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Controversy over more night visits to Quinta de Olivos in full quarantine due to the coronavirus


In addition to the model Sofía Pacchi, the income registry detected her boyfriend and two other people on Alberto Fernández's birthday in 2020. And nine people on Fabiola Yañez's, when the ban on social gatherings was in force. Opposition critics and official silence.

Alexander Alfie

07/31/2021 5:45 PM

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Updated 07/31/2021 6:51 PM

After the judicial complaint filed by two youth leaders of Republicanos Unidos against Alberto Fernández and the model Sofía Pacchi, for their nocturnal visits to Quinta de Olivos, it

was learned that her boyfriend and two other people were also there during the President's birthday,

on April 2, 2020.

And that

there were


nine people on Fabiola Yañez's birthday, on July 14 of that year

, when the Preventive and Obligatory Social Isolation (ASPO) decreed by Fernández, which prohibited social gatherings, was in force.

This generated opposition criticism and strong controversies in social networks, that the Government first responded to


in the case of the Pacchi model, but then preferred not to respond to the queries about the rest of those attending Yañez and Fernández's birthdays


It is that when these nocturnal encounters occurred, they were times in which most of society had to stay in their homes with a strict quarantine, under

the ASPO protocols,

which forced people to "remain in their usual residences or in the place in which they are and refrain from going to their places of work ".

At that time, you could not travel or be in public spaces, to "prevent the circulation and spread of the Covid 19 virus."

And only "minimal and essential trips could be made to

stock up on cleaning supplies, medicines and food,"

as established by DNU 297 of 2020, which was issued by Alberto Fernández and was subsequently extended during that year.

Workers "essential

in the emergency"

were exempted from these restrictions

and their movements had to "be limited to the strict fulfillment of those activities and services."

Public sector employees could be summoned to "guarantee essential activities required by the respective authorities."

Official sources explained to


 that the model Sofía Pacchi

had attended Olivos "as an essential worker"

on repeated occasions during 2020, among which the birthday of Fernández stood out, from 22 to 0.11 hours, and that of Yañez, between 21.46 and 1.44 in the morning, as his "personal assistant".

The nine people who attended the Presidential Chalet in Quinta de Olivos, the night of Fabiola Yañez's birthday, July 14, 2020. Source @gonziver on Twitter.


government spokesmen preferred not to respond,

when it was learned that the boyfriend of the model Pacchi, the businessman Chien Chia Hong, had also gone to celebrate Alberto Fernández's birthday, staying until three in the morning, along with other two people, who left at midnight.

The Government also did not want to answer about the most numerous

celebration of Yañez's birthday, when nine people attended the presidential villa

of Quinta de Olivos, around 9:30 p.m., leaving at 1:45 a.m.

There were Pacchi, Emmanuel López, Fernando Consagra, Rocío Fernández, Florencia Fernández, Santiago Basavilbaso, Carolina Marafioti, 

Federico Abraham - Yañez's hairdresser -

and Stefania Domínguez, a model who years ago had an affair with Roman Riquelme. 

The pre-candidate for Buenos Aires deputy de Juntos, Hernán Lombardi, stated that "the same day that the President marked the alleged irresponsible with his finger, he received suspicious and illegal visits."

And he added, in dialogue with Cristina Pérez, on Radio Miter:

"The President violated the law with those visits, such

as when he made roasts with Moyano or hugged Insfrán. He could hug himself and we Argentines were deprived of the hug."

As Clarín said, Pacchi is another model and actress who is 32 years old and

worked as Yañez's "personal assistant,"

according to government spokesmen, who highlighted her training in Ceremonial and Protocol issues, as well as in social networks, along with his studies in social communication. But they clarified that now his work is "remote", since he no longer goes to Quinta de Olivos as before.

Pacchi has

 worked in the Undersecretariat of Institutional Management since December 2019

, in the orbit of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, headed by Julio Vitobello.

In 2020 he charged $ 77,308 per month.

But she is popularly known for her hot productions for Hombre magazine, in which she posed naked and in her underwear, as well as for her participation in the program Duro de Domar.

Sofía Pacchi, Alberto Fernández, Fabiola Yañez and Chien Chia Hong, during the presidential inauguration.

Pacchi's partner is Chien Chia Hong, owner of Apache Solutions, a state-owned technology company providing computer solutions and surveillance cameras, which monitors the Comodoro Py court building. Despite the fact that on Fernández's birthday he entered at 10 p.m., along with his girlfriend Pacchi, this businessman would have stayed talking with the President until he

left at 2.58 in the morning, according to the official records of the Quinta de Olivos .

The other two attendees at Fernández's birthday

in 2020 were Emmanuel López, one of the first lady's best friends, a model and television show host, who lived for several years in Mexico and who -like Pacchi- works in the Undersecretariat Institutional Management of the Presidency, where he earned $ 87,592 last year.

López attended accompanied by his partner Fernando Consagra.

On April 2, 2020, the Télam news agency announced that President Fernández

was going to celebrate his 61st birthday alone with his partner Yañez and his son Estanislao

, "who accepted his father's invitation to stay in Olivos during the quarantine."

The celebration was at the Quinta de Olivos and nothing was said about the meeting with Pacchi, Chien, López and Consagra.

It should be remembered that in April of last year

the retired Sara was almost arrested for going to the forests of Palermo to sunbathe,

in the middle of a scandalous police operation.

Something similar happened with a young surfer who was arrested in Ostend on March 25, 2020, for violating the quarantine.

Shortly afterwards,

the house of former President Mauricio Macri in Los Abrojos was raided last September

to obtain the records of his security cameras, "for a possible violation of the quarantine."

It was after a complaint from an official of the Malvinas Argentinas municipality, for the realization of a political meeting of Macri with the mayors of Pinamar, Olavarría and San Antonio de Areco.

Deputy Fernando Iglesias, who is running as a candidate on the Buenos Aires list of Together, headed by María Eugenia Vidal, said that President Fernández

"has to explain, he has to deny or he has to resign

. If what is being said is like this and not it has no other explanation, it is a situation of resignation ".

On the other hand, the Buenos Aires pre-candidate of the Frente de Todos, Victoria Tolosa Paz, came out to defend Pacchi.

"I have shared work situations with her

. I met Sofía Pacchi and she impacted me a lot when the news came out," said the leader close to Alberto Fernández, referring to the questions that circulated on social networks.


there was no official explanation about the other night attendees

at the Quinta de Olivos on the birthdays of Alberto Fernández and Fabiola Yañez, in 2020, when the quarantine was very strict due to the coronavirus pandemic and social gatherings were prohibited. .

Source: clarin

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