements are basic for politicians. He thinks the government should reflect on it.

Zhu Zhaolin: The replacement of senior officials and Xia Baolong's remarks all reflect insufficient execution

Zhu Zhaolin, founder of the Hong Kong Research Center for Sustainable Development and a member of the National Society for Hong Kong and Macau Studies, said that Xia Baolong’s "new and higher requirements" are mainly for the next government officials. The requirements should not only be policy formulations, but also good implementation. Ability to "do good things."

Zhu Zhaolin said that this request is "in line with the recent change of senior government officials": "Li Jiachao's role as Chief Secretary for Administration and Tang Bingqiang's role as Secretary of Security is to improve the government's ability to execute." He said that in the past, high-ranking government officials were mostly administrative officials. He has the ability to formulate policies, but his execution power is obviously insufficient. "You have scared the past security bureau chiefs, but they did not vigorously promote the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law." However, officials from the disciplined services have strong executive power and only "do "Whether or not to do" will not consider too much. "After Deng Bingqiang took office, he said that the sooner Article 23 legislation is completed, the better."

It is expected that the next government requires high employment requirements, and needs to understand policy formulation and high execution

Zhu Zhaolin said that from the substitution and Xia Baolong's speech, it can be seen that the central government hopes that the current government will improve its efficiency and introduce the studied policies as soon as possible.

As for the next government, the requirements for selecting talents will be much higher. "Not only should policies be formulated, but also the ability to conduct consultations and implement policies well." It is expected that the new government will come to power next year. Many new policies have been introduced.

He said with a smile that some of the current government officials have already understood Xia Baolong's requirements and their work has been accelerated. "

He Jianzong also believes that the current government has lost a lot of time after anti-amendment and other incidents. Although there is only one year left, it can still do something. Because of the Hong Kong issue, there are no new ones, so early consultation can be done. Lay the foundation for the next administration.

The full text of Xia Baolong’s speech at the National Security Law Seminar exposed the first disclosure of the five new high requirements for governors. Xia Baolong asked those who govern Hong Kong to "do things". Surely it will be out of smoke 01 to dismantle the bureau | Xia Baolong "Draw a doll and draw an intestine" Straightforwardly list seven things that the chief executive must do


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