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The Hunger Games


Arroyo and Tolosa Paz -protagonists of the Hunger Table- ended up as candidates and Argentina has ten more poverty points.

07/30/2021 21:00

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Updated 07/30/2021 9:00 PM

The idea of ​​hunger implies, as a consequence, the idea of ​​rebellion.

One of the classics of new science fiction,

Suzanne Collins'

The Hunger Games

, tells that 74 years ago in Panem - once North America - the twelve poverty-stricken districts rebelled against the wealth that controls the Capitol, who won the battle.

Since then, in memory of its authority and as punishment for the rebellion, the Capitol organized the Hunger Games: each year, each district must choose a man and a woman - between 12 and 18 years old - to fight to the death in an arena televised.

The hunger, of course, continues in Panem.

In Argentina, hunger was, since November 19, 2019, part of an “epic battle”, as the President presented then.

A year and eight months later, Arroyo and Tolosa Paz -the protagonists of the Hunger Table- ended up as candidates and

Argentina has ten more poverty points

, in the Conurbano barter returned and in the province that defines the election seven out of ten boys are poor.

The Ministry of Hunger - excuse me, of Social Action - was always characterized by its "divided power" and its "boxes": there Alberto managed to put his own troop, Daniel Arroyo, who came from the Renovador Front.

Arroyo ended up being the referee of an organization chart that worked under tension and ended up being part of another book, “The Process” by Frank Kafka, whose protagonist is precisely Josef K. Bajo Arroyo were (and will continue to be, even though Arroyo is no longer there). ):

- Emilio Pérsico, head of the Evita Movement, who controls the more than 570,000 social plans.

- Daniel Menendez, leader of Barrios de Pie.

- Fernanda Miño, from the Patria Grande movement, close to Grabois, who manages the works in the popular neighborhoods.

- Laura Alonso, de la Cámpora, secretary of Social Inclusion.

The Maximo boys have a territorial arm there that joins ANSES and PAMI, which they also manage.

As expected, Arroyo's story ended badly: today he managed to

climb to the 12th position of deputies

in the province of Buenos Aires.

The former minister asked Alberto for

"a decent way out."

In 2020 Arroyo managed a budget of 86,000 million, which was later tripled.

This year it contemplates one of 208,585 million.

The bulk of the resources goes to the

Alimentar card and the rest to "Promote Work"

which is the plan demanded by social organizations: there are 12,636 million pesos to carry out a supposed productive project that no one controls or demands any consideration.

About seven hundred thousand people receive it.

Social organizations began battling against the Alimentar card, which is given to 1,900,000 families by the government without going through the organizations.

It's $ 12,000 for families with three or more children.

"Emilio Persico agreed with the card, but when he saw that there was no more money for the Cooperatives of the Power Plan, he turned around and began to publicly criticize,"

an official who participated in the conversations about the measures




"The card is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow, it is eaten by inflation

," Persico commented last May.

At that time, the Cámpora was pressing for a new IFE, the federal emergency income that occurred in the middle of the pandemic.

Faced with the discussion, Alberto does not even arbitrate: “The comrades believe that the poverty of 57.7% of children under 14 years of age

is resolved by strengthening the popular economy.

They are opinions

”, says, cynically, a collaborator of the President.

For some reason, the Urban Social Integration Trust for Villas and Settlements, also called FISU, was abandoned on the battlefield, which arises from a law approved by Macri in 2018, also the result of an agreement with the movements.

The FISU today has about 45,000 million, and only now has it begun to open slowly:

the money should go to 4,416 popular neighborhoods.

In its short history, Arroyo was able to overcome the scandal over the 50% surcharge on food purchases, which ended with the dismissal of fifteen officials.

Victoria Tolosa Paz's “Hunger Table” started with marketing and ended up doing zoom workshops;

they stopped meeting and the figures went down until there was no one left.

Tolosa Paz itself now presents it as

a “slogan”, no longer an “epic battle


His work was of "interministerial liaison", since he did not depend on Arroyo but on the Presidency and "articulated" with him.

Arroyo had asked his collaborators to hold out until December, but the times were ahead: Alberto had to abandon his idea of ​​changing the cabinet after the election.

On Sunday he received Juanchi Zabaleta, mayor of Hurlingham, in Olivos, one of the first "albertistas", faced with Cámpora.

Juanchi was with Randazzo in 2017 and was one of the few mayors who took his feet off the plate.

Alberto asked him two things: that he lower the list of councilors that he himself headed in Hurlingham against Cámpora and that he be Minister of Social Development.

Zabaleta negotiated a unity ballot in his district and will sit in the chair that was Arroyo.

For the Frente de Todos, losing this ministry would be "losing the street."

Someone has to organize the hunger games.

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Source: clarin

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