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Great achievement: a bronze medal for Israel in team judo - Walla! Tokyo 2020 Olympics


The team defeated Italy and lost to France, but then managed to beat Brazil 2-4 and Russia 1-4 on the way to their first medal in the competition and Israel's second in the Tokyo Games.

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Great achievement: a bronze medal for Israel in team judo

The team defeated Italy and lost to France, but then managed to beat Brazil 2-4 and Russia 1-4 on the way to their first medal in the competition and Israel's second in the Tokyo Games.


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Yaniv Tuchman, our envoy to Tokyo

Saturday, 31 July 2021, 12:32

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Yaniv Tuchman's report from the judo competition at the Olympics (our envoy to Tokyo)

After a very frustrating week in the judo arena, the Israeli team managed to give a lot of pleasure to itself, the Israeli delegation and all the Israelis today (Saturday).

The men's-women's mixed team won the bronze medal after defeating Russia 1: 4 in a battle for the bronze from the House of Consolation.

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The Olympic Committee has already counted 14 finals

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Changed all the momentum.

Muki (Photo: Reuters)

The battle for bronze against Russia

The battles that will be:

up to 70 kg Women: Gili Sharir -

Medina Taimzova

Victory in Vasari to Russia, 1: 0

up to 90 kg Men:

Sagi Muki

- Mikhail Igolnikov, victory in iPhone for Muki, 1: 1

over 70 kg Women:

Raz Hershko

- Alexandra in Bintseva, victory in the iPhone for Hershko, 1: 2

over 90 kg Men:

Peter Plachik

- Tamerlan in Shave, victory in Vazari for Plachik, 1: 3

to 57 kg Women: Timna Nelson Levy - Daria Maz Casting

up to 73 kg Men: Purity Botbol - Musa Mogushkov

Muscle opened its fight in a somewhat passive way and received a warning after a minute and a half. After another minute Musar received another warning. One minute and 20 minutes before the end of legal time, Russia also received a warning. After four minutes no decision was reached and go for a gold score.Taimzova managed to get Vasari and raised Russia to 0-1.

Muki also hesitantly opened and received a warning about passivity quickly. After a minute and 40 seconds the Russian also received a warning and immediately after that Muki also suffered one passivity. In the end, Muki managed to get an iPhone and balance the overall result to 1: 1. A very important victory for an Israeli.

Hershko's fight started in an interesting way with the two judokas going offensively. Hershko took advantage of the weight advantage and got two Vasari that turned into an iPhone.

The fourth fight started in a very balanced way between two heavyweight opponents. The Russian received a warning about passivity after just over two minutes. Placzyk also received a warning about passivity less than a minute before the end of the fight. Just before the end of the time, the Russian received another warning and entered the gold score with two warnings for the Russian and one for the Israeli. In the end, Plachik managed to make a vizari and set up 1: 3 for Israel.

Russia got Vasari early and took the lead.

Nelson Levy received an early warning of passivity.

The Israeli managed to balance with her own Vasari 1:20 minutes to go.

Heroic battles, at each stage.

The Israeli team (Photo: Reuters)

Eighth final: 3: 4 victory over Italy

  • Over 90 kg:

    Peter Plachik

    was the first to get on the mat, and soon knocked down his opponent Newcals Mongai on the iPhone, giving Israel 0: 1.

  • Up to 57 kg:

    Timna Nelson Levy

    lost in a gold score to Odette Joffreida in Vazari, Italy equalized to 1: 1.

  • Up to 73 kg:

    Tohar Botbol

    also lost, when he surrendered at Vazari to Fabio Basilla, which is 1: 2 to Italy.

  • Up to 70 kg:

    Gili Sharir

    defeated Maria Centracho on iPhone and tied at 2: 2.

  • Up to 90 kg:

    Lee Kochman

    lost to Christian Peralti, 2: 3 to Italy.

  • Over 70 kg:

    Raz Hershko

    defeated Alice Blendi in the gold medal with Vazari and set 3: 3.

  • Up to 70 kg: After a




    was drawn for a final and decisive battle for the entire match, which began with a gold score, again against Centaracho, which she won just a few minutes ago. Received three penalties, which is an amazing 3: 4 to Israel advancing to the quarterfinals.

Once again she had a hard time facing the formidable judoka.

Sasson vs. Riner (Photo: Reuters)

Quarter final: 4: 3 loss to France

  • Up to 57 kg: a tremendous opening for the match; despite Vasari's delay,

    Nelson Levy

    recovered, returned with her own Vasari and went on to the iPhone to set up 0-1.

  • Up to 73 kg:


    surrendered after a gold-bound confinement for tooth decay. 1: 1.

  • Up to 70 kg:


    never ceases to amaze. After two victories in the quarterfinals, including in the decisive battle, Sharir defeated Margo Pinot in a gold score, after more than 7 minutes, which is an amazing 1: 2 for Israel.

  • Up to 90 kg:


    defeated Axel Kalaria with an impressive iPhone, which is 1: 3 for Israel.

  • Up to 70 kg:


    lost to Roman Dico after a restraint, France shrank to 3: 2.

  • Over 100 kg:

    Uri Sasson,

    who lost in the individual competitions to Teddy Riner, one of the greatest judokas of all time, lost to him again, this time in the iPhone, and it is 3: 3.

  • Up to 70 kg:


    , who was drawn in the previous round against the Italians and fought for long minutes, met Pino again, in the tiebreaker that started with a gold score. The final, Israel will compete in the House of Consolation.


Muscle (Photo: Reuters)

House of Consolation: 2: 4 victory over Brazil

  • Up to 73 kg: After a long and exhausting battle,


    won the penalties with the golden score and it is 0: 1 for Israel.

  • 70 kg:


    lost to Maria Portela Wide submission made by an impressive 1: 1.

  • Up to 90 kg:


    , with a great iPhone, defeated Eduardo Santos and returned the advantage to Israel. 1: 2.

  • Over 70 kg:


    lost to Myra Aguiar in the iPhone after a little over a minute and a half, which is 2: 2.

  • Over 90 kg:


    's huge hand bolt

    led to the submission of Rafael Bouzcrini, 2: 3 to Israel.

  • Up to 57 kg:

    Nelson Levy

    withstood the tremendous pressure, defeated Larissa Pimenta and set 2: 4. Meaning: Israel will compete for the bronze medal against Russia.

There was also a heroic victory over Italy.

Botbol and Hershko (Photo: Reuters)

To date, only Japan has won this competition at the World Championships, with France winning the silver medal the last three times.

Each team is represented by three women (weight categories up to 57, up to 70 and over 70) and three men (weight categories up to 73, up to 90 and over 90).

Meaning: Six fights in each meeting and a team that reaches four victories advances to the next stage.

In the case of 3: 3, a decisive battle is held (the weight is determined in the lottery) with a gold score only (whoever achieves a score - wins).

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