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On the anniversary of its founding, the Syrian Arab Army has a history full of heroism.. The victories of the present establish a future whose title is preserving sovereignty.


Damascus-SANA Damascus-SANA Syrians celebrate Hamat al-Diyar’s Day.. the feast in which every Syrian sees a true embodiment of the values ​​and authenticity of Syria’s civilization and history, and a revival of the present and the future, with broad headings that establish the values ​​of dignity, sovereignty and honour, which the Syrian Arab Army has embodied over the past seven and more decades, since its es


Syrians celebrate Hamat al-Diyar’s Day.. the feast in which every Syrian sees a true embodiment of the values ​​and authenticity of Syria’s civilization and history, and a revival of the present and the future, with broad headings that establish the values ​​of dignity, sovereignty and honour, which the Syrian Arab Army has embodied over the past seven and more decades, since its establishment to this day.

On the seventy-sixth anniversary of the founding of the army, the pages of history take us to stories whose titles are courageous, which no fair historian can but mention pivotal stages in the history of the region, in which the Syrian Arab Army was the focal point. Palestine and made it an advanced base to ensure the continued exploitation of the region and its fragmentation. Our army participated in the 1948 war in defense of the Arabism of Palestine and formed an impenetrable fortress against the ambitions of the Zionists to expand and usurp more Arab land.

Historians do not forget what the officer in the Syrian Arab Army, Jules Gamal, did in blowing up a French battleship during the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956, and what Jules Gamal did was a model for this army's doctrine in defending the nation's causes.

The October Liberation War of 1973 also formed a bright and bright station of defense and confrontation, shattering the indomitable army that the Israeli enemy was proud of, so that the Syrian armed forces could complete their leading role at the nation level and advance the planets of martyrs on the land of brotherly Lebanon to stop the Israeli invasion in 1982 and then formed The Syrian Arab Army was a major support platform for the Lebanese national resistance until the liberation of most of the southern lands in 2000 and the defeat of the Israeli enemy in 2006 after incurring heavy losses in arms, equipment and personnel.

In this historical context, retired Major General Muhammad Abbas told SANA that “the army, which was established during the independence period, exercises its national role in order to consolidate independence, preserve national sovereignty, and defend the people’s gains,” stressing that the Syrian Arab Armed Forces “are not only the nation’s shield, shield and sword, but also It is one of the sources of national, moral, social, cultural and human inspiration, and it is a true echo of the national will of the Syrian people.”

In turn, retired Air Colonel Samir Kamel Ahmed indicates in a similar statement that “the Syrian Arab Army, as described by the founding leader Hafez al-Assad when he said: “Our army, since its birth, has chosen to be the army of the Arabs, all the Arabs, is the army of the Arab nation.” On the ground with the championships and victories that he fought throughout his history in the fifties and in the aggression of 1967, they called it the Six-Day War because it was the Syrian Arab Army that continued to fight for six days.

Colonel Ahmed added: “After the October war, the victories and epics of the Syrian army did not stop in the Golan and Jabal al-Sheikh,” stressing that “the army that fought in Tishreen knows the way to another Tishreen, and we have been fighting for more than ten years, with different colors in the face of terrorist tools that have recruited.” in the global war against Syria.

In the same context, retired Brigadier General Gerges Saliba says that the Syrian Arab Army, since its formation, is the army of the Arab nation, it defended and fought, and it had many positions in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq, and very important sites until today, where its units are fighting terrorism and its supporters on behalf of the world.

With this historical account of these stations that the Syrian Arab Army preferred, but to be present, the reader and follower, along with those who will continue writing history, understand why this terrorist war was waged on Syria since 2011.It is understood that an army stood as a stumbling block in the face of the projects and schemes that were being hatched in Western and Zionist circles against the region, so new methods had to be devised to dismantle and tear it apart, so this terrorist war was under bright titles, which put the army in a position of direct confrontation and fulfilling its constitutional role and duty to defend the homeland And to protect his sons, his leadership worked from the beginning and is still working on distributing tasks, setting plans and tactics, collecting information about terrorist organizations, getting to know their references, sources of financing and arming them, and verifying the main and secondary targets of the terrorists. Evacuating them from dangerous areas, rescuing the afflicted, securing and protecting transportation routes, and protecting state institutions from any aggression.

In this regard, Colonel Samir Kamel Ahmed says that the heroism and victories achieved by the army are indescribable. With every victory it achieves against the terrorists and their supporters, it changes the map of the world and was able to thwart ten years of war that was waged against it to dismantle and tear it apart... And with its victories over terrorism, he triumphed for the whole world and won for values ​​and the homeland. and humanity.

After the years of the terrorist war on Syria, and despite the magnitude of the challenges it imposed, the battlefields of the armed forces witness the greatness of their steadfastness and the solidity of their will, which derives from the people’s embrace of this army and its belief in it.

Regarding the relationship between the military establishment and the Syrian people, Major General Muhammad Abbas says that the people who embraced the army are the same army that was loyal in the resistance and struggle against Israeli terrorism in its various forms and against the terrorists of Washington and Ankara who are fighting in the Syrian geography. Al-Hadari for its historical roots and creed, which belong to the grain of wheat in Al-Hasakah and the olive seed in Idlib, as well as to the majestic and venerable Jabal al-Sheikh.. It also belongs to Palmyra civilization.

Today, on the anniversary of its founding, the Syrian Arab Army is proceeding stronger and more determined to purify the rest of the country with its will based on the values ​​of patriotism and military doctrine, approaching the final victory based on the achievements achieved, most notably the liberation of Aleppo at the end of 2016, which constituted a pivotal station in these The terrorist war, including the lifting of the siege on Deir Ezzor, in parallel with the liberation of large areas of the Syrian Badia, reaching the Jordanian borders in the eastern Badia of As-Suwayda in 2017, and the Badia of Homs and Deir Ezzor in 2018. Rather, the army forces continued their operations and liberated in 2019 what was left of the Hama countryside adjacent to the southwestern Idlib countryside and a large number of towns, cities and villages in the southern countryside of Idlib, the most important of which were the cities of Khan Sheikhoun, Saraqib, Maarat al-Numan and others, after inflicting heavy losses on terrorists in lives and equipment.

After the defeats and defeats the terrorist organizations received in most areas, their remnants withdrew to areas in the northern countryside of Raqqa, Aleppo and Al-Hasakah governorates. From here, and based on its national tasks, the army continued the process of its spread and progress, as units of it moved in October 2019 towards the north amid a great welcome from the people who were fed up with the attacks Terrorists, the American and Turkish occupying forces and their mercenaries who committed massacres against them, occupied areas, destroyed infrastructure, and stole and looted public and private property.

In order to achieve complete liberation, expel the occupying forces and purify the land from the abomination of agents and terrorists, the Syrian Arab Army continues to perform its national duty with unyielding determination and belief in the inevitability of victory. All Syrians are united behind their army to ensure a bright future that fulfills their aspirations.

Source: sena

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